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Corncake Lions


From "Crafts & More for Children's Ministry" by Karyn Henley & Lois Keffer, published by Group:

1 egg
1 tsp sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1/4 cup flour
1 cup milk

Mix egg, sugar, baking powder & salt in a bowl. Add flour and milk. Add cornmeal until batter is as thick as pancake batter. Pour several circles of batter into the skillet. With a spoon gently draw out the batter from the center of each circle to make "spikes" to be like a lion's mane. Put raisins on the corncakes for eyes and nose before you turn them over. This recipe makes about eight 3 or 4 inch corncakes.

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Lion Chow


The recipe for Lion Chow is out of the book, Incredible Edible Bible Fun by Group Publishing (ISBN 0-7644-2001-1) and the recipe is as follows.

chex or crispix cereal (rice cereal in square shapes)
caramel syrup
powdered sugar
resealable plastic bag
1/4 measuring cup.

Pour a 1/4 of cereal into bag. Add a teaspoon of syrup. seal and shake the bag until syrup coats the cereal then open and add 2 tsp. of powdered sugar. Seal the bag and shake again until all is coated with sugar. then eat.

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Science Idea


thanks - my first Sunday is this week (yes, I always wait until the last minute) we'll make lion chow - and probably pancakes for the 3-5th grade.

I found this neat example on some web site---


  • You put salt (God's people) on a plate (the world) shake a small amount of pepper on top (evil-sin-problems).
  • Rub a plastic spoon (God) against cloth to create static electricity.
  • The people pray and the spoon lifts away the evil-sin-problems when you place the spoon over the top of the salt/pepper.

It works, I tried it and I hope our kids will think it's neat. Only takes about five minutes. Thanks for all your help. Mary

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Lion Chow

7 cups rice chex
1 cup peanut butter
1 bag butterscotch chips
mini m&m's
mix pb and chips in large bowl, microwave 1 min at a time 50% power untill melted, stir in chex, add more to coat, last add m&m's for garnish(daniel's faith) chill and eat yummy!

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Daniel in the Lion's Den
Cooking Workshop Idea from State Street UMC
G.R.E.A.T. Adventure Sunday school, Bristol VA

Overview of the Workshop: Children will make and eat Daniel’s Cheesy Lion snacks. (This activity was adapted from Lion Bites by Sarah Keith.)


  • Round Crackers - such as Ritz Crackers (5 per child)
  • American Cheese in a can
  • Thin pretzel sticks
  • Raisins
  • Round oat cereal
  • Small paper plates
  • Paper towels
  • Cups
  • Water

Advanced Preparation and Room Set Up:

  • Review the Background Information and Lesson plan.
  • Gather all necessary supplies for activities.
  • Prepare one “Cheesy Lion” beforehand to use as an example for the children.


  1. Have all the children wash their hands.
  2. Give each child a paper plate and five round crackers.
  3. Have them place two of the crackers on the plate side by side to make the lion’s body.
  4. Place two beads of cheese on each cracker close to the edges that meet.
  5. Place two pretzel sticks across each bead between the two crackers to hold the body sections together.
  6. Next place two beads of cheese on the lower portion of each cracker.
  7. Place four pretzel sticks (two on each cracker) on the top part of the cheese bead for the legs.
  8. Place a bead of cheese on the upper part of the cracker (for the tail)
  9. Place a pretzel stick in the bead for the lion’s tail and top it with another bead of cheese at the tip of the tail.
  10. Take two more crackers, rim the edges with cheese and place (cheese side down) onto the two body crackers. 
  11. To make the head:  place the remaining cracker above the first cracker (not the one with the tail). Add cheese around the edge of the cracker to create the lion’s mane.
  12. Place dabs of cheese in the center of the cracker for the eyes, mouth and nose.
  13. Place two raisins onto the cheese dabs for the eyes and part of a raisin for the nose.
  14. Use the cereal for the mouth and the ears.
  15. Using pretzel sticks broken in two, place them on each side of the face for the whiskers.
  16. Add one final large cheese bead to the head on the front cracker.
  17. Be sure to take pictures of their creations before eating!!!

Photo of a cheesy lion from First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, TN:FPCjaxCheesyLion


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