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So you've decided that your objective in the Art Workshop will be to help children learn the sequence of the story. What art methods work best to accomplish this? Feel free to add your ideas to this post. (Note: please, let's keep this list to just ideas- no complete lesson plans here. Links to a lesson are ok.)
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Originally posted by: Lisa M.

I thought this would be an interesting creative process for some of the Bible stories that require some understanding of sequencing (i.e., Joseph, Moses, Holy Week, Paul's Journeys, etc.)

Children design (on paper) a museum. They decide where different "artifacts" would go and how to display them.

I got this idea from a secular link Kennedy Center -- Arts Edge which has a lot of neat ideas of how to teach with the arts which could be adapted to WoRM.


Posted by: Phyllis Wezeman

That's a neat idea -- and one that would be fun to actually do in a room rather than just on paper.


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Create illustrated scrolls that tell the sequence of the story.

One way to do this is with narrative picture scrolls (no words, just pictures, or just "keyword"). Have students draw scenes from a Bible story on a scroll. For younger students this can be as simple as the beginning, middle and end; more details for older students.

Use brown kraft paper or grocery bags, but roll them up several times after illustrating them to give them a "soft and used" feel.

Make your own Bible scroll out of paper

For the ends of the scroll - use dowel sticks or create your own "dowel" by tightly rolling, then taping cylinders of paper to the scroll paper.

Tie the scroll closed with yarn.

Go to a lesson about Joseph's story that uses narrative picture scrolls


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  • make your own story scroll
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Two lessons here at use of the thumbprint comic strip technique described by Lynn below:

  • Moses Wandering in the Wilderness by Jan Hanson link
  • Jonah Art by Carol Hulbert link

Posted by member Lynn C Wood

Comic Strip "Thumbprint" Books

Thumbprint comic strip art project for Sunday School

We recently created 'Thumbody's in Trouble' comic strips for our art workshop on Adam and Eve. The art technique is adaptable to any story.

The inspiration came from Ed Emberley's thumb print art books for kids. His books show how to create people, animals, things, show movement, emotion, etc all by starting with a thumb or fingerprint.

After reading the story, the students were given long paper strips, divided into fourths. They chose their own way of telling the story in four frames with 'thumbodies'.

I found non-permanent WASHABLE ink pads at Michaels and made sure there were plenty of baby wipes for cleaning fingers between prints.




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  • Thumbprint art in Sunday School
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