a group of kids gather around a computer at Sunday schoolBongo’s “About the Bible” Lesson Set

A 4 to 6 Week Lesson Set “About the Bible” I wrote for my church's summer Sunday School. 

Here's the curriculum as a PDF.  Updated in 2018.

This set of lessons can easily be adapted as a jungle-themed Vacation Bible School (call it Vacation Bongo School) or used as a regular Rotation lesson set, or for kids fellowship time, or as a multi-week inter-generational event, or as a Summer Sunday School as I originally did. 

Lesson Set Overview:

  • Bongo Loves the Bible computer workshop (featuring Bongo Loves the Bible CD),
  • Bongo's Bible Bakery workshop,
  • Bongo Goes Bonkers for the Bible workshop featuring games!
  • Plus opening worship, songs, skits, and video suggestions

Each workshop will teach BIBLE BASICS, help kids know why the Bible is important, and encourage them to read their Bibles.   Only one of the workshops in my lesson set uses the Bongo Loves the Bible software. And you don't have to do the computer workshop to use the rest of the material.

These lessons are free, and you're welcome to use them "as is," modify them, or whatever.

Disclaimer  As many of you know, I helped start Rotation.org and currently serve as the webmaster and on the Writing Team. My work with Christian software grew out of my work in Rotation, so I'm happy to give back. The Rotation Board has encouraged me to post some of my free Rotation-friendly software lessons. These will invariably include some of the products my company carries -- want to be upfront about that!  And in fact, I MADE my software for use in my own Rotation Sunday School classes. You are welcome to post rebuttals and alternative software recommendations anytime. 

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