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What Can You Do On a Computer in a Lesson?

This list began with suggestions from Phyllis Wezeman that she collected in seminars. It has been updated.

  1. Bible Games
  2. Bible story programs
  3. Quizzes and memory verse games
  4. Make a Powerpoint or presentation using presentation software
  5. Make greeting cards for college kids, shut ins, missionaries, etc.
  6. Use Bible software or online Bible software to find and study a passage
  7. Make own word puzzles using online sites.
  8. Illustrate, create art
  9. Make Wordart, Word clouds
  10. Skype a missionary
  11. Shoot and edit a video (using some simple editing apps)
  12. Zoom or Facetime with a sick student or distant relative
  13. Make your own website, blog, or FB page for a class or mission you support (time consuming)
  14. Creative writing, Journaling
  15. YouTube Video clips
  16. Sites with Free Bible videos for kids, like Superbook.
  17. Bible maps, Bible images (online)
  18. Mission websites
  19. View special website content at your denomination's page
  20. Virtual tours of Holy Land sites, photos of Bible story locations.
  21. Bible "apps" for a tablet or cellphone that you can connect to a Big screen and show a group.
  22. Use the computer's "audio recording" software to record an interview with a Bible character or "radio program"
  23. Use the computers' camera to capture reactions/poses and caption them (telling Bible stories or creating reactions to story content and meaning)
  24. .
  25. .

Note: This list used to reference "Sunday Software's website" ( They have since donated 17 of their software programs to the supporting members of!


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Digital Pictures taken in Drama - used in Computer Workshop

Using digital pictures taken in your Drama Workshop you upload them to a software program called  "Kid Pix 4 or the latest "3D" version").

Children will love working with the photo's - adding text, music, sounds, or voice-overs then creating a slideshow with those same photos where they can adjust transitions, timings, and sound effects - very cool!

See the following posts in Drama for ideas:

As Neil MacQueen says, "Write it up and illustrate it in Kid Pix 4... the program I call "powerpoint for kids."

  • Kid Pix 4’s creative writing and drawing tools let your students create their own multimedia pictures and slideshows about any subject.
  • Kid Pix 4 can speak out-loud over the computer speakers whatever is typed on the screen using the text tool.
  • You can import graphics, including photographs, illustrate them and add captions."
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We have just recently started using our computers to create radio shows.  We use a free pc program called Audacity to edit our recordings and the kids have been loving it!  Kids take turns recording their voices to tell a story, create a news show or even make a radio commercial all based around the story we are learning.  We also have downloaded some free sound effects to add into their stories.  We find this works best with Grades 3-6.

Awesome idea. Audacity is easy to use too.

KidPix software has a recording option and you can add pictures or text. Easy for younger ones.

Check out The Voice version of scripture. It's laid out like a screenplay in contemporary translation. It's one of the version options at A good start for a script.


Plug a "big" microphone into any iPhone or cellphone using an adapter.

They even sell inexpensive mikes with adapters: click to enlarge


Google "free Audio editing app for iPhone" 
There are several that allow you to stitch together various files and cut out parts you don't want to use.


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Thanks for the recommendation!  I can see this translation coming into use in many different ways!
I thought I'd attach a few of our sample scripts in case people wanted to do a similar idea in their workshops.  These aren't our full lessons, but we use scripts similar to these as a part of our lessons.  
We find that the basic outline helps direct the kids, provides lots of room for creative input and also keeps up on pace for a short teaching time.  Sometimes we tell the story fairly "correctly" and other times we try to put a spin on the story for creativity and also challenge the kids to think about aspects of the story more deeply.
The kids LOVED imagining the Egyptian plagues striking our home city!

Elijah Radio Script
Moses Radio Script
Moderator Note: both ideas have been copied over to the appropriate lesson forums.


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Bible Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

Bible Apps for smartphones and tablets come and go pretty quick. Some were great for older phones and don't work on new phone operating systems.

View our "Bible Apps for Sunday School" here at where we keep a list of favorites both Bible and secular that can be used in Sunday School with kids.

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This isn't software, but is computer-related:

We just started using Canva for our publicity materials at church - non-profits can get the full version for free but even the free version has a lot of options.  I'm thinking of using it in Sunday school for the kids to create Facebook or Instagram posts about what they are learning, which are a couple of their options.  You can choose from a variety of templates or start with a blank one and add a wealth of different items plus import your own photos, etc.  One of the challenges is it can be quite a time sink, so the idea is still very much a work in progress, but it is a great resource for publicity materials for Sunday school (or other church events) as well. is the website.

Facebook post I made using Canva, the free online publishing tool, to advertise our summer Sunday school.  The photos are mine of our property and were popped into a pre-existing template.  Change the text, remove or resize elements and voila!

I'm looking forward to seeing what the kids can do with this!

Summer Sunday School.


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  • Summer Sunday School: Made using free version of Canva
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