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Photos of Cooking Workshops in the Rotation Model 


Learn more about the Cooking Workshop in the Rotation Model.









Why "Cooking"?  Food symbolism, preparation, and sharing is at the heart of both the Jewish and Christian traditions. Jesus is the Bread of Life!  Through hands-on learning, taste and smell, our lessons take on a deeper significance and memory. In the traditional model, few teachers would take the time or create the mess. In Rotation, we recruit teachers who love the medium, and design cooking spaces that stay set up for all the classes.



Many Rotation Churches use their church kitchens for their Cooking Workshop.




Notice the fun "cafe" seating in this Cooking Workshop above and below!








Older members tend to have mad cooking skills and love helping the kids in the Cooking Workshop.





"O Taste and See that the Lord is Good!"






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Hampton United Church, Hampton, ON, Canada



  • oven is not always necessary.
  • tell the story with food.
  • aprons are fun (and keep the kids clean).


Edible Moses Basket Treats 1Baby Moses Edible Basket Treats


Lesson written by State Street UMC, Bristol, VA


Edible Moses Basket Treats 2

Edible Moses Basket Treats 3


Mary Anoints Jesus 1

Mary Anoints Jesus - Ice Cream Sundaes


Lesson written by Luanne Payne for Hampton United Church


Mary Anointing Jesus Ice Cream Sunday 2Mary Anoints Jesus 3


Daniel Lions DenDaniel in the Lion's Den




Jonah 2







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  • Edible Moses Basket Treats 1
  • Edible Moses Basket Treats 2
  • Edible Moses Basket Treats 3
  • Mary Anoints Jesus 1
  • Mary Anointing Jesus Ice Cream Sunday 2
  • Mary Anoints Jesus 3
  • Daniel Lions Den
  • Jonah
  • Jonah 2


1st UMC, Ann Arbor MI
Cooking Workshop
Looks like fun!


Making Charoset for Passover in the Cooking Workshop
Central UMC, Meridian MS

from member JWMcRae


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