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I created the following "Mash Up" video, "Moana and the Magi Know the Way,"and posted it to YouTube as part of a lesson plan comparing and contrasting the two journeys: the Magi and Moana's.  The clip combines (mashes together) scenes from Life of Christ movie's Magi story and the "We Know the Way" song and scene from Disney's "Moana."  The Mash-up is one of two videos I include in the lesson plan -which I wrote for the Writing Team (see more below).

If you don't know the story of Moana, or don't have kids or grandkids who have watched it a thousand times  then you'll probably wonder why Moana and the Magi?  Once you see the movie with comparing eyes, however, you'll see the opportunity to talk about the journey that both the Magi and Moana were on, and what they found. 

The above scene mixes Moana's vision of Polynesian explorers (her people) undertaking a dangerous journey (and one which her father was afraid she'd make) -with scenes of the Magi doing the same. The lesson plan wraps context and additional story around it. The songwriter and singer is Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame.

Yes, I wrote the complete lesson plan for the Writing Team's MAGI Video Workshop. But in fairness to them, I can't detail that lesson plan here. But maybe you can figure it out on your own.    If not, see the lesson plan in the Writing Team's Moana~Magi lesson set.

 Hint:  The lesson plan walks teachers and kids through the Moana~Magi Mashup video (seen above and posted to YouTube), and a second video clip from the movie of Moana's song "How Far I'll Go."  Lots of comparing and contrasting and LIFE APPLICATION. That lesson plan includes a handout of the song lyrics for discussion purposes, a translation of the Polynesian lyrics heard in the song, and a song game reflection.

Using scenes from secular movies to compare and contrast with a Bible story or biblical teaching has a LONG HISTORY in creative Sunday School and youth group circles. Indeed, many teachers can't help but watch popular kids' movies without seeing their comparing potential! 

Moana (Disney, 2016) is considered one of Disney's best stories, best animated films, and best music. Indeed, the song in this Mashup, and all the other songs in the movie, were written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, one of today's most popular Broadway singers and songwriters and author of HAMILTON. It's his lead singing you hear in the "We Know the Way" song on the Mashup.

Moana is a beautifully animated, entertaining, musically powerful, and thematically uplifting movie for all ages. 

How was I able to use two copyrighted videos to create my own?
Under the US Copyright Law's Fair Use statute, a person can create "mashups" (creative edits) of existing media for teaching purposes or personal purposes provided my version does not harm the copyright holder. As well, YouTube provides a standard license to uploaded content such as mashups --provided that the copyright holder does not object. Most choose not to. Why? Because YT uses digital analysis of all music uploaded to its service to notify and allow the song/video owners to profit from the ads that YT shows during playback. Additionally, my lesson plan requires the purchase or ownership of the Moana video (from which edits are permissible and showable for teaching purposes). As well, the Life of Christ movie is freely distributed online and used here for its intended purpose. I recommend you buy a copy of Moana --if for no one else but yourself. 

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