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ABOUT THEWormy (for Workshop Rotation Model) Software Logo is the official home of 24 downloadable Bible software programs for kids. Supporting Members can download them for FREE and share them with their teachers and families within their congregation.

  • 18 of the programs were created by Neil MacQueen/Sunday Software and donated to for use by Supporting Members.
  • 6 of the programs were created by Educational Publishing and donated through Sunday Software to our members.
  • These are IN ADDITION TO the other software programs and apps we recommend on these pages.

Read the Software Descriptions and Get the Software Guides

(Everyone can read these. This page includes lesson plan links.)

Go to the Software Download Page

(Supporting Members Only)
This page has download and installation help.
Tech help can also be found here.

Go to our "How to Teach with Software and Apps in Sunday School" forum for more about setting up a Computer "Workshop," training teachers, tech help, and recommended Bible apps for tablets and smartphones.

Bible "App" Recommendations
for iPad, iPhones, and Android Tablets

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-- to download the software and access all of's Writing Team lesson plans which include dozens of software-using lessons.

About's 24 Downloadable Software Programs

These 24 programs, and all those we recommend on these pages, have interactive stories and activities that can enrich any curriculum or model of Sunday School, as well as provide fun learning at home.

Supporting Members can download the 24 offered programs and FREELY SHARE them with your church's families and Sunday School. (May not otherwise be publicly distributed, i.e., don't offer them as a download from your website.)


They all work on Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. The free downloads include the updated Teaching Guides for each program, along with tech and installation helps, and links to lesson plans here at that use these programs.

Age range varies though the sweet spot is grades 3-5. Check the description page, read the teaching guide, and preview the software for using these programs with younger children.

The Workshop Rotation Model for Sunday School is based on the importance of teaching Bible stories to children using MANY different attractive and memorable teaching mediums. To that end, Rotation Modelers organize tech-centered "workshops" where the teacher understands all the "how to."

Learn more about Teaching with Software and Apps

Links to the 24 Downloadable Software Program Descriptions and Guides:

  • Some programs are like computer games with lesson content.
  • Some programs are more like fun interactive Bible storybooks. Some are interactive stories that play like adventure games!
  • Some work great with an adult guiding younger children.
  • Some are more suited for older kids, and those with plenty of time to use them.
  • All can be "presented" by the teacher around a single screen or projected.
  • Most were designed to be optimally used by 2 or 3 students at a computer with a teacher "guide by the side." See each program's "guide" for tips on different ways to teach with the software.
  • None need the internet to work after downloading them. They completely install and work from your PC.

Downloading. Installing, Sharing Notes for Supporting Members

To download any of these 24 programs, you simply need to click the Download Link in each program's description post. You'll then be taken to a Supporting Member-only download page which has links to the downloadable "zip" files and more detailed download and installation instructions. In brief: Once you download the "zip" file and unzip on your computer, view the "readme" file for instructions. In most cases, you simply need to run the installer you unzipped.

View detailed download and sharing instructions here
on our Supporting Member Software Download page

View other programs we recommend and how to get them

Get download, installation, and teaching help
at our software help desk!


Who is "Sunday Software"?

18 of our 24 downable Bible programs for kids come from Sunday Software, the software resource ministry of Rev. Neil MacQueen, a Presbyterian minister (PCUSA) specializing in Christian education. Neil was one of the founders of the Rotation Model and currently serves as's webmaster. He also wrote many of the computer workshop lessons found on our site. In 2020, Neil made 18 of his titles available to the Supporting Members of In 2022, he was given permission to share the 6 Interactive Bible for Kids programs as well.

Neil writes:

It had always been my dream to "give away" the software I created, and the time definitely feels right—especially considering the challenges many Sunday Schools are facing these days. And doing so through was a natural choice given its commitment to creativity.

In preparation for uploading them, I updated all the software guides and even made some technical improvements to a few of the programs.

I'd also like to thank EPC for allowing me to share their six "Interactive Bible for Kids" programs with you, and Mike at Sonsoft for Fall of Jericho.


For more on teaching with computers in Christian education, consult our Computer Workshop "how to" forum. There you'll also find descriptions and links to downloadable Bible "apps" for children.

Free Bible software for Sunday School teaching and at home use. is now the official home of Sunday Software's 18 downloadable software programs for children and youth Christian education. We also maintain a list of good Bible apps you can download on a tablet or phone. Learn more!

Free Bible software for Sunday School teaching and at home use. is the official home of Sunday Software's 18 downloadable software programs for children and youth Christian education and 6 more from EPC. We also maintain a list of good Bible apps you can download on a tablet or phone. Learn more!

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