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What software should I show to our teachers and decision-makers?

In our Zoom Seminar about Teaching with Bible Software and Apps in Sunday School, our two leaders, pastors Ron Shifley and Neil MacQueen, recommended the following programs to "get started with" both with kids and when you need to show people what you're talking about. All five of these programs will appeal to "those in charge" (and the skeptical who aren't sure what you're up to )  Read more getting started advice in our Computer Workshop forum of topics.

Cal and Marty's Scripture Memory Game
This software program is fun, customizable, and showcases how software can be a regular part of a lesson where remembering a key verse or passage is part of your lesson goals.

Elijah and Jonah
This "interactive comic book" -style software is full of storytelling and follow-up activities and reflection. It's one of Ron and Neil's favorites.

Awesome Bible Stories
Six major Bible stories creatively and interactively presented for kids with appropriate Bible background, quizzing, and reflection activities built into each story.

What other software programs for PC or Tablets might I use that are not part of Sunday Software's free downloads?

SunScool Bible App for Kids -- this free Bible app covers over a hundred different Bible stories that age-adjust depending on the age level you select. Each story presentation includes mini-games about the story and its verses that appear throughout the story.  See's extensive review and amazing comprehensive outline of this terrific app. Comes in versions for Tablets, Smartphones, PCs

See Neil's list of recommended Bible Apps for children you can download onto tablets and smartphones.

Check out Kid Pix 3D --the update to the very popular illustrating and storytelling tool for children known as Kid Pix 4 Deluxe. Kid Pix was and is a "staple" in Rotation Model Computer Workshops because of its versatility. It is recommended in a number of lesson plans here at Use it with a wide age group on any subject.


Pictured: A screenshot from one of our online seminars. Register for one!


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