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Originally Posted by Ann Wright:

Fruits of the Spirit

Idea for Games Workshop

Summary of Idea:

After learning about Paul and his letters, the children will learn about the type of behavior that they should be displaying based on Galatians 5:16-23.  The children will then play checkers and learn the fruits of the spirit.


Galatians 5:16-23

Memory Verse: But the fruit the Holy Spirit produces is love, joy and peace. It is being patient, kind and good. It is being faithful and gentle and having control of oneself. Galatians 5:22-23a (NIRV)


  • Bible Background for Teachers
  • Giant Checkerboard and Checkers
  • Two sets of labels for the checkers containing the following terms:
    o Christians
    o Fruit
    o Holy Spirit
    o Love
    o Joy
    o Peace
    o Patience
    o Kindness
    o Goodness
    o Faith
    o Gentleness
    o Self-Control

Fruit of the Spirit Checkers

Lesson Idea Outline

  1. Discuss Paul, who he was and what he did to spread the Gospel.
  2. Read Galatians 5:16-23.  Discuss the good and bad things we should and shouldn't do.
  3. Play "Fruit of the Spirit Checkers" as described below.  This is best played if you have a giant checker board that the whole class can see.  Divide the class into two groups.  Note that some groups will strategize and not finish a single game; others will play quickly and play several games. Regardless, if they follow the rules below, by the end of the class they will know what most of the Fruits of the Spirit are without having to look.
  4. As a closing, use a white-board or flip-chart and see how many of the fruits of the spirit they can recall.


1. Place the checkerboard on the floor and put the markers in place.
2. Review the rules of Checkers:

a. Checkers is played using a standard English 64-square board.
b. The object of checkers is to capture all your opponent's pieces or to prevent your opponent from being able to move any of their pieces; either situation meets the victory conditions.
c. Red checkers are assigned to one player at random and black checkers to the other; the red player always goes first.
d. Single pieces may only move diagonally forward. A move is made to an adjacent open square; a capture is made by jumping over an adjacent opponent's piece into a vacant square. In standard checkers, you must jump and capture an opponent's piece whenever possible (or when the opportunity arises.) You will not be allowed to make another move until you make a capture when it is available to you. If you can continue to jump and make multiple captures, you must do so and take all the pieces. Single pieces can jump or capture only in the forward direction.
e. A single checker piece is made a "king" when it has successfully reached the opponent's back or "starting" row. In standard checkers, a king is denoted by stacking another checker on top of it.
f. Kings may move diagonally forward and backward. They move one square at a time like a single piece, except when jumping. Then the king can jump checkers forward and backward along the diagonals. Single pieces may capture kings.

3. To make a move, the caller must use the labels on the checkers.

For example, love jumps self-control. This will help them learn the fruits of the Spirit.

Moderator adds: To make it more difficult (and for older students) in addition to saying love jumps self-control, they must give an example of an act of love, in order to move.

4. Divide the class into two teams, the black and the red. Each team should choose someone who will call out the moves; the other team members will move the markers.
5. This game can be repeated quite often, knowing that several people on each team will want to be callers. This will also serve the purpose of the class becoming familiar with the fruits.

Update: Moderator added photo of a Jumbo Checkers Rug Game and what it might look like if you labeled the checkers. Amazon for $17.80 (price may change), size of rug is 25" x 25", just do an internet search for jumbo checkers for lots of choices on sizes and mat material.


Images (1)
  • Fruit of the Spirit Checkers
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We are going to have a 1 room school for Sunday school this summer, as we are a small church .. God doesn't have vacation so why should Sunday school..?  any way, we are going to cover the fruit of the spirit over our whole summer break by taking 1 fruit of the spirit a week.. this looks to be a fun game to play for an introduction for the kids. After that a "go to" filler during the summer.. great idea! even our Pre-Kers can get in on the act! Thank you for another great idea!


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Hide Seek

You could play a hide and seek game with plastic fruit.  The fruit could either be labelled with various fruits of the spirit in advance, or children could identify a fruit of the spirit when they found them.  Labelling one fruit "patience" and making it particularly difficult to find, or lots of different fruits "joy" (because we can find joy almost everywhere if we really look), would be other possibilities.  You could discuss how we need to look for the fruits of the spirit in each other and in ourselves, even if that seems difficult at first.   

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