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Art Lessons, Ideas, Activities, and Resources for the Parable of the Sower

Post your Sunday School ART lessons, ideas, activities, and resources for the Parable of the Sower.

  • Please include a scripture reference, supply lists, sources, suggested age range. age modification, etc. 
  • Photos are much appreciated!  Click "attachments" and upload to your post.
  • Please be careful not to post copyrighted materials. Excerpting and paraphrasing is okay. Include attribution.


Parable of the Sower, Seed, soils, hard soil, thorns, path, Jesus, Word, Matthew 13:1-23, Mark 4:1-20, Luke 8:1-15, etc.

Bible lessons and ideas about the Parable of the Sower -with Art, craft, painting, construction, drawing, etc.

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The Sower's Seed

Art Workshop Lesson

Summary of Lesson Activities:

learners will make a seed mosaic to help them remember the parable of the sower.

Leader Preparation:

  • Gather the materials.
  • Read the story ahead of time.
  • Become familiar with the project.


  • The Children's Bible in 365 Stories
  • Cardboard or posterboard cut to 8.5x11 to serve as backing for the mosaic.
  • tacky glue poured into disposable cups
  • variety of seeds and small beans – especially split peas, popcorn, sunflower seeds, bird seed, lentils, yellow split peas, pearl barley, brown rice, small grain white rice, small red beans, pink beans, black eyed peas (beans the size of pinto beans and larger are too big and heavy for this project)
  • paint brushes (about ½” size) for the glue
  • tweezers
  • muffin tins or similar divided trays for putting the beans on the tables. It is much easier for the children if the beans are separated by type. (Don’t get bags of mixed beans.)
  • Printed copies the SOWER ILLUSTRATIONS (coloring pages) found here in PDF #1, Martin Didier's website. Sample image below on this page.
  • You may also choose the other sample images on the internet or from coloring books.


Opening - Welcome and Lesson Introduction:
1. Have the children sit or stand where you would like them to during the reading of the story from the Bible. Hand out Bibles. Have the children turn to page 308 (story number 270) in The Children’s Bible. Tell them this is a story about faith development. Read the story (or let them retell it if it is the third or fourth time. Just be sure their retelling is accurate.)

2. Ask the following questions after reading the story or as they work on their project to save time. The project will take about 30 minutes from start to finish.

  • Why do you think Jesus used a parable about planting seeds? Lead the children to understand that the people of that day usually grew their own food and would understand the parable.
  • Could the seed the sower was sowing just be bad seed and would not grow no matter what soil it fell on? Discuss the metaphor that the seed is God’s message that Jesus sows and is always good seed.
  • What do you think this parable means? Accept any answer but help them to understand that not every one who hears the story of Jesus will accept his word. Some will forget it before it grows. Some will believe for a while but not have lasting faith. Some will get “choked out” by things of the world. Some will believe with his or her whole being and will continue to grow in faith and follow Jesus’ teachings.


            What are you doing to let God's Word grow in you?

            What attitude or problem is getting in the way of your growth as a Christian?

3. Explain that today as our art project they are going to make a seed mosaic--a picture with seeds being used to make the colors and fill in an outline. Show them one of the symbols that can be used as an outline. Discuss the technique of using different seeds to "color" different parts of the picture.

Directions for Making a Seed Mosaic:

  • Select a piece of cardboard and glue the drawing to it.
  • Then, use the paintbrush to cover a small portion of the design with a coat of glue. Do not cover more than you can cover with seed at the same time.
  • Arrange beans and seeds on top of the glued area, following the drawn figures and shapes. Tweezers can come in handy for placing smaller beans and seeds. Birdseed and other small beans/grains can be applied like glitter.
  • Continue until the entire design is filled in. Allow to dry completely before setting the mosaic upright.

Look at each person's finished project. Brainstorm ways we can keep our faith growing. Some ideas are: attending VBS, Sunday school, worship and children’s activities, listening to parents, grandparents, adult friends, etc.

Adjustments for younger/older children:
Give help with sketching the design and other help as needed. Remember that small muscles are still developing and picking up and placing the seeds may be difficult for some.

A representative of reformatted this post to improve readability.

This lesson is based on previously posted lessons.

The following Sower graphic is a small version of the image you'll find in Martin Didier's free Parable of the Sower PDF found in PDF #1,

The following stained glass image can be saved and printed in color for this seed mosaic project.



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Painting with Soils

An educational resource from the USDA of all places....


As a US Govt resource, it is free to copy, thus, we have ATTACHED the "how to prepare and paint with soils" PDF to this post at to preserve it.


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Create Word Plants for a garden.


See this idea from Neil MacQueen in the "Other Workshop" topic in this forum.


It includes instructions on creating a parable demonstration garden in your classroom.


In brief,  a "Word Plant" is a stick with vinyl leaves and a plastic flower head attached to it using floral wire. Students write various "benefits/fruits of the word" that grow when the word is planted in you.

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