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Thanks Neil for all your great suggestions and for taking the initiative to start this ministry.

Our Sunday School is called "Sonshine Station" and all our workshop rooms are "places" such as

Parable Place (storytelling)
Activity Alley (games and activities)
Divinity Diner (food)
Luke's Lab (science)
Creation Station (art)
Visual Vineyard (video)
Music Mall

Art: Creation Station
Drama: Moved by the Spirit
Stories: Temple Courtyard
Cooking: Loaves and Fishes Cafe
Movies: Mountaintop Movies
Computers: Fisherman's.Net
Program Name: Faith Odyssey

These are the names that won. We had a contest with open nominations for all six workshops and the program name. Our committee narrowed the list to two nominations and we voted on one a week for seven weeks.

A funny aside, one of our computer room nominations was "Bible Bytes." The adults all thought this was very clever, Cool

but a teenager pointed out that this sounds the same as "Bible Bites" -- a negative slang term. Eek

Not exactly the message we're trying to get across. The moral of the story is make sure the names sound good to kid's ears, not just adults. Big Grin

Our Rotation is under construction. Actually this Saturday is our first work day on rooms. We are slated to start in January. Our over all feel is a travel agency where kids get their passports(Name Badge) when they arrive and have one destination stamped each sunday. Our Shepherds are our "Tour Guides".

Theme: Testament Tours
Art/Cooking/Games: Mt. Carmel Creations
Theater/Music/Movement: Palestine Productions
Drama/Puppetry/Storytelling: Bethlehem Bijou
Computer/AV Newsdesk/Maps:Galilee Gigabytes

We are Kingdom Trek.


Our rooms include:
Garden of Creation (art)
Caravan Camp (storytelling/video)
Oasis Theater (performing arts)
Trekking Computers (computers)
we also do games and cooking, but no clever names for those workshops Smile

Our logo is a cartoon kid wearing shorts, t-shirt and a backpack. The logo is on the background of our song transparencies and will be used on our name tags.

I love our Sunday School programs name. It was created by Luanne Feldman who started the W.o.r.m. program at our church. Our whole program is called "Footsteps" Of course our logo is a footprint and our key vs. is Psalm 119:133 Establish my footsteps in your word. We even decorated the kids hallway to have footprints on the wall leading to the classrooms.

Our program is called 'Kids on the Move!' Our mission statement includes the following 3 objectives:

• Move kids to realize that God is talking to them through Bible stories.

• Move kids to Bible literacy by ensuring they remember the story and Biblical truth taught during each rotation.

• Move kids to faithful attendance and a desire to bring a friend by emphasizing the learning environment

Our workshops are Bible Beach, Thou Art, Mary and Martha's Kitchen and Holywood. The kids check in with the Travel Agent for attendance purposes and to find out which workshop they are assigned to for that day.

Our program is called the LIGHT House. "I am the light" is just one of many Bible verses we can use. We are a seaside community with two lighthouses nearby, so this especially made sense for us. Our workshops all have a nautical/beach theme:

Seaside Cinema: Movie Theater/Video Production
Surfside Studio: Art
Cyber Cove: Computers
LIGHT House Cafe: Cooking
Mission Marina: Mission
Parable Pier: Drama
La Playa Playhouse: Games
LIGHT House Chapel: Opening Space

Monica Buzbee

Our Rotation for 1-6th is Footprints to Faith. Our various workshops are:

Let There Be Light...Camera, Action (a/v)
Wheel of Verses (Bible Skills/Games)
Thou Art
Bread of Life (cooking)
Parable Room (puppets, drama, music, storytelling, depending upon the rotation).

Posted by Kathy Davis 


Our church is Bethlehem U.C.C., so we are working off of the Bethlehem theme.


We painted our main room like a courtyard (each wall looks like a different building in old time Bethlehem - a stucco look with cracks and just a few bricks painted here and there) we will have a "well" that we will gather at each week. The individual rooms are:

The storytelling room is like you are walking into a huge tent and we call it Tent Tales.

The Drama room will have different backdrops on each wall: a seascape, a meadow, a mountain and a dessert - this is called The Stars of Bethlehem (the kids are the Stars).

The Art room is Noah's Art and will be painted like you are standing on the deck of the ark. The art stools will be painted in various animal prints.

The Theater will be BibleMax Theater.

The computer room is God.com.

The Kitchen is The Bethlehem Bread Co., and will be painted in the same colors as the St. Louis Bread Co./Panera's restaurants.

The Bible Skills/Games will be Dave & Goliath's (instead of Dave & Buster's) and we will paint a D&G on the wall similar to the Dave & Busters logo.

We wanted our name to convey a concept so we studied the definitions of names that were suggested. We chose Faith Odyssey. The room names were designed to fit the acronym FAITH.

Father's Word = Bible stories- tent decor
Academy = Bible research & study - map decor
Imagination Station = Science/Art/Cooking -1
wall art 1 wall science 1 wall cooking decor
Truth Theater=Drama/Puppetry/Music-theater decor
Heavenly Happenings = Video - Cinema decor

We have a small SS (25-30)right now, but have over 200 children when we have Upward Basketball, so we know that the children are there. We are praying that they will come.

Thank you for this website!

Our rotation Sunday School is called "Walk of Faith."

The workshops are:
Bread of Life; cooking/science
TINN (Tell It to the Nations Network); TV production
Brown Street Chapel; worship/Bible study (Our original church was first built on Brown Street. This chapel looks like something from the 1950's)
How Great Thou Art; art
Acts of Faith; puppets and drama
Temple of Faith; storytelling
Heaven.com; computers
How Majestic!; movie theater
A Maze of Grace; geography/social studies/mission
Shout to the Lord!; music/games

Our program is for 1-5 grade children.
Our theme for this years rotation is "Fishing for Faith" on the S.S. Discipleship. (I saw the S.S. Discipleship in another post and really liked it since it goes with our theme.)

Our workshop names all have a fishing theme:
Computer: Computer Cove
Video: Fish Tales Temple
Drama/Puppets: Christ's Cast
Games: Fun Dock
Cooking/Science: God's Galley

Our hallway has disciples fishing from a boat with a net on the large bulletin board. Hung by it is a small fishing net with fish in it. Swimming around the net and boat are fish each child decorated with their name on it. A string of fish lights goes around the bulletin board.

The Computer room is decorated to look like a cove with cutouts of palm trees, sun, clouds, parrot, waves with fish, shells, lobster, etc.

Each child has their own "fishing" vest made out of felt. Each grade has its own color vest. A fly fishing lure (hook removed)is attached to the vest. Each child put their name on their vest with a marker.

The children earn badges (printed on card stock and attached to the vest with safety pin)by learning memory verses, bringing bible, arriving on time, bringing a guest, and others.

We do not have all the rooms decorated yet but our workshops are always a work in progress.

Our Sunday School is called m&m's for Memory Makers.

Our decorative theme is m&m's. Our workshops are

Michelangelo's Workshop (art)
Masterpiece Theater puppets/storytelling)
Memories in Motion (creative movement/games)
Mess Hall (cooking)
Matters of Faith (science)

In the music room, we made large musical notes, with the bottom circle being m&m's. In the art room, we spray painted round styrofoam plates to look like m&m's and hung them around the room. For the mess hall, we decorated a pot with a wooden spoon full of m&m's. For Matters of Faith, we filled a beaker-looking vase with m&m's and made a cloud of them bubbling out of the top. We made a path of m&m's out of craft foam from the downstairs to our rooms upstairs.

Our Sunday School is called Crosswalk for Kids. The slogan is "It's not your regular Sunday School."
We alternate between 10 different Experience Stations, depending on what best fits the lesson topic.
B C Lab: Computer
Creation Station: Art
Biblebuster Video: Movie
Holyword Studios: Drama
Revelations: Storytelling
Temple Time: Bible skills, games
Soul Cafe: Kitchen
KNOW: news station
The Master's Hands: Puppets
Celebration Station: music

Marsha Woods from Cedar Square Friends in Archdale, NC -


All the World's A Stage (drama)

Grace Land (games) - decorated with a full wall-size Candy Land board game painted on the wall with Bible highlights mixed across the board.

Holywood (movies) - looks just like you're in a movie theatre - with theatre seats/popcorn machine, and running lights all around the room.

Christians Under Construction (crafts) -looks like a construction sight

RE: decor ...I work for 2 congregations. Both programs were already in place when I came on board.

1) St. Andrew's Pres. -
A.R.K. (Andrew's Raising Kids) - uses the Noah's Ark theme. We share space with a Mother's Day Out program, so are somewhat limited on what we can do with the space, but have been able to designate 2 rooms (out of 4 workshops) -

Art is held in the Rainbow Studio. We have a wrap around mural inside the room that (tries to) simulate what it might look like if you stepped out onto the deck of the ark after it landed ... the "deck" is about chair rail height all around the room, and there are various animals all about it. A large, colorful rainbow comes out from behind the door onto the adjoining wall. (It took us 2 years to get this finished!) If I can ever get hold of a digital camera, I'll post pictures!
Our theater room is the Starlight Theater ... walls and ceiling painted a deep dark blue, with stars painted and guled on (glow in the dark ones) ... we have seating built into one corner. We use this room for both drama and video.

2)St. James Pres. - theme is NOVA (New Opportunities to Voyage Ahead) ... everything revolves around a celestial theme.


The art workshop is God's Gallery (there has been no decorating done in this room up to this point; however, we are working on changing that. I hope to get the following in place: put up a photo mural of the earth "rising", and granite paint in a deep teal with black flecks and gold sparkles to simulate a night sky. This paint from ceiling to chair rail height ($$$$ a consideration), with complementing color the rest of the way ... suggesting God's separation of the heavens from the earth. Storage shelves and cabinets painted some metalic color. Hang representations of the planets from the ceiling by fishing wire); drama/video in Starburst Theater (again, decor not really thematic ... some cartoon figures painted on the walls to look like people in a theater, a curtain around the entertainment center); computers in Power House (also no great decor ... we're working on this room, too ... no great ideas yet); storytelling/games are done in the Temple (I know, not celestial, but well done room ... looks like the temple!).

we had our first week on Sunday, (i'm the having mini-heart attacks daily poster - will update on that page)
we have named our workshops...
God's playroom (games, the decor currently is games attached to the walls with sticky tack stuff, scrabble, yahtzee, chutes and ladders, cards, pictionary, etc. are all up- and we have a giant spinner in there, and i'm working on huge dice also.
MadCap room this is also known as 'Music And Drama Comes Alive Productions'. (music, drama, puppets, storytelling, dance, etc will all be in this room. as we are not using it this rotation, it's not done... i'll let everyone know at some point what it looks like)
Art Studio (self explanitory, although we used the curriculum from Great Commission, and instead of clay people, they are painting on the walls. this took some doing to allow it, but it's worked great as of this moment... one week in!)
Cooking Lab (cooking will be in here, if we don't actually need the kitchen, some lessons don't seem to, and any science-y experiments will be in here also)
and we're looking to have a 5th room, since we have it i want to use it... but haven't decided yet.
so excited about our first week!!!!!
Our worm is called The Bible Zone (a take on the twilight zone Smile and a space theme)

The workshops are
The Good News Galaxy - storytelling
The Pleiades Puppet Theater
Venus Video Theater (movies)
Constellation Creations (crafts)
Andromeda Drama
Comet's Creative Kitchen (cooking and science)
Singing Stars (music)
We are just about to launch our Workshops January 8th. We are not completely done with the remodeling, but I know it is a process. Here is what we have chosen ofr names and rotations at Hillside Community Church in Colorado. All names are actual places in Colorado.
Journey on the Hillside
Panoramic Point - creative arts, science
Loveland Pass - bible games, drama
Reverend's Ridge - story, history, culture

Originally posted by Neil MacQueen:
On the Main Page of Rotation.org there's a link called Ideas Archive which has a sub-page where people have listed their names for Sunday School and workshops.

Post YOUR church's creative name for Rotation Sunday School HERE by replying to this message.

our Sunday school, which is preschool thru 5th grade is called The Daily Bread Cafe. our workshops are:

Cooking - Ruth's Kitchen
Movies/Drama - Abraham's Tent
Storytelling - The Dining Room (we use the sanctuary of the church for this one)
Art - We never got around to naming this one!

Our youth group (middle school/high school) called themselves the Bread of Life Lounge and they are known as the Lounge Lizards for the Lord.

Next year we are going to explore the Laws and guidelines God set down for us to live by, such as the 10 Commandments; the Beattitudes; the fruit of the spirit. Our theme, since we are in Montana, is going to be a ranch. We came up with the Promised Land Ranch. The kids are going to be Wranglers for the Word; Teachers are Trailbosses. Our cooking workshop is Jake's Chuckwagon; our Storytelling/Drama is going to be the Rainbow Corral; our Art workshop is Friendship Trail. We still have some names to come up with for the Ranch house and the Bunk house, so if anyone has any ideas, please pass them along! We are having fun with this new style of Sunday school and the kids like it so much better than what was being done before. Thanks for the wealth of information on this site!

Bea - Hope Lutheran Church
Anaconda, MT

Those are cool names. I'll have to write them down! This year we are using the Promised Land Ranch as our theme. We are in Montana and ranching is a major industry here. Our ranch is a sheep ranch - complete with the Good Shepherd! Our Puppet Shows; Movies and Drama is called Glory Canyon Theater; and our storytelling is called the Everlasting Light Campfire. Our room that we use for our group events is called the Rainbow Corral and our kitchen is called Jake's (for Jacob) Chuckwagon. The kids loved it when I told them about it. Now for the work of decorating!!

Thanks for the ideas!
We started our rotation Sunday School in 2005 with the name G.R.A.C.E. Place (where God Reaches All Children Everywhere). Our workshops include: Mary and Martha's Bed & Breakfast (Storytelling & Video), David's Discovery Den (Science & computer lab in the future), Creation Cove (Art), Paul's Garden's (Games & Drama), and Jesus' Treasure Shop (Cooking). We're in the process of doing a makeover and switching around some rooms...it's been great to see all the different names and be inspired!
Jerrie Lynn at Allen Park Baptist Church
This church began WoRM in September. Our name is Explorer's Club, where kids explore the Word of God. Our workshops are Village Green Games active, TV style, and table games; Hillside Theater - Drama, Puppets, Video; Artisan's Workshop - Art and Scrapbooking, Home and Hearth - Cooking and home arts; Research Library - in depth Bible Exploration, Creative Writing, Computers, and Science; The Sounds of JOY - music: vocal, insturmental and movement.

Here is the LONG LIST of Workshop Names we collected for several years out on the main part of the website. Feel free to ADD your suggestions in reply.

posted on 2007-02-02 by: Narelle Mercer from: Indooroopilly Uniting Church, Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Our Children's program is called Sunday Space, and has (surprise surprise) a space theme. Our logo is a planet with rings rotating round it. We chose it because 1, it's rotation Sunday School, 2, we all rotate around the Son (Sun), like the planets in space. Our workshops are: Creation Space Station, Galaxy Theatre, Mission Control (computers), and Solid Rock Cafe.


posted on 2006-12-20 by: Kelly Rae Howard from: Shelton Memorial Christian Church, Ulysses, KS

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Sunday Morning Creative Christians!


posted on 2006-10-18 by: Shalyn from: Bethlehem Luth. and Cross and Crown Luth, Indianapolis, IN

At Bethlehem, we have God's Gallery (art), Lazarus's Lab (science), Tent of Tales (storytelling, Bethlehem Bakery (cooking), David's Harp (music), Apostles' Playhouse (games) and we are pondering a name for special activities such as Christmas Cards for shut-ins. At Cross and Crown, Apostles' Playhouse (drama), Bread of Life Cafe (cooking), Mission Possible (mission/ministry activities), Antioch Arcade (games).


posted on 2006-10-03 by: Cristie Goodchild from: First Christian Church, Traverse City, MI

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call it the Faith Factory. And our mission statement, we use the accronymn F.A.I.T.H. at the Faith Factory we want to produce Friendships, we want to Adore God, Invite our friends, we are Truth Seekers and Helping Others.


posted on 2006-09-18 by: Erla Wilson from: Englewood United Methodist Church, Englewood, OH

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call our Rotational Model Sunday School program - "God's House" and have decorated our Sunday School rooms like rooms in your home... Kitchen (Crafts/Food), Bedroom (Storytelling), Garden (Games), Music Room (Music), Family Room (Drama/Video). We will be including a Home Office (Computer Games) as soon as we receive some equipment....


posted on 2006-08-17 by: Jeantte Vega from: Christ Presbyterian Church, Largo, Florida

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?We call our Rotation Lighthouse Kids Journey.Our games is called Anchor of Hope,Video is Beacon of Peace, Cooking is Habor View Cafe, art is Rock Solid, drama is Faith Ship, science is Star Guide, and storytelling is Divine Wheel.


posted on 2006-08-12 by: Kelly Waugh from: The Plains United Methodist Church, The Plains, OH

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? B.L.A.S.T (Bible Learning Adventure Stations) Parable Pavilion: Drama & Story Telling Master's Theater: Movie & Popcorn Creation Station: Art J.A.M.(Jesus & Me) Time : Music & Games


posted on 2006-08-11 by: Nancy Parker from: United Presbyterian Church, Cleburne, tx

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We painted and redesigned our Education Wing hall and rooms in a Bible Village theme so we call it (not surprisingly!) The Bible Village. We have an "artist workshop" with a potter's shop theme, a Marketplace for gathering music and drama, a synogue school for bible games, and bible knowledge rotation and a tent room for storytelling. We use the kitchen sometimes for Mary and Martha's bed and breakfast but it isn't decorated at all.


posted on 2006-08-07 by: Patricia Jones from: Flatwoods Christian Church, Richmond, KY

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?


posted on 2006-07-30 by: Christina Harris from: Heritage Presbyterian Church, Saint Clair Shores, MI

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?We call our Sunday School SCUBA-Seeking Christ through Understanding, Believing and Action. We are close to the water so we have continued with the theme. We have The Lighthouse(bible stories/games), The Great Art Grotto(art), Red Sea Scenes(drama), Seaside Cinema(video) and The Coral Reef Cafe(kitchen/food). Our logo is a scuba diver finding a treasure chest at the bottom of the sea with the Bible inside!


posted by: Linda Marrow Nevling from: Marple Presbyterian Church , Broomall, PA

Storytelling Workshop-The T. E. N. T. (Teaching Eternal News Today). Art Workshop-Creation Station, Computer Workshop-The Church Mouse Pad, Kitchen Workshop-Loaves and Fishes Cafe, Drama/Puppetry Workshop-Character Building, Music/Movement Workshop-Joyful Noise, and the Movie Workshop-Arisen Messiah Cinema (we got seats from an AMC theater).


posted by: Michelle Miller from: St Paul's UMC, Smithburg, MD

We call our program "Bible Adventures" and use a desert and oasis theme. We have the following workshops: The Art Ark, In the Garden Theatre, Bible Bytes, Tent of Meeting, Temple Time and Our Daily Bread.


posted by: Cynthia Thorpe from: , ,

Our Sunday School program is now called "Discovery Kingdom" where children "discover" God, Jesus, the Bible, more about themselves, etc. Our workshops are: Jerusalem's Jiving Lab (Cooking/Science), Disciples Drama Depot (Drama/Puppets), Sheba Shapers Design Company (Art), Egypt's Energizing Emporium (Bible Skills/Games), The Visual Vineyard (Audio/Visual), Messiah Message Center (Newsroom), Canaanite Computer Camp (Computers), Temple Tales and Tunes (Storytelling/Music).


posted by: Rachel Spence from: Easton Christian Family Centre, Bristol, England, United Kingdom

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Discovery Zones: the children are called 'Adventurers', the leaders are called 'A rangers', the helpers are called 'Keepers'. We have introductory teaching zones then activity zones.


posted by: Julie Heidt from: Zion Lutheran, Brighton , Colorado

We call our program Sunday School Sonsation - drawing on Christ as the Son and the fact that it's Sensational! Our workshops are Biblebuster Videos, Creation Station (Art), Son Center (Cooking), Tabernacle (Bible Study),  (www)Bibleland.com (Computer Lab), and Zion Theater (Drama and Puppets). -Julie


posted by: Debbie Reingold from: First Congregational Church, , Yarmouth

We are a Congregational Church on Cape Cod. We did go on your web site to get lots of our ideas. We found out about WoRM in June, we voted on it in July, we downloaded ideas in August and formulated our rotation transformation. We began our first rotation on September 16, 2001. We are so pleased with WoRM! Name of Program: "Really Cool Sunday School" Lesson time: Lighthouse Chapel Arts and Crafts: ThouArt Drama: Apostles Theater Cooking: Heart and Soul Kitchen Video: Seaside Cinema Superintendents office: Safe Harbor


posted by: Liz Weingart from: Petersburg Presbyterian Church, Petersburg, Ohio

In our transition period into WORM, we decided to call our Chrisitan Education Program "New Beginnings". We felt it was appropriate since we we were starting over in a sense. We have created beautifully decorated rooms such as The Coliseum, Promised Land, Keyboard Kingdom, Carpenter's Workshop and Bible Blockbuster. The kids love our new beginning!


posted by: Rebecca Ferrell from: Abingdon United Methodist Church, Abingdon, VA

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? The name of our Rotation Sunday School is AUMC AWESOME ADVENTURES. Our Workshops are: CREATION STATION(ART), CENTER STAGE (MUSIC/DRAMA), REAL TO REEL (A/V), DAILY BREAD (COOKING), and ABINGDON ABBEY (STORYTELLING).


posted by: Andy Warren from: Webb Horton Memorial Presbyterian Church, Middletown, NY

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? "Tales by the Fireside" We wanted to harken back to earlier times when the way to spread the word and the stories of the bible was through the spoken word. Quite frequently that was done around a fire. Our gathering time begins each week with a story told around a little "fire."


posted by: Kim from: Christ United Methodist Church, Greeneville, TN

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? God moved in a way that our first rotation was a great success! We call the new program JAM! JESUS AND ME! Children check in at the traffic lights (Jam as we travel down life's highway). Stations are: Real to Reel Theatre, Creation Cafe, Adventurous Art, Live from C.U.M.C. (Drama), and our old testament theme Bible Bank.


posted by: Linda from: Burlingame Presbyterian, Burlingame, CA

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our program is called KFC (Kids For Christ). We change the names of our workshops to fit each rotation, but our most frequent ones are How Great Thou Art, First Century Theatre (Video) ACTs Out (Drama), BC To PC (Computers) and The Game Called Life (Games).


posted by: Lois Kelley from: Countryside Christian church, Mission, Kansas

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Bible Treasureland. Art room is "we have a heART for Jesus", Drama is "act upon your faith", Video is "Look upon Him", Computer is "Jesus @your finger tips . GOD".


posted by: Beverly Eddy from: Community Church of the Nazarene, Midland, Michigan

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call our Sunday morning children's program BLAST (Bible Learning Adventure Stations) It has a space theme to it right now. Our video is Galaxy Theater, cooking is The Flying Saucer Cafe, games is Have-A-Blast Games, Role-play is the Shining Stars Acting Company, Storytelling is Stellar Stories, and craft is Space Crafts. Our opening time is the Launchpad. The children are divided into two groups: The Rockets and Comets.


posted by: Eliana Maxim from: Mercer Island Presbyterian Church, Mercer Island, Wa

Our program is called A.R.K. (All Remarkable Kids). Our workshops are: The Temple, The Marketplace, Mary and Martha's Bed & Breakfast, Bible Improv, Faith Issues Today, Holyword Theatre, Moved By Spirit and Created By Spirit. We launch this summer with VBS and get Sunday school underway with all 8 workshops in September. Crossing our fingers and praising God!


posted by: Cary Ann Lutka from: Gurnee Community Church, Gurnee, Illinois

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our children choose the name C.O.O.L. Journey for our Sunday school program. C.O.O.L. stands for Children Of Our Lord on a journey. Our classroom are Weavers of Wisdom (storty-telling), Awesome Oasis (kitchen), Craftsman's Caravan (crafts), Palace of Possibilities (Computer/games), and Seven Seas Cinema (movies/drama).


posted by: Cary Ann Lutka from: Gurnee Community Church, Gurnee, Illinois

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our children choose the name C.O.O.L. Journey for our Sunday school program. C.O.O.L. stands for Children Of Our Lord on a journey. Our classrooms are Weavers of Wisdom (story-telling), Awesome Oasis (kitchen), Craftsman's Caravan (crafts), Palace of Possibilities (Computer/games), and Seven Seas Cinema (movies/drama).


posted by: Molly Baker from: First Presbyterian Church, Lexington, Kentucky

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We're calling our program S.T.E.P.S. - Stories Told, Experienced, Practiced, Shared. We're a 1st. Presbyerian Church so we can call it 1st. STEPS and can go down to pre-schoolers with babysteps. We're working on workshop names, but at the moment have Steppingstone Cinema and Step Right Up Productions for puppets and drama. One of our committee members enjoys woodworking and is going to make some giant feet to lead the way to the classrooms.


posted by: Marilyn Paulson from: First United Methodist Church, Wausau, Wisconsin

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? "Faith Quest" is the name of our rotation Sunday School(grades 2-5). We name workshops to fit the unit and have had 'Miriam's Fine Art Studio', 'Bible Bytes' computer lab, 'WTPL TV' (Welcome to Promised Land)video lab, 'Nineveh's Chili Nights'(cooking workshop for Jonah)'Temple Tales' storytelling, 'Joy Rap' language and music workshop - to name a few.


posted by: Cathi from: Willoughby United Methodist Church, Willoughby, Ohio

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our Sunday School program is called Journeylands Adventure, but most refer to it as Journeylands. Our decor reflects a Biblical village with workshop stops called: Reel to Real, Thou Art, The Oasis, bibleland.com, and Master's Theatre. (on occasion, we add Mary and Martha's Bed and Breakfast when we are cooking) We are entering our third year as a rotation Sunday School for those in grades 1 through 5.


posted by: Linda Williams from: Monadnock Covenant Church, Keene, NH

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call our Sunday morning ministry Faith Village. We all meet as a large group at Bible Times Square. There is Prince of Peace Productions (video), King's Cafe (cooking), Thou Art! Studio (an idea borrowed from another church) for art, Upper Room (storytelling), Promise Patch (for our pre-schoolers), Solomon's Arcade (games), Rock of Ages Stages (puppetry and drama). We have our children's groups separated into occupations: Farmers, Fishermen, Weavers, and Carpenters.


posted by: First Presbyterian from: , East Moline, IL 61244

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our Church School is called "Heavenly Places". The Opening & Worship Center is called "The Temple Courtyard", The Kitchen & Dining room where we begin with a Breakfast Snack is called "the Disciples' Diner, The Story Center is called "The Sparrow's Nest"(Mt.10:31); the Craft Center is called "How Great Thou Art", The Drama Center is called "The Acts of the Apostles", The Computer Room where Bible games and a newsletter happen is called "The Good News" room.


posted by: Barbara Stefan from: St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Falls Church, VA

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? SpyKids - St. Paul's Youth - Kids Investigating Divine Stories


posted by: Holt Teague from: Pine Forest UMC, Goldsboro, NC

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?Joyful Journey is the name of our workshops with Cross Training as Bible skills, Act-Up as Drama, Holywood as Video and Do-Dads as Art.


posted by: Lynn Wood from: Bream Memorial Presbyterian Church, Charleston, West Virginia

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? FAITH FOREST for 1st-8th grades starting gathering place--Ranger Station Art--Creation Cabin Drama/Video--Starry Night Theater Computers/Bible games--Streams of Knowledge Storytelling/Bible times experiences--Bible Trails Music--Vocal Valley (room in church basement) Workshop teachers--Rangers shepherds--guides


posted by: Lois Petersen from: First Lutheran Church, York, NE

We have all of our workshops named but one. Our A-V Workshop is called "Son Theater". We thought it was very approprite as our local movie theater is called The Sun Theater. Our Art/Cooking/Science Workshop is called Creation Station. Our drama/puppetry workshop is called First Acts and our music workshop is called A Joyful Noise. We still are contemplating what we can call our Bible Study/Games workshop.


posted by: Kim from: First Presbyterain Chuch, Eden, NC

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? The Sunday school is The Master's School We have the MasterPeace Theater(Multi-media)The Master's Art Gallery(Art)Master BibleWorks(Games)Master Acts(Drama)Master Keys(Computer) Master Chefs(Cooking)


posted by: Sheila Fiorella from: St. Barnabas United Methodist Church, Arlington, TX

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our Sunday School for children in grades 1 through 5 is called "BELIEVERS' BOARDWALK." The names of our workshops are as follows: CANAAN COAST CREATIONS (Art), CYPRESS CYBERS (Computers), LORD'S LIGHTHOUSE (Games/Geography), FISHERMEN FLICKS (Video), BARNABAS BANDSTAND (Music), and PARABLE PAVILION (Storytelling/Drama).


posted by: Lynnelle Johnson from: n/a, Willmar, MN.

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?


posted by: Wendy Zuech from: Greggton United Methodist Church, Longview, Tx

Our kids voted on various names but we went with the name used by the Nazarene church in Michigan....B.L.A.S.T. Bible Learning Adventure Stations. We have 5 sites: Kingdom Klips (movie) Carpenters Bench (art, science, cooking)-- sawhorse/wood theme God's Backyard (drama/puppets)--backyard theme with astroturf Temple (Bible/missions)--tent theme Living Water (Computer)--fish theme


posted by: Carla Davison from: Westwood Presbyterian Church, Wichita, KS

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our Sunday School area is called "God's Garden." Workshop rooms include Songbird's Nest (music), Lilypond Playhouse (drama & puppets), the Orchard (books & games), the Sonshine Theater (audio-visual), the Rainbow Room (art), and our latest addition, the Bug Box (computers).


posted by: Gerald Bailey from: Westminster Presbyterian Church, Dayton, OH

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Church School for us is "CrossRoads--Education for the Journey." Our workshops: Creation Station (art), Caravan Chronicles (storytelling), Courtyard Quest (games/activities), Parable Place (drama/puppets), Memory Lane (computers), Stargazer Square (video theater) and Cobblestone Cafe (cooking/food)


posted by: Cindy B from: Cherry Hill Presbyterian, Dearborn , MI

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our prgram is called Testament Travels, the children are divided into 3 groups Explorers; Adventurers and Voyagers. Some of our rooms are 'in process' but once they are finished they are named. We have Camp Galilee, our story telling room with desert mural walls and a tent AND a Sea of Galilee mural with a story telling 'boat'. Our computer and games room is The A-mazing ARKcade painted in a lt blue-white checkerboard pattern. On the last Sunday of the month the kids go to The MarketPlace to 'trade' memory work for 'fabulous prizes'. The MarketPlace is a 'landing' on the second floor that was painted to look like a Bible-time city with canopies and perspective painting so that you can look 'down' the road in the city. This month we begin work on the 'multi media center'.


posted by: Becky Lee from: St. James' Episcopal Church, Glastonbury, CT

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We are "Catch the Faith" because that's what we want the kids to do, and our church is St. James', who was a fisherman.


posted by: Rev. Rosie Kwak from: First Presbyterian Church, Sherman Oaks, Sherman Oaks , Ca.

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Bible Planet Explorers; motto "Exploring God's love in a universe of fun."


posted by: Nicole from: Cohansey Baptist Church, Bridgeton, NJ

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our Art Center is called Jonah's Whale of Art, and our Drama Center is called Daniel's Drama Den


posted by: Dian from: UMC, S.Whitley, IN

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? OUr Sunday School program is called "Cross Training". Our kids Wroship is called "S.M.I.L.E. Jesus Loves You S=special M=messengers I= illistrate L= love E=everywhere


posted by: susanne from: Gates Church-CMA, Rochester, New York

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call our workshop W.I.L.D wednesday 4 kids. Wild stands for Word in Love and Deeds. We call our rooms: Upper Room (Story telling), Creation Station (Arts and Crafts), Churchmouse (Computer), Parable Playhouse (Drama), Starry Night Theater (Movies), And God's Cafe' (Kitchen)


posted by: Amy Pearce from: First United Methodist Church of Owasso, Owasso, OK

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our program is called "The S.S. Adventure"(the sunday school adventure) and is a boat theme in the hallway. We have 7 workshops: movie theater- Holy Word Theater- decorated like an old time movie theater; computer lab- God.com- space theme; Bible storytelling- The Upper Room- like a home from bible times; tv news- ANN (Adventure News Network)-office like; games/movement- The Jungle Gym- jungle theme; Arts/Crafts- Spirit Mountains- like a national park; and drama/puppetry- Kingdom Tales- medieval castle theme.


posted by: April Guy from: Carll's Corner Community Fellowship, Bridgeton, NJ

Since we meet in the upstairs of our building, we will be calling our workshop area "The Upper Room". Our workshops will be called: "Disciples'Den"(Bible story/journaling), "Joyful Jamming" (music,praise,& instruments), and "Creation Station"(art,crafts, & foods)





posted by: Beverly from: Columbia First Church of the Nazarene, Columbia, KY

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our classe are named: The Tent of Meetings (storytelling room), discovery.com (computer lab), The Art Ark (Art room), Gospelmax Theatre(Theatre room), Barnyard Playhouse (puppet and drama room). We had so much fun deciding on names!


posted by: Heather Jones from: First United Methodist, Bristol, TN

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Audiovisual - BibleMax Theater Story/Bible Skills - Holy Ghost Stories Art and Cooking - Creation Station Computer - thykingdom.com Drama - WWJD Heavenly Productions


posted by: Amy from: Panther Valley Ecumenical Ministry, Hackettstown, NJ

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We named our Sunday School - The PVEM Express, Creation Station (Art), On Track & On Line (Computer) Silver Streak (Movie) Sunday Morning Live (Drama) & Shakin' & Bakin" Caboose


posted by: Polly Deppen from: The Presbyterian Church of Stanley, Overland Park, KS

Faith Forest and our workshops are The Treehouse, Bug Bytes, Caravan Tales, Tentmaker Tales, Night Owl Theatre, Loaves & Fishes, Creation Station, Rainforest Players, KPCS, Jungle Jam.


posted by: Carol Wahlstrom from: Trinity Lutheran Church, Ottawa, Il 61350

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We are called, S.P.Y.,for Spirit Powered Youth. Our biblical basis is Micah 6:8-9. Through our Workshops and Shepherds, we maintain a strong mission orientation. Our name was developed by two of our high school youth, Terese Kreifels and Sarah Wahlstrom-Helgren.


posted by: Shannan Vance-Ocampo from: First Presbyterian Church of Rumson, NJ, Rumson, NJ

We held a contest to name our new church school, wanting to get rid of the BORING name of church school! The new name is ROTATION SENSATION which we feel is very appropriate, we don't use the words church school anymore, which the kids like and the adults are beginning to get used to!


posted by: Teri Belicek from: Limestone Cove United Methodist Church, unicoi, TN

Our program will be JAM (Jesus and Me) Caravan our workshops are going to be McJesus - over one gadzillion served for Cooking, Cross Training for Games, Tales by the riverside (with a big paper mache tree in the corner, green carpet on the floor and a mural of the riverside on the walls for a culture and story telling class, Holyword theater, Solomon's Songs and praise, The Creation, and God said "it is good", for art.


posted by: Barbara Stefan from: St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Falls Church, VA

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? SpyKids - St. Paul's Youth - Kids Investigating Divine Stories. Our workshop names are Story Sleuths, Divine Drama Detectives, Clueless Cafe, Bible Skills and Investigames, Mystery Movies, and Wherefore Art Thou?


posted by: Ruth Wilcox from: St. Andrews and St. James Presbyterian , Tulsa / Jenks, OK

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? At Andrews, we have the ARK (Andrews Raising Kids) with Starlight Theater (drama and video), Rainbow Studio (art) and other workshops we're still naming. At James, we have NOVA (New Opportunities to Voyage Ahead), with God's Gallery (art), Starburst Theater (drama/music/video), Power House (computer), and The Temple (storytelling/games).


posted by: Cheryl Dale from: Spirit Alive Wesleyan Church, Yakima, WA

We are just entering an 8 week rotation on Joseph the Dreamer. Our sites/workshops are called "Tales in The Temple Tent", "Pyramid Theatre", "Joseph's Coat Factory", "Dreams R Us Mattress Company", "Colliseum Cartography", and "Potiphar's House of Games".


posted by: Jeremy Carter from: St. Paul UMC, El Dorado, Arkansas

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We are starting rotation this fall with "HEAVEN'S EXPRESS"! A train track will run on grass through the halls from THE DEPOT (meeting room) through the PEARLY GATES (entrance to children's wing) to all the rooms. The train will travel on the streets of gold to MUSIC MOUNTAIN (music), HOLYWOOD (theater-complete with gold stars like Hollywood), ANGEL ART STUDIO (art), and THE STORY MANSION (storytelling/drama)!


posted by: Kelly Bowman from: Niagara Community Church, Niagara Falls, NY

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Infinity! is the name of our Sunday School workshops. We have the Media/Culture Room, called The What's Happening Hut. We have taken computers, television, radio and cultures around the room and are applying Bible Lessons from Rotation to them. Children will learn to speak different languages, understand how people from all over the world are similar, broadcast Radio spots, videotape programs and use the computer to create a Newsletter for our church and send it to missions all over the world. We are very excited about this.


posted by: Marci Hill from: Dove of Peace Lutheran, Tucson, AZ

Games=Bible Quest, Music=Joyful Noise, Science=Creation Exploration, Service=His Hands, Story and Current Events=HiStory, Cooking=Daily Bread, Drama=Rock of Ages Stages, Art=Thou Art


posted by: Dee Cobia from: BayMarin Community Church, San Rafael, California

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? "Road Trip! A Journey into God's Story"- We have a gym. The kids will enter the gym to an area that looks like Marin Co. , California (where we live). They will follow a road to the opening time area. The road will be lined with signs and plants left over from another set. The opening time area will look like bible lands. It will be decorated with a tent, inflatable palm trees, and cut outs of the bible figures that we will study.


posted by: Tammy Johnson from: Shorewood Church of God, Shorewood, IL

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? The children's program at Shorewood is Adventure Land!


posted by: Chad Harrison from: Winchester C.C.C.U, Winchester, Ohio

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call our little adventure on Sunday mornings JOURNEYLAND. We choose this because we told the kids they would be on many "journeys" and all that good jazz.


posted by: Susan McIntyre from: First United Presbyterian church, Las Vegas, New Mexico

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our church in an historic town of Spanish heritage has named our program Amigos de Cristo (friends of the Lord).


posted by: Tonya from: 1st United Methodist Church, West Monroe, LA

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call our Rotation "Journeys to the Kingdom". Our Workshops are titled after the Lords Prayer. Cooking Room -"Daily Bread", Storytelling Room - "Kingdom Tales", A/V,Puppet & Drama Room -"Power & Glory Productions", Computer- "Thyname.com"


posted by: Michelle Shiparski from: St. Mark's UMC, Findlay, OH

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our program is called "Live by the C", and we have a beach/seashore theme. The rooms are The Lily Pad (computer room), Lighthouse Theater, Noah's Art Room, The C-shore (our gathering & storytelling area), and Monsoon Lagoon (where we sing & play up a storm). The hallway connecting each room is The Boardwalk.


posted by: Robin Appaswamy from: St.Luke's Anglican Chruch, Red Deer, Alberta

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Movie - Famous Prayers Art - Art Attack Computer - BC to PC Cooking - The Sinai Grill Story - Sunday Morning Live


posted by: Lynn Quick from: Keystone Community Church, Saline, MI

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call ours Keystone Kidz: The Next Generation as a reminder to the parents that their children are the next generation of believers. We don't have any creative names for our workshops because our church focuses on evangalism we are transforming our area to look like an airport and we are going to have different gates that will take us to different areas of the world. Our rooms are painted in different themes from across the globe so our Ministry will be known as Keystone Kidz: The Next Generation taking Christ to the world which combines our name and our mission.


posted by: Judy Lenker from: Shiloh United Methodist, Woodland, PA

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We noticed that families do not spend enough quality time together during the week and then we separate them at Sunday School to go to individual classes. We have included the entire family in our rotation workshops and call it "Family FUNday School" They love being together.


posted by: Cecile Bone from: Trinity Episcopal Church, Columbus , GA

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Art- Thou Arts Theater- Holywood Theater Cooking- Bible Times House


posted by: Helen L Dickson from: Beechwood Presbyterian, Parkersburg, West Virginia

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our Sunday School 4 year old thru 8th grades. Our Sunday School is located in the lower hallway and --the name for the hallway is "Holy Word Blvd" It has a street sign on either end with that name. Also have a large tree of life on one wall. The wall near the nursery is painted with little lambs and a crook, titled "His little lambs" The craft room is also our supply room and it has blue clouds painted around it and is titled "Creation".


posted by: Marsha Brown from: St. Andrew's Presbyterian, austin, TX

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call ours "Spirit Safari" and wear safari hats and go on adventures with our 'adventure guides' who do the workshops and our 'tour guides' who shepherd the children every week.


posted by: Linda Goeddel from: First Presbyerian Church, Red Bank, New Jersey

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Super Cool Sonday School; workshops are: Creation Station (Art); Angel Food (cooking); Click Through the Bible (Computers); Apostles' Playground (Games); Good News Theater (Drama)


posted by: Neil MacQueen from: Rotation.org, on the, worldwide web

Especially creative workshop names submitted to Rotation.org Winter '04, and posted here by Neil: Canaan Creations ~ art workshop Act Up ~drama Rock of Ages Stages ~drama Dot-God ~ computers Reel to Real ~ video Loaves & Fishes Cafe ~cooking For a Rotation titled: "Fishing for Faith," St. John's UCC in Chesterfield, MO renamed their workshops: Reel Creations (crafts) Caught in the Act (theater) God's Galley (kitchen) Joining the Cast (puppets) Surfing the Net (computers) Telling the Tail (storytelling)


posted by: Carolyn Joseph from: Newtown Congregational Church, Newtown, ct

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? The Church Garden


posted by: Christy Van Ness from: First Lutheran Church , Pecatonica, Illinois

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our old parsonage has been converted to our Rotation Sunday School. We have named the Sunday School "Creation Station" and dressed the front up like an old train station. There are 6 clocks representing 6 major train hub cities and the door has been altered to look like a ticket window with a cardboard ticket person. We currently have 6 different rotation rooms. Our first is "Joseph's techni-colored gameroom." Our craft room is called "Graffiti Highway to Heaven." The children get to write on the walls in this room because we painted a roadway leading up to the ceiling (Heaven) with black chalkboard paint. Our cooking room is called "The Ten Commandments Cafe" Our cinema room is called "The Red Sea Cinema." The puppet room is called "Peter, Paul and Mary's Puppet Palooza" and our drama room is called "King Productions." We have 2 bathrooms in the parsonage that are getting ready to go under a transformation this summer. They will be called "The Golden Throne" and "The Burning Bush Bathroom." Thanks for this website and all of you that have committed your time, knowledge and energies to it. It has been a wealth of information for me. Though their will always be kinks to work out, this has been a huge hit at our small church.


posted by: Marsha Woods from: Cedar Square Friends Meeting (Church), Archdale, NC

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call our Rotation Model at Cedar Square Friends Meeting- "The Shepherds Path to C.H.R.I.S.T." (C.H.R.I.S.T. stands for CHildren Revolving In Spiritual Themes)Our 4 Workshops are: Drama - All the World's a Stage; Crafts - Christians Under Construction; Games - Grace Land (like the Candyland board game; and Movies - Holywood.


posted by: Teresa Holt from: First United Methodist, Malvern, AR

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call ours the Everlasting Adventure. Our directors are travel agents. Our teachers are interpreters and our shepherds are tour guides. The children's name tags are luggage tags worn with lanyards around their neck. Their journals are travel logs. Passports are obtained for each child, with a stamp for each destination traveled. Tour Guides keep all their supplies in a suitcase.


posted by: Billie Logan from: First United Methodist Church, Shreveport, Louisiana

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Faith Tracks


posted by: Debbie Ruston from: Epworth United Methodist Church, Cockeysville, MD

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? The Sunday School is called C.R.A.B.S. - Children Rotating Around Bible Stories. Vocabulary is called Vo-Crab-ulary. Workshops are Backfin Fun, Crabby Crafts & Cooking, Soft Crab Science, Crusty Cranium, Crustacean Computers, and Tidewater Theatre. Classes (3yrs.-5th grade): Soft Shells, Blue Crabs, Horseshoe Crabs, Ghost Crabs and King Crabs.


posted by: Tisha Gribble from: Trinity United Methodist Church, Little Rock, Arkansas

Inspired Creations - Art Salt of the Earth - Kitchen/Science Cinema on the Mount - Movie Theater Parable Players - Drama/Music/Movement Temple Tales - Storytelling Heavenly Knowledge - Computers/Bible Games


posted by: Vicki Schildmeyer from: Fayette Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville , GA

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Camp Wannabe, as in "I wanna be a Christian." We have 5 tent awnings on the entrances to our "tents," the different activity/learning rooms. Week 1 Messenger Tent:Introduction-usually drama, Week 2:Rainbow Tent Arts/Crafts, Week 3 Dream Tent:Video Week 4 Explorer Tent:computer Week 5 Praise Tent:Games/Music. 10 units/year w/2 specials, eg Rally Sun, Xmas


posted by: Riki Daniels from: St. Nicholas Episcopal, Midland, TX

Our rotation Sunday School is called Uptown. Workshops:Bible Knowledge - Uptown High, Drama - Praise Him Playhouse, Cooking - Loaves & Fishes Cafe, Crafts - Thou Art Studio, Science - Levi's Laboratory, Music - Rock the World Studio, Movie - Crossbuster Video, Games - Kidzone


posted by: Sue Strauss from: Western Community Baptist, Victoria, BC

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We are located in a coastal setting so we chose to call our Children's Ministry The BEACON: lighting the way to Christ. Our helpers are called Lightkeepers rather than Shepherds.


posted by: Jen from: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Livonia, MI

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Ours is called FROG (Fully Rely On God) and we have frog themes all over - right down to our schedule board which features the grade levels on frog cutouts, and the workshops on lily pad cutouts.


posted by: Angela Crotsenberg from: Frontier United Methodist Church, Cheyenne, WY

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Art - Thou Art; Cooking - The Solid Rock Cafe; Music & Drama - Godway; Bible Skills - The Apostle's Attic; Movies - The Savior Cinema


posted by: Dianne Edson from: Cargill UMC, Janesville, WI

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call our program "Bible Journey". Our workshops are: Thou Art, BibleMax Theater, Sunday AM Live!, MasterKeys, Oasis and Solid Rock Cafe. We have finished our first year of rotation format, but most people still just call it "Sunday School" and refer to the workshops as "the art workshop" or whatever.


posted by: Karen Sink from: Trinity Lutheran Church, Lewisburg, Ohio

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Sunday school at Trinity is held at the Kastle in our KINGDOM KORNER. We are one corner of God's Kindgom, where learning the Word will, prayerfully, help children (and adults) make the right turns on the path with Christ. We learn by roationa, the Bible stories in Kastle Kreations (crafts), Prophets of the Round Table (story telling), Lord's & Ladies Lab (science and cooking), Den of Discoveries ( video room), Renaissance Festival (drama),and soon to add the Tower of Power(computers) Thank you, Karen Sink


posted by: Paula Eggert from: Bay View Lutheran Church, Sturgeon Bay, Wi

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Since our church near Lake Michigan, we use L.I.G.H.T. (Learning in God's House Together)with many references to nautical things. We gather in the LIGHT house, and workshop areas are: Creation Cove, Fish Tale Temple, Bay View Theater, Computer Cove, Solid Rock Cafe and Seaside Cinema.


posted by: Sharon Harris from: Emmanuel Fellowship, Omaha, NE

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our Wednesday night rotation program is called "Genesis Code." We've learned that the plan of God is "coded" in Genesis 3:15 and the rest of scripture reveals what that verse is all about. We are beginning the fourth years of our Bible overview and timeline.


posted by: Jane Hurley from: First Christian Church (Disciples of Ch), Abilene, TX

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? SONday's Child


posted by: marion thomas from: st luke, sunnyvale , california

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We are calling our SS Adventureland (Life's greatest adventure is knowing GOD)


posted by: JoElla Steele from: Methodist Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our rotational sunday school program is called "Our Joyful Journey" We are doing the story of Noah's Ark next month and would like to have a newsroom,where the kids report on either Noah building the ark or have it in todays time and report on finding the ark.

MORE from the original list in this next post...

MORE from that "original list" ....

posted by: Bebe Walton from: 1st United Methodist, N. Little Rock, Arkansas

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?

Cruisin' Christian Adventures; our theme is a cruise ship and each room is a "port-o-call", computer lab - Safari-net, T.V. studio - Paradise Productions, arts & crafts - Carpenter's Cape, music & movement - Choral Reef, drama/puppets/storytelling - Imagination Island, movie theater - Cinema on the Mount; our teachers are Helmsman and our shepherds are Pursers.

posted by: Sue Campbell from: Redeemer United Methodist, DeWitt, MI

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?

Our program is: Kingdom Quest. Workshops include: Taste of Heaven (cooking), Thou Art (art), Kingdom Theatre (drama), Temple Tales (storytelling), JesusSaves.com (computer), Reel to Real (movie), Gospel Games (games), Bible Connection (Bible skills). Did a special sewing workshop (made Bible covers): Sowers of the Word.

posted by: Dixie Hendirx from: Westminster Prebyterian Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?

We call our program "Kingdom Quest" (A childs journey in faith) Our rooms are: MoJo's cafe (Moses&Joseph-art and cooking), Biblelinks.com(computer, games science); the Promise Land(Storytelling, geopgraphy, history), Crusaders Theater and Celebration Island (Music/Movement/games)

posted by: Matt Carver from: Faith United Methodist, Webster City, IA

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?

Program Name - Faith Villiage A/V room - Coliseum Cinema Computer - Creation Computing Art - Garden of Eden Art Drama - Apostle Productions Games - Galilee Games

posted by: Debra Topp from: Parkway Heights United Methodist Church, Hattiesburg, MS

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?

Our children's area occupies a second floor having 6 workshops and a storage/resource center, hence the name "The Upper Rooms". Workshops include: Parables and Productions (storytelling), Reel Revelations (video), How Great Thou ART, Mega Bible Bytes (computers), and Muffin's 'n Marvels (cooking and science). The Courtyard serves as our gathering/ praise and worship space.

posted by: Sue Varney from: St. Luke's United Methodist Church, Derry, NH

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?

Our Sunday School is called The Bible Road Trip and our workshops are: Creation Station (art), The Good News Cinema, The Church Mouse (computers), Milk and Honey Cafe (food), "Acts" One, Scene Two (Drama & puppets), Star Trekkers (games). We do not have names yet for music or dance. We are a small church that started the rotation method two years ago and it has made all the difference for the kids and the teachers. Thanks for all your help!

posted by: Kim Moran from: Christ Episcopal Church, Kennesaw, Ga.

Our theme is a biblical village; the kids choose the name - "Disciple Village". Our workshops are Thou Art (carpenter's shop for art); Scrolls & Such (Scribe's library for computers/games/science); Holywood (movie tent); Temple Time (temple theme for storytelling/bible study); The Peter & Paul Playhouse (drama) and Mary & Martha's Cafe (kitchen).

posted by: Holly Maloney from: Trinity Episcopal Church, Buffalo, New York

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Creator Quest

posted by: Tina Springs from: Assurance UMC , Huntersville, NC

We have decided on God's Vineyard as our name. "I am the Vine, you are the branches..." gave us our inspiration.

posted by: Jennie Swanson from: Christ Lutheran Church, Clarendon Hills, IL

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?

"The Growing Grove" (Our vision statement is Live, Grow, Share)consists of 6 themed areas; Angel Island Playhouse (drama and puppets), David's Diner (50's), Goliath's Games, Noah's Art and a music and a computer room each yet to be named. We open 9/12/2004!

posted by: Alicia Jones from: First United Methodist Church, Muncy, PA

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?

Our program is called "journey to the Promised Land." Our stations are "thou Art", the "Ark-ade", "Holy Word Studios", "The Oasis", and "Wesley Forest" The kids love the rotation method!

posted by: Sue Brammer from: First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Dillon, MT

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?

For our first year we wanted something unforgettable: "W.A.C.K.O" - for "We Are Christ's Kids On-a-mission". The rooms are: Art-Creation Station, Movies-Holywood Theatre, Games-Abundant Life Arcade, Cooking/Food-Solid Rock Cafe, Storytelling-The Tent.

posted by: Marti Redden from: Red Bank United Methodist , Chattanooga, Tennessee

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?

We call our rotation model Fountain of Faith. Our Story room is Garden of Faith our Science is Faith Explorations our Music is Shake Rattle and Soul our Cooking is Heavenly Scents, our Art is Colors of Faith our Video is Cinema on the Mount. We haven't done computers yet. we are looking forward to year 2 of our program.

posted by: Cristie Kearny from: Church at the Center, Seattle, WA


posted by: Jerrie Lynn from: Ball Road Tabernacle, Romulus, MI

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our Sunday School/Children's Church is called JOY Time Adventure - where kids share the love of Jesus. J=Jesus, O=Others, Y=You. This is their first year for Rotation. Rooms are under going renovation. We will have Synagogue School, Hillside Theater (puppets and drama), Village Games, The Dig (research, creative writing and in-depth study), Hearth and Home (cooking), and Artisan's Workshop to begin, with more to come.

posted by: Angela Richie from: Reddici UMC, Reddick, IL

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? "Fishing for Faith" on the S.S. Discipleship Computer Cove - Computers Fish Tales Temple - Video Christ's Cast - Drama/Puppets Reel Creations - Art Fun Dock - Games God's Galley - cooking All kids have their own fishing vest (made out of felt) with a fishing lure (hook removed) attached. Large Bulletin Board in hall has men fishing with net from boat with a small fishing net hanging by it with fish in it. Each child decorated a fish and it has their name on it. They swim around the boat. The computer room is decorated like a cove - cutouts of palm trees, parrot, sun, clouds, waves with fish, shells, lobster, crab, etc. Other rooms are work in progress.

posted by: Judy Steers from: Church of the Transfiguration (Anglican), St Catharines, Ontario, Canada

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?

Sunday Morning Children's Workshops. We have a SMALL building which is constantly changing in use, so we cannot set up any permanent or even semi-permanent sites (due to building use during the week). But that doesn't stop us! In our multi-faith rotation last year, the office became a dining room for learning about Jewish traditions and participating in a Seder meal. In our 'salt of the earth' rotation, the kitchen became the science lab for salt science experiments. The same kitchen has been a batik studio, ice cream factory, song rehearsal space and more. Our small parish hall has been a puppet theatre, fireside story corner, art room and woodworking shop. Creating temporary spaces has certainly become our specialty.

posted by: Libby Adamson from: First Presbyterian Church, Spartanburg, SC

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?

We call our Sunday School (2nd-6th) "Pathway 2 Truth" The hall walls are lined with paints resembling a market in biblical times.

posted by: Karen Aytes from: Old St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Charleston, SC

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call our program God's Story, Live! Our workshops are: How Great Thou Art; Parables, Puppets and Prophets; Bibelwood Video, Agape Arcade, Make a Joyfyul Noise, Daily Bread. Our preschool section is God's Kids, Live!

posted by: Jenny Murphy from: Taylor UMC, Birmingham, Alabama

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?

"Gospel Ship" the church has been doing rotaions for 4 years now and we have expanded from the 2nd floor which is a ship to another hallway that is "The Boardwalk". We have Noah's Art, Music Machine Room, Jonah's Whale of Tales, Timothy's Travels, www-fisher-of-net-com and a movie room which is undergoing a name change from Holy Word Studios.

posted by: Amber Austin from: FBC Miami, Miami, OK

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?Our Sunday School is now called Kid's Central Station. Our theme verse is Proverbs 22:6 Train your children in the way they should go... We have a train theme. Our workshops are movies- Reel Railroad, Games- Game Junction, News- FBC TV, Art & science- Creaction Station, Drama- Drama Depot.

posted by: Pam Courtney from: Trinity Presbyterian Church, Mercer, PA

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Soul Trek

posted by: Rebecca Mauldin from: Pinson United Methodist church, Pinson, AL

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call our rotational Sunday School Camp J.C.(Jesus Christ) Our computer room is Hi Tech Mountain, Our movie room is Lakeside Theatre, our storytellling/drama, Campfire Tales, our art room is the Craft Shack and our science/ cooking is The Canteen.

posted by: Shelley Rempel from: Living Hope Christian Fellowship, Delta, British Columbia

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our children's ministry for ages 6 to 10 is called Faith Finders. We have four workshops - Saints Stage (drama and sometimes movies), Potters Workshop (arts & craft), Olympic Way (games) and Discovery Den (cooking, science, movies).

posted by: Debbie Fisher from: St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Program name is Our PLACE (Peace, Love and Christian Education); 4 workshops are Parable Place, Thou Art Gallery, St. Alban's Playhouse, and our movie theatre is Show Me Cinema (a play on the fact that we got the seats from an old theatre in Missouri!)

posted by: Sherry McCurley from: First United Methodist Church, Miami, OK

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? The GAP - God's Awsome Place. Our kids came up the name. Our different workshops are: God's Jungle Gym (music/rec),Bible Times (storytelling), Solid Rock Studios(puppet/newcast), Star of Wonder Labs (art/science), Garden of Eatin' (cooking/art), Circuit City (computer), Holy Word Theatre (video), Our Neighborhood (3&4 year old room)

posted by: Zola Griffin from: Miami Shores Pres Church, Miami, FL

Our program is called Living Waters (there's lots of water here in Miami), and each group of kids is called a water name: Whirlpools Rivers, Waves, & Springs. Our theater/drama room is Paradise Productions, our cooking workshop is Heaven's Kitchen. Our shepherds are called Water Guides.

posted by: Robbin Trumble from: First Church of the Nazarene, San Benito , Texas

This summer we had a 6 week missions rotation.

Our media room became MISSION HQ with a secret agent theme and decor. We used denomination missions videos (mission book reviews and video clips called "Mission Possible" that explain with fun characters). Meeting room/craft area was decorated with inflate globes hanging from the ceiling, recycled travel posters and maps.

posted by: Lady Admiral from: FCOG, Niles, MI

We are calling our Wednesday evening program "The Great Adventure". Our theme song is "The Great Adventure" by Steven Curtis Chapman, and this song is sang by the children every week at our opening ceremony. We have two groups, the younger group is called the Explorers, and the older group is called the Trailblazers. So far, so good!

posted by: Mary Deykes from: Garden City Presbyterian Church (GCPC), Garden City, MI

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?

We named our Sunday School "Welcome to the G.A.P.(God's Always Present)". Some of our class rooms are Jonah's Workshop (art), Noah's Arcade (music & games), The Gathering Place (Drama, Puppetry, & Bible stories),The Two Fishes Cafe'(cooking)and The BC to PC Bridge(computer room).

posted by: Rev. Al Adams from: Welcome Table Christian Church (DoC), Brighton, CO

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?

"KidZone: Family Focused Faith, Fun,& Worship" Our workshops include: Diciples' Diner (cooking), Creation Station (art/crafts/puppetry), Godly Games (games), and Upper Room (KidzWorship). We are a new church, and our 'main Sunday morning' time is WORM based and involves the whole family, with an adult faith discussion group available as an option.

posted by: Carol Bowe from: Porterfield United Methodist Church, Albany, GA

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?

Our elementary rotation Sunday school is called K.O.O.L (Kids Of Our Lord) Studios. We have a movie theatre/broadcast setting. Our workshops are called: A.O.L. (Almighty On Line)--computer; Creation Station--art/science;K.F.C. (Kids For Christ) Cafe--cooking; J.A.M. (Jesus And Me) Session--games/music;Hymnsong Theatre--video; and Sunday Morning Live--drama.

posted by: Tina Springs from: Assurance United Methodist Church, Huntersville, NC

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?

We decided on "God's Vineyard" because He is the Vine and we are his branches.

posted by: Deseri Peterie from: Salt City Rock, Sandy, Utah

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our program is called "Rock the World Tours". We have 2 rotations going at the same time-younger & older. Their "destinations" are: Fishermen.Net, Holyword Theater, Garden of Eat'n, Adventureland and Creator's Studio.

posted by: Warren Clifton from: St. Luke's United Methodist Church, Shreveport, LA

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Praise Planet - Where Kids Come to Rotate Around the Son! Wanted to be sure that Christ is at the center of everything that we do with Sunday School. Also wanted to incorporate language that said something about the method of instruction -- rotation workshops. Has been a big hit with children. Now exploring workshop ideas for Adult Sunday School.

posted by: Crystal Klassen from: Armstrong Bible Chapel, Armstrong, Canada, B.C.

Our Rotation is called: 3DBible Exploration Rotation We have five themed rooms: The Theatre: movies; The Desert: Drama; The Space Centre: Food and Experiments; The Great Sea: Art; The Games Room: Games.

posted by: Joan from: Aldersgate UMC, Fort Wayne, IN

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call our Sunday School KidLINKS (Kids In Discipleship Learning In the Name of our King and Savior). Our stations are: The Gathering Place for gathering before class begins, Application station-Bible Lesson, Creation Station-crafts or games pertaining to the lesson, and Transformation station-small groups

posted by: Troy Smythe from: Broadway United Methodist Church, Indianapolis, IN

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our name is Rock the Boat and we have a beach theme. Jonah's Whale of a Tale (Drama/storytelling, Mary and Martha's Cooking Cabana (Kitchen), Noah's Art (Art-thanks to 1st UMC South Bend), BUMC-New Hope News (News/media), Beach Babies (Nursery)

posted by: Rachel Krakowsky from: Lighthouse Church, Alsip, IL

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call our WoRM program Kidz Quest in conjunction with our Contemporary Children's Worship Service called Kidz Jam. The classes we have are Creation Station (Art), Heaven.com (comp), The Coliseum (Drama), Treasure Cove (Games), The Tent (Bible Skills & Activities) and the one that is still being worked on is going to be HolyWord Studios (Multimedia).

posted by: Carol Barrett from: Fairfax Presbyterian Church, Fairfax , VA

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call our workshops, "Great Explorations", using a floating balloon as our logo.

posted by: Amy Bartoli Baublitz from: Community Evangelical Free Church, Thomasville, PA

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Impact:Kids is our Sunday School name at Community Evangelical Free Church in Thomasville, PA

posted by: Linda Woltz from: Sunrise Christian Fellowship, Edmonds , WA

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our Sunday School program is Bible TREK: Teaching, Reaching and Engaging Kids with God's Word We began our rotation program last October, and it has been amazing!

posted by: Linda Woltz from: Sunrise Christian Fellowship, Edmonds , WA

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?Workshops: Our Bible TREK Workshops: Art Quest, Adventure Oasis - Games and Bible Skills,Base Camp - Bible Story,Mountain Top Movies, Exploration Station - Science,Trailhead Café, Pathway Playhouse

 posted by: Missy Shannon from: Paradise Lutheran Church, Paradise, CA

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We use WORM Sunday School with the WORM logo and rotation.org. The workshops, Art: Art Oasis, Computers: Night Sky Lab, Games & Bible: Inspiration Room, Video: Dreams & Visions Theater, Drama: HolyWord Studio, Outdoor Classroom: WORM Garden, Kitchen: Rachel's Camel Stop

posted by: Jan from: Bedford United Methodist Church, Bedford, PA

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We envisioned a caravan of childen coming to our program so we called our program the J.A.M. Caravan (Jesus and Me Caravan). Our logo is a camel and we have a caravan of cool camels going up our stairs to the rotation rooms. The vision of the caravan of children coming is no longer just a vision.

posted by: Dena Jenkins from: West-Ark church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We are starting WoRM in September and will be called The FLOCK (Feeding Lambs of Christ Knowledge) Workshops: Fields of Fun (Games) Stories by the Stream Barnyard Arts & Crafts Lessons of the Heart (Application) Starlight Theater FLOCK Handiwork (Group Art and Service Projects)

posted by: julie from: immanuel ucc, indpls, in

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We Call our's Holy City on the Hill. We have names for individual rooms ie Joseph's Carpentry and Crafts. Our small hall gathering area is called Jericho Junction. etc.

posted by: Paula Midkiff from: New Philadelphia Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, NC

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Kids of Faith

posted by: Amy O'Neil from: First Presbyterian Church, Gloucester, Virginia

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our WoRM program is called Faith Village. Our workshops are as follows: Art (Noah's Art), Cinema (Holywood), Computer (Hardrive Cafe), Drama (Godsway), and Music (the Final Note).

posted by: judi from: mapleleaf evangelical church, seattle, wa

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call it "Creation Zone" as a whole. We have our "Theatre", "UnderSea room" and the "Tree" room. The theatre is set up to play videos/DVD's or to do any other type media and skits. The walls are black with planets and stars painted and some of it glow in the dark paint. Other subtle lights have been added and carpeted risers for the children to sit on. The UnderSea room is our craft room. We painted under sea murals on the walls, hung fabric over wires on the ceiling to look like water and added other under sea touches. The "Tree" room was the most difficult. We have a giant tree in the middle of the room. This is the story telling place. The whole room has murals of all kinds of God's creations painted on the walls. We use bean bag chairs that look like lady bugs, frogs and bees. It's amazing and the kids love it !! We have two other rooms we use in our rotations, the kitchen and the fellowship hall. Neither have been painted or decorated as they are multi-use rooms.

posted by: Sandra Borgschatz from: Trinity Lutheran Church, Wanamingo, MN

TRINITY TRAIN!--Jump on Board with Jesus! We went a train theme so everyone was on the "right track" with Jesus! We have Creation station (Art/Cooking);The Boxcar(AV);Drama Depot (Drama/storytelling); Switchboard (computers); All-a-BOARD (games); Grand Temple

posted by: Mary Stough from: KirkWood Presbyterian Church, Yorktown, VA

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call our program "W.O.W" (the Way Of the Word), and our workshops are "Acts of the Apostles" (drama), "Creation Station" (art), wow.net (computer), WKPC-TV (video), and "The Game of Life in Christ (games). We also use the church kitchen as "The Bread of Life Cafe" and other areas in and outside the church as special rotation sites.

posted by: Janet Boone from: Grace UMC, Oklahoma City, OK

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Grace Creation Grace Quest Grace Discovery Grace Connection

posted by: Jeanette from: Gold Hill Lutheran Church, Butte, Montana

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Timothy's Temple-storytelling, Creation Garden-art, Gideon's Game Room-games, Daniel's Drama Den-drama/puppets,Heavenly Visions Theatre-movies, and our new kitchen is called King's Kitchen.


We started our Rotation Project in Feb of 2004. We converted our upstairs to Potters Workshop, Story Teller Tent, Puppet and Broadcast Studio, and Movie Room. We call our program "Faith Explorers". We began lessons and use of converted space August of 2004. Our faith is "If you build it, They will come". God Bless

posted by: Lori Page from: Salem United Methodist Church, Conway, Arkansas

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? The name of our program is "The Living Water." Our workshops are: Creations of Life (Art), The Bread of Life (Cooking), Life, Cameras, Action! (Video), and The Acts of Life (Drama/Puppets).

posted by: Rosie L. Perkins from: Women Ministry, Murfreesboro, Tn.

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? I am having a workshop and I want to call it Holy Occupation I want the men and women to wear the clothes they wear to their daily job every day how do I do it for the chidren as well as the adult please any information would be thankful

posted by: Debbie Brimacombe from: St. Paul UMC, Largo, FL

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School?

Ours is called SonShine Junction Bible Adventures. Workshops are: Mary & Martha' Dining Car (Cooking), Jericho Junction (Drama), Gethsemane Games (Games), Holyword Theater (Video), Imagination Station (A&C), and Lazarus Lab (Science/Math)

posted by: Mary Lindsay from: Unity Church of Christianity, Houston, TX

Our program name is World Of Wonder - Bring your kids, we'll W.O.W. 'em! We call our workshops CENTERS and they are; Holywood (AV), Creation Station (Art), Jammin' Jubilee (Music & Movement), Acts 1 Scene 2 (Drama/Storytelling), Noah's Ark-ade (Games) and Garden of Eatin' (cooking). We call our 'teachers' WONDER GUIDE and we call our workshop leaders CENTER LEADERS. Each child is and EXPLORER issued a 'passport' instead of a nametag as they Wonder from center to center.

posted by: Lori Lewis from: Morton First Presbyterian, Morton, IL

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We are KFC ~ Kids for Christ! Our workshops: How Great Thou Art, Solid Rock Cafe, GospelMax Theatre, Psalm & Song, Church Mouse Pad, and Imagination Station

posted by: Jinger Looper from: Beaver United Methodist Church, Beaver, Oklahoma

Our Sunday School is known as the Hall of Heroes. Our hallway (and doors) are painted with several of the Heroes of the Bible including: John the Baptist, Jonah, Samuel, Paul, Esther, and of course Jesus. The inside of each of our 4 rooms include murals of Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus.

posted by: Debbie Bennett from: First Lutheran Church, Avoca, Nebraska

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call our workshop "Destination God". We have Creation Station (craft), Godway (drama), Grace Land (story) Holywood (movie) God Rock Cafe (kitchen/lab, and www-God-com (computer).

posted by: Jennifer Brey from: Crossroads Community Church, South Windsor, CT

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We held a name contest with the children. They came up with "Race for Faith" as the new kids church name. We have Mountain Top Movies (video), Creation Station (art), Garden Theatre (drama), God Rock Cafe (cooking)and Discovery Den (Science). Most of the names we got from other churches. Thanks!

posted by: Marian Shelton from: First Presbyterian Church, Myrtle Beach, SC

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our church is just blocks from the Atlantic. We went nautical, and named our rotation classes The SS Adventure Ship(SS for Sunday School.) We have The Art Galley, The 7-Seas Cinema, The Tech Deck (computer lab) and The MESS Hall for Multiple Experiences in Sunday School. Bon voyage, mate!

posted by: Cathy Dale from: Menchville Baptist Church, Newport News, Virginia

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? We call our Sunday School "Fishers of Faith" and we use a worm as our mascot. Each workshop title includes a fishing term.

posted by: Laura Whitmore from: Southport Congregational church, Southport, CT

We call ours "Sunday Scramblers" and have an amusement park theme throughout the year. Apostle's Art Arcade, Goliath Games, Moses' Music Tent, Simon's Service Center, Under the Big Top (Storytelling), Diciple's Drama Den, etc

posted by: Regina Jeffers from: First United Methodist Church, New Carlisle, OH

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Our Children's Sunday school is called "The Oasis". We have within the Oasis...The Marketplace, Mary & Martha's Bed and Breakfast, Genesis Theatre, Making Disciples Carpentry Shop, and www-JESUSatyourfingertips-GOD.

posted by: Becky Boss from: Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

What do you call your workshops and/or Sunday School? Sunday School: Promiseland Workshops (picked by kids: Creation Station, Starlight Cinema, Parable Productions, Bible Quest, Rays of Light (This is our reflection week where the children write in their journals @ the rotation.)

The following names/texts were emailed in to Neil some time ago and posted on this site.....
CrossWalk for Kids. We will use a multi-colored logo with a cross with children's faces in it. I had put these crosses up this fall as directional signs to the kid's rooms.

 We call our program "The Lighthouse" and we have done rotation two years now. Our centers are: Bright Stars Drama; Sunbeams to Heaven Computer Lab; Moonlight Melodies (music); Stained Glass Art; Starlight Cinema; Light Unto My Path Games and Light My Fire Cooking. -Shirley Ray.

 Also some of the lesson plans available have names assigned to them - one was called "Kingdom Forest". We chose "God's Promised Land." Each room has the name of a person from the Bible - no real theme - e.g., Computer room - "Paul's Cyber Journey", Storytelling - "Mary and Martha's Bed and Breakfast" (a favorite name amongst many programs, we've noticed), A/V - "Ruth's Show of Faith", Art - "The Carpenter's Corner", drama - "Daniel's Den". -Jayne Pauley

And the #1 name for Rotation in the country is...."Sunday School"

#2 through ?? Bible Caravan, New Bible Adventures (NBA), Bible Discovery Zones (I like this one). Just visited one called "God's Galaxy." It had an outerspace theme to its workshops. I'm writing a Rotation Model proposal for my new church using the title "Camp Bible-Wa-Hoo" (really). The workshops will operate like the "traditional" WoRM model workshop but we will use a Camp theme. --Neil MacQueen

 We are using the "train journey" mode, our "stations" are: (art) Creation Station drama (Shining Star Station) (games & skills) Game Board Crossing and at least a temporary name for video/computer room (Digital Depot) --Shirley Days

 We call our "Sunday School" program - "Kids of the Kingdom." We also have a casual Tuesday Night Dinner/Service for families who couldn't make it on Sunday, the children's education program for that night is called "JC and the Gang." --Beth Briggs

 We have named our WORM program at Harvest Christian Fellowship Welcome Aboard because our theme is based on Noah's Ark. Each group is called by the name of an "animal":sharks, tigers, geckos, eagles. Our rooms are named for areas of the earth these animals came from: Theater Under the Sea, Abraham's Abode (a desert oasis), etc. --Jan Harrington

 The name of our effort will be BIBLEVILLE. The classroom exteriors will reflect a small town. The AV room will be the Disciple's Drive-In, with a theater marquee above. Drama/puppetry will be the Parable Playhouse--we're thinking of a velvet remnant hung as a curtain to suggest a theatre. Art/music will be Creation Central (our church is Central UMC), and it will reflect a train depot. Bible Skills and games will be the Apostle's Attic, and the exterior will look like a house. Of course all of this is subject to change! --Dana R.

 Our church is named St. Paul's United Methodist Church so we are calling ours St. Paul's Journeyland. Each workshop room is named after one of the town's Paul visited on his missionary journeys--Athenian Amphitheater(drama), Antioch Arcade(Bible skills, games, and computer lab), Damascus Road-house(video), Ephesian Craftsmen(art), Corinth Condo(Palenstinian House),Corinthian Tentmakers(Priscilla and Aquila's tent), Lyrics of Lystra(music), and Macedonian Mess(kitchen). The workshop leaders are called "tour guides" and the "companion" travels with each class to the workshops. -- Mary Barrows

 We came up with lots of creative sounding titles, but tried each one out by imagining one of our 4th or 5th graders saying to each other "Hey, are you going to "_______" today?" With that in mind, we realized that it had to be a one or two syllable word or phrase. We finally agreed on "Pathways to the Promised Land", realizing that conversationally, it would always be referred to as "Pathways." Maybe not too exciting, but it caught on really quickly and has already replaced "Sunday School".

 We are blessed with a two-story wing for Christian Education, so we've decided to decorate the lower wing, where most of our rotation rooms are located right now, in an Old Testament town motif, and the upstairs with more New Testament themes. -Peg Marunowski

 We named our program "FAITH TREK- A Journey of Faith". The logo has the words FAITH TREK written within a stream of stars leading to a cross. For the names of our rooms, we borrowed some and were creative about others. Our church is Christus Victor Lutheran, so our A.V. Room is the "C.V. Cinema", the art room is "Thou Art! Studio", our Bible skills and games room is "Daniel's Den", the computer room is "The Church Mouse" and the puppet/drama room is "Praise Him! Playhouse". For us, each room has been designed with a 'Unique Feel.' --Valerie Z.

 "Bible Adventure Zone". --Dena Kitchens

 Our program is called The D.O.C.K. (Disciples Of Christ's Kingdom). We had dock posts made for our entrance and hung fish net. Our rooms are Noah's Art, Seaside Cinema, Paul's Players and Tryphena and Tryphosa's Temple Room (get out those Bibles and find those two!) 

We tried to tie our theme in with our church's Mission Statement. --Wendy

 We have settled on "God's Garden" as our program name. We wanted the name to reflect who we are and since we live in Eden Prairie (reminds us of the Garden of Eden) and our church name is Immanuel Lutheran (God with us), we really like the idea of being with God in a Garden. Lots of potential with this name. Such as "come grow with us" "growing in our faith" "plant yourself with us" etc. Our small group leaders are called gardeners. We borrowed most of our names from others. Acts II, Holywood, Kingdom.com, Matter of Faith, Bibletime Theater, Galilean Gourmet, Mary & Martha's Bed and Breakfast, Where in the World, Moved by the Spirit, Creation Station. We came up with one name by ourselves because we have a great tabernacle left over from VBS. That workshop will be called Tabernacle Travels. --Kelly Kautz

We call our program The Lighthouse. Rotations include: Amazing Science, Food Fun, Temple, Sunshine Art and Starlight Theater. --Julie Burton

 We are in our second year of rotation model, and use the name of Abraham's Kids. The workshops are called: Revelations(story telling); Creations(art); Chronicles(theater); www-Bible-com (Computer lab); Acts(drama). --Dub Koon

We call it the Master's school for two reasons. We are learning about the Master and we hope to master the lessons. We started with four workshops and have recently expanded to five with the opening of our computer lab. Each workshop is a play off the school's name. Master Theatre-video workshop, Master Art workshop-art, Bible Master Works-bible work and games, Master Drama-drama and puppets, and Master Keys for the computer lab. -Carol Benke

 We call our rooms stations Creation Station (Art), Celebration Station (Music), Imagination Station (Drama), ELation Station (Bible Games), Confirmation Station (confirmation Class), Preparation Station (The Nursery for babes under three) and Station Central ( Sunday School office and Library).

 "The Wisdom Walk". Our classes are Tabernacle, Prophet's Playhouse, Bibliomax(A/V), Joyful Noise, Creation Station and Computer Lab.

 Our WoRM Sunday School is called the G.R.E.A.T. Adventure (God's love, Reaching, Exciting, Assuring, Transforming) . Our workshops have the following names: Cooking - Solid Rock Cafe, Drama - Sunday Morning Live, Art - Raiders of the Lost Art, Theatre - HolyWord Theatre, Bible games/skills - Bible Quest, Computers - CyberSpace. -Paul Derden

 "Time Travelers"
Art Ark: painted to simulated being on the ark. King James Theater: a drama/puppet room designed like and Elizabethan theater. Temple Time: a storytelling room complete with the Holy of Holies, prayer rugs and prayer shawls. Good News Drive In: an audio/visual room with murals on three walls. Bytes from the Bible: computer room with 4 computers and 2 printers. --Jana Kinnersley, Milledge Avenue Church, Athens GA

 Our program is called "The Orchard" and it's based on the Fruit of the Spirit. Each classroom is named after a fruit: Strawberry Cinema (video), Apricot Art (art), Coconut Kitchen (cooking), Pineapple Playhouse (drama/music), and Mango Museum (Bible skills). Each age group of children is named after one of the fruits of the spirit and something you would find in an orchard: Love Bugs, Kind Caterpillers, Joy Birds and Gentle Giants (the giants are people found in the orchard!) - Noreta B. Lakeland, Florida

(Neil's Comment: Only in Florida would you use fruit names. What names would your region inspire? Mine would be "rain and mosquitos.")

 Pathway Workshop Sunday School - Boonton United Methodist Church in Morris County, NJ --Janet Saulter-Hemmer, CRE

 The name of our WoRM is The S.S. Disciple Ship. We built and designed the hallways around ship ports. Our computer room is called Peter's Port and is designed with a port and a dock with the head of a ship coming out of the wall with a port scene around it. Our video room is called Whales Tales and has Jonah and the Whale and as you go into the room it is like going into the mouth of the whale. Our Art room is Noah's Art (painted with a rainbow and animals, of course). Our Story room is called the River Bank and it is designed with murals of a river side scene with Jesus with the sea and the shore and half of a boat is built coming out of the water (our story teller sits inside the boat while the children sit on the shore.....(sand colored carpeting with throw pillows to rest on). Then our Drama/Puppet room is called Red Sea Scenes and the entire room is painted as the sea and Moses is 3-D coming out of the center of the risers as if he is parting the sea! I will be sending pictures soon. --Judy McAmish First United Methodist Church Tullahoma, TN

 "Christ Cruisin'", where kids cruise from room to room learning to live as Christ did! Our A/V room is the "Cruise-in Theater", art- "Cruisin' Creations", drama-"Cruisin' Productions", and music-"Cruisin' Melodies". We've decorated like a cruise ship with lots of flags hanging around and fish nets. We bought fish cut-outs and put the children's names on these and hung them up in the nets. We also used these as nametags. --Cynthia Dooley

 We call ours "Faith Journeys" because as Christians, the process of developing and integrating faith is a life-long journey. In addition, we are referring to the workshops as "experiences" in our journeys. The children will use "Faith Journals" to record their thoughts and reactions to these experiences and share with their shepherds and classes. Sharon Troxell, Marvin UMC, Tyler, TX

=end of 'names' which were originally posted elsewhere on rotation.org=

Feel free to continue posting your great names in 'reply' in this forum.

We call our new program (starting Fall 07) Destination Christ.

Our Vision is "Supporting kids' spirit-filled journey with Christ".

We started painting rooms several years ago to get away from "hospital white", so we honoured the existing themes when we named our rooms. Our Rooms are:

Art Ark - painted like the inside of the Ark - art, crafts, construction
Creation Cove - painted like "under the sea of Galilee - drama, puppets, music
Our Oasis - painted like Egypt with the Nile running through - spirituality, biblical knowledge, creative writing, movies
Discovery Den - computers and games
Harmony Hall - music, movement, dance

If we use the kitchen for a rotation, it will be called "Galilee Gourmets".
We have chosen to call our Rotational Sunday School DISCOVERY KINGDOM. Our kids will be discovering that God is present everywhere. Our Room themes will be based on exploration as described below.
Art - RAINBOW REEF - Ocean Exploration Biblical connection Jonah and Fishing
Music/Drama - JUNGLE BEAT PRODUCTIONS - Jungle Exploration
Biblical Connection Creation
Games/Activities - DIGGING DUNES - History & Archeology
Biblical Connection - timelines/ Significant finds ect.
Story Room - THE QUEST - Faith Exploration
Biblical Connection - Jesus' ministries carried through to current times
Computers - TREE TOP PC - Forest explorations
Biblical connection is Jesus the Story Teller
Movies - NIGHT SKIES CINEMA - Space Exploration
Biblical connection the Nativity

We are excited to get started, and I hope to post pictures of our rooms soon. There is a lot of work to do to get them ready Big Grin

Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Greenville, SC.

Our Elementary program (1st through 6th grades) is the "Transformation Station", which has a train travel theme. The workshops are "depots":

Design Depot (art)
Faith Depot (Temple theme; storytelling and Bible drills)

About a year later we implemented "Preschool Express" for 3-5 year olds. The materials are in steamer trunks labled "Creation Station, Exploration Station, Imagination Station and Recreation Station". The Preschoolers come to the same classroom every week and the teacher rotates.
Tech Depot (computers)
Staging Depot (drama)
Holywood Depot (movies)
Game Depot


We chose the name GAP (God's Awesome Place!).


We gather around the campfire for drama and song in Campfire Tales, we learn bible skills and play games in Fields of Fun, we view videos in Riverside Theater and we express our artistic and creative sides in Creation Creek.


We are starting our 3rd year with the rotation and have 12 children attending GAP (we're a small church), in one room that we've creatively divided with curtains...and it works. Kids see and wear GAP shirts and know that those three letters stand for much more that a clothing company.

We have just started our Rotation, the first month so we are really in the planning and nailing down part. We have just started painting the rooms, can't wait to post pictures. We are using the theme "God's Big Backyard" Everything is nature based. The groups go by the names:
1st & 2nd Grade- Blue Jays
3rd & 4th Grade- Falcons

We have also done the rooms in a certain theme:

Star Theatre- Video
Buggy about Art- Arts & Crafts
Treehouse- Games
Tent- Memory

We are hoping to switch some of these out with other themes, I am excited to see such a varity here.

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