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Lessons and Ideas for Teaching the Armor of God in Sunday School

Post your Sunday School lessons and ideas for the Armor of God, Ephesians 6:10-20 here. 

* Please include a scripture reference, supply list, suggested age range, etc., where possible.
* Photos are much appreciated!  Click "attachments" and upload them to your post.
* Please be careful not to post copyrighted materials. Excerpting and paraphrasing is okay. Include source.

I am looking for an idea on what to do for the full armor of god, Ephesians 6:10-20 for either a craft station or a food station. Thanks, Lisa

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Art Ideas for the Armor of God:
Paper model from My Little House

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  • Paper model from My Little House
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Cooking - Edible Armor's of God

A fun art/food project that our kids enjoy is "edible art." Provide a wide variety of different shapes, sizes and colors of snack-type food: popcorn, M&M's, graham crackers, small round and square crackers, licorice, etc. Have them make one piece of the armor using the food, then have an "art show" with the group walking around to each display. Have the artist discuss which they made, why, what they can do in their life to "wear" this piece.

Jan @ First Pres. Napa, CA 

Picture from Hampton U.C., Ontario

Cooking Armour of God 1


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  • Cooking Armour of God 1
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Other ideas moved here to consolidate topic...

Computer Ideas using Kid Pix

#1 Computer Lesson Idea for Armor of God
from Neil MacQueen

After basic Bible study have your kids create a "manual" for dressing in the Armor of God. Software: creative writing and drawing program, such as Kid Pix 3.

[Software Update: Kid Pix 3 and 4, are out of print, for available version is Kid Pix 3-D for more details see here.]

Kids must type these/answer these on the screen as they illustrate.

First you put on ______.

This is used for ____________.

It will help you to _________________.

They can create stock characters and add pieces of "armor" on each new page.

Illustration Possibilities: (1) You can import a picture of a person, you can import pictures/graphics of armor. (2) You can take digital photos of kids wearing the different pieces of armor and IMPORT into Kid Pix 3 and illustrate/type from there. (Importing in Kid Pix 3 is really easy, and so is the digital photography thing. Find someone with a digital camera who knows what they're doing).

If you don't have much time, you can assign different pieces of armor to different computers. Have whole class rotate to each screen to see the presentation. Print pages as they finish to create booklet/wall banner.

#2 Computer Lesson Idea
posted by Naci H.  from Metropolitan United Church London, Ontario

Neil: thanks for so much help in everything at - your creativity is incredible!!

I am using your computer idea for Armour of God lesson, posted above, but wrote it out in simplified details for our teachers - thought it might save someone else some time figuring out all the details if I shared it here.

Tell the Story.

Read from the Bible of your choice -- Ephesians 6: 10 - 18

Discuss meaning of the pieces of armour in our lives.

Move to computer room (we call it the "Church Mouse Pad')

Computer Activity:
Children will have a picture of themselves on the computer and add the armour to it from KidPix Deluxe 3. Photos were taken in advance and are on a CD labelled with each child’s name.

(Software Update 2020--Kid Pix 3 and 4, are out of print, current available version is Kid Pix 3-D available here.)

How to import your student photos to Kid Pix 4:

  1. Insert CD into drive (that has students photos).
  2. Open Kid Pix 4.
  3. Go to the invisible toolbar at the top of the page and click on it to become “visible” (Kid Pix Deluxe 3 - in version 4 the toolbar is visible all the time).
  4. Click on “ADD”.
  5. Click on “Import Background”.
  6. Click on photo you want.
  7. Click on “fill canvas without shrinking” (picture will only show up on half of the page instead of distorted on entire page) - also leaves room for writing.
  8. If there is too much background you can cut out the picture using the icon of the yellow hand – then the scissors - move the cutout , then erase the background – WITH THE PENCIL ERASER – the large eraser will erase the entire picture (don’t do this with the youngest kids – too tricky to erase).
  9. Add STAMPS of armour type pictures to the photograph being careful not to cover up the child’s face.

Here is a list of stamps kids may wish to use - you may want to create a larger poster to save time searching.  SIZE of the stamp can be adjusted to fit picture by first clicking on small, med, large dots - located beside stamps on the left side.


- Write Stuff
        #19 - Helmet

- Thrills & Chills
        #1 - two different Helmets / a breastplate / a feather
        #2 - left arm, right arm, belt (lower body), shoes (lower legs)
        #3 - three different shields

- Jumble
        #4 - spear (could use as a sword)


- Fantasy
        #1 - Green Shield
        #3 - Helmet (cool as you can see child through it - requires head facing to the side.)
        #3 - Running Knight
        #4 - Red Shield
        #4 - Standing Knight

- Shapes & Symbols
        #1 - Blue Shield
        #4 - White Shield

- Hats (Hats & Things - Version 4) (could be creative with their helmet)

- Sleuth (other creative ideas)

- Adventure (has sports equipment)

10. In blank area beside completed picture kids will write the names of each piece of armour and what each piece will help them with. . .
(example: “Belt of truth” will help me to know that God is truth and I should always be truthful).

Click on the Background icon – then on “Self Portraits” (only available in version 3)

Adaption Younger Children:

If this seems too complicated for the 1, 2’s there is a “*paper doll” of armour pieces = two sheets: Prince Doll & Prince Doll Clothes (Also found in the background icon - kids can have fun colouring it on the computer then print it to cut out either in class or at home. (*Note: paper doll is only available in Kid Pix Deluxe 3 - not available in Kid Pix 4.)

Object Lesson Ideas

Relating Hockey Equipment to Armor of God Object Lesson Idea

Posted by Naci H.

Armour of God - one more brilliant idea to use!

To demonstrate how God's armour protects us one of our teachers brought in a full set of hockey equipment (consider all the things protected by the helmet - eyes - ears - mouth - brain) - kids could really relate to this - our (Canada's) national sport!

Video Ideas

Bibleman Video Clip

We used a Bibleman video clip to show the sequence of Bibleman putting on the amour of God every week for the month to learn the amour of God; repeating aloud each item. (1 min. clip) The children totally loved this and by the end of the month many could recite the Amour of God!
Posted by Noreene

How about making your own video?

Have the kids create commericals on each piece of armor, why should you buy it? Have a look at Kirk of Kildare's lesson on David & Goliath link and adjust to suit your needs. Have kids spend time deciding how they'll do their commerical, tape them, and then take time to show them back. A different sort of "video" lesson but could be very effective.  Posted by CreativeCarol

Here is a lesson, by Staci Woodruff, where they create commercials on the different pieces of armor

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Board or Card Games:

  • Cathy mentioned a Board game sold by Focus on the Family. Moderator adds:  a couple of games that I have that are no longer in print, and I assume one of these is the one Cathy likely saw, both can still be found by doing an internet search are:

    - "Armor of God Board Game", by Standard Publishing, 978078472521 or try B000VDOCVE.

    - "Full Armor of God Game", (peel-and-play) by David C. Cook, 612608502635.

Moderator adds some additional games:

  • "Whole Armor of God Card Game" by Covenant Communications, 2011.
    Description with pictures here http://mormongamedesign.blogsp...le-armor-of-god.html
    Can purchase at Desert Books link.
  • also do an internet search for Armor of God games, there are lots of printables that people have created, that you can print for free.

Armor of God Playset

  • Full Armor of God Playset (Plastic), by Cook Communications, for ages 3-6,  612608504042.


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  • mceclip0
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Video Suggestions for Armour of God

Be Strong in The Lord DVD
, God Rocks Bibletoon Series, Integrity Music, 2006, 0000768367216.
Publisher Description:
- "Chip Fights the Dragon," Gem is rescued from a fire-breathing menace when Chip discovers the power of the full armor of God. (Ephesians 6:10, 11)
- "Escape from World Conform," the band takes a detour on the way to a music concert that leads them to a wacky factory called World Conform. Carb saves the band from a brainwashing machine and the goofy mini robot who controls it! (Romans 12:2)
Includes 6 songs - one of which is "Take Your Stand" (Ephesians 6:10, 11) preformed by God Rocks!
60 minutes of material, but the two videos are 15 mins. each. Recommended for ages 4 to 10.

Larry Boy and The Bad Apple DVD, Veggie Tales, Big Idea, 2006, 0820413107598.
Publisher Description: Something is rotten in the peaceful town of Bumblyburg! The Bad Apple has dropped onto the scene and is trying to take control of the town by making all of its citizens give in to their temptations. Everyone is in danger--Mayor Blueberry, Reporter Petunia, Butler Alfred, and even the town's fearless defender, Larryboy! Will the good people of Bumblyburg be able to resist the tricks of the Bad Apple? Can Larryboy see through the sour plot and save the day? Larryboy and the Bad Apple teaches kids that we can't fight temptation on our own--we need God's help and the help of our friends as it says in Matthew 26:41. Bonus: Video Trivia. approx. 45 Minutes.

Guardian Angels DVD, EMI CMG, 2004, 0724359980898 (3 in Series this is number 1)
This would be good for older children to get discussion going about spiritual battles that may be going on around them (unseen) and to get some good discussion going by looking at the pieces of armour and how each could be useful when and where during the film, if the young man had been wise enough to put on his armour before leaving his home that morning.
Publisher Description: Angel Wars Guardian Force is an animated adventure of angels battling fallen spirits. Eli and Kira, two junior members of the Guardian Force must grow up in a hurry when their first mission on earth takes a detour, pitting them against Morg, a deadly but long forgotten foe. In a race against time, the Guardians must uncover the source of Morg's power, defeat his crafty minions, and stop the ruin of a mortal life (a young man), all while learning to work together. Running Time: 33 minutes. Recommended for ages 8 to 12.

Bibleman DVD – 30 mins.
People have used these showing a clip of the amour being put on, but I don't know if they all have that clip. I found them a little too slow moving and didn't keep my attention, but maybe that's just me. Glad of others comments.

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Armor of God Game Idea

I was looking for a game to finish our Monday night girl's group (ages 6-12) on the Armor of God.

We first had the girls read the scripture in their bibles and then fill in the blanks in an Armor of God worksheet. We then, with the help of some pieces from the flannel graph Armour of God set had a discussion about each piece and they wrote about each piece on another picture worksheet. (Sorry, I wasn't in charge of getting the worksheets, so I don't know where they came from.)

I found this “Invisible Battle“–a life sized Battleship-like game on Children's

Our adaptations:

Game Play:
If the square a girl was sitting on took a hit: they stood up, raising their arms shouting, “I will not be tempted!”  (In response to the devil’s (other teams) invisible “fiery dart” of temptation.) First team to hit all their opponents were the winners. Lots of fun!

Instead of a bed sheet, I hung a large 9'x12' black tarp from the ceiling (in our case I attached the tarp with Rubber Bungee Cords to the braces that held up a heating duct that ran along the ceiling). If you had a drop ceiling you could use Grid Ceiling Clips pictured here that were used to hang a tarp from the ceiling to create black light stage walls by Jaymie.

Instead of using masking tape to block out the squares we used kid's foam interlocking tiles (which we already had at the church).

For row numbers and letters I simply folded 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of cardstock in half, then cut them down the center, each sheet gave me two folded cards. How many cards you need will depend on how many squares you have. We needed 24, 12 for each team, as that was how many foam tiles we had. On the number cards I only wrote on one side. On the letter cards I wrote on both sides (one side the players could see, the other side the teacher could see). They stood up nicely for the kids to see and can be reused.

For keeping score (so each team knew where they'd hit):
I have a box full of 3" pre-cut circles in various colours someone gave me years ago. I gave each team leader 12 red circles. When their team shot at a square they put a red circle on their side on that same square, so they knew looking down, which squares on the other side they'd already shot at. You could simply have squares of coloured papers, again the same number as you have squares for each side.

Pictured below is our set-up.


I was thinking since we did this of how one might adapt it to focus more on life application.

Maybe have the players toss that invisible dart and if it lands on a player the teacher brings the hit player a bowl of life application situations to pick from, the hit player has to say which piece of armor would help them in that particular situation. If they get it right, they do as above, standing up, raising their arms shouting, “I have on my ________ so I can resist temptation!

If they get it wrong ..... they take a hit... and the other team gets to have another turn.


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Every once in a while we have a dance class when we find a song that is a good fit for a rotation. We have taught a dance class to the song "Put on the Armor (Ephesians 6)" by Illumin8 children's choir.

You can purchase the song here:  Amazon Music Put-On-Armor-Ephesians 6

Armor of God Fashion Show (Drama)

We did an Armor of God Drama that was in the style of a fashion show. We had two Armor of God costume playsets and gave each child a piece of armor. Two children would walk the stage to "model" the piece of armor while the narrator described each piece and how it protects us. It turned out great - the kids were funny in how they "Strutted" the runway.



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