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Drama, Puppet, and Newsroom Lessons, Ideas, Activities, Scripts, and Resources for Teaching "Jesus' Birth Through the Eyes of the Wise Men" in Sunday School.

Post your Sunday School drama, puppet, and newsroom lessons, ideas, activities, and resources for "Jesus' Birth Through the Eyes of the Wisemen, Magi" here. (Don't forget to share your photos! Click "attachments" and upload to your post.)s addition to all of our public lesson ideas, don't miss the Writing Team's wonderful Magi lesson set that includes a detailed drama lesson plan where kids retell the Bible story through the ever-popular SELFIE!

Complete instructions, including tech tips for activities like "Selfie Bible Stories," are a hallmark of this and all Writing Team lessons, which are FREE for our Supporting Members.  Join today!


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The play "Three Wise Dudes" John McNeil, may be found at the following web site:

Here is a direct link to the free script. (There is a German version of the script at the link also.)

This play seeks to answer the question: If Jesus were born today, where would we find the baby?

Member Jan wrote in reply:

This past Sunday we had our teen group do the play "The Three Wise Dudes" from the dramatix website, and we followed it with a reading of a wonderful book, and we followed your suggestion with the jewels. After class, one of the parents came to us with this story: Her eight-year old daughter was so taken with the play and the book that she asked her parents to help her find ways to use her "riches" to give to Jesus!

Thank you so much for your contribution. It really touched at least one of God's little ones. God bless you,

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Skits... Newsroom and other Ideas for Wise Men (and women)

Dear Rotation Drama and Puppet and Storyteller Lesson Writers,

As a reviewer here at, and having been reading lessons posted here since inception, I'd like to make a Giant Suggestion to those who write Drama, Puppet and Storytelling lessons.

No more "mini-pageants."
Stop writing long involved scripts that merely retell the story.

The Drama or Puppets or Storyteller does not always need to RECAPITULATE the story in so many words. Putting kids in costumes or giving them puppets to retell the story is not enough, especially not THIS story which they already sort of know, and will learn quite well. Such an approach has been overdone, and often involves NO LIFE APPLICATION.

Rather, let me suggest the following skit/script "STARTER IDEAS" to get your creative juices flowing. Notice that each of these also contains a "Life Application" angle.

  • "The Not-So-Wise Kid" who couldn't find Jesus because she was too ___, or didn't do enough ___, or forgot to ____, or didn't want to___, or was too busy to____...
  • "How a Wise Person Packs for the Christmas Journey" ...what do you need to pack? Gift? Check! Patience? Check! Knowing where to look? Check! What DON'T you need to take into Christmas? What should you try to get rid of before you come to Christ? I see suitcases and props.
  • "How the Not-So-Wise Person Packs for the Christmas Journey" A suitcase full of vague dumb stuff, a shopping list, a list of parties to go to. But... "Where's your Bible?" "What about some songs?" "How about church?" "Nothing to share, that's for sure! It's all about what I get, not what I give." "Oh, and my cousin Zach is coming and I can't stand him...better pack my earplugs."
  • "How to help a friend find Christ in Christmas" ...the friend who can't find Christ in Christmas because he's too caught up in .... The friend who has never been to a Christmas Eve Service...
  • "The Reluctant Wise Cracker" ...I don't wanna go! It's boring! He's just a dumb baby! The classroom smells like a stable! What's all that angelic music? I don't know any of the shepherds! Who are those old people standing there?
  • "Interview with the Star!" ....patiently rising, shining, gotta keep moving. My job and what it requires. Do you wish you could shoot flames to get people's attention? Why didn't God send a fireball? This person has a really bright light that makes a Baby Jesus cry. Turn the lights down low when videotaping this one.
  • "Interview with a DIMwit" ....this guy has the dimmest flashlight and thinks he's helping others saying weird stuff like "buy your gift today because that's what Jesus wants. ...Let your light shine dude! (It's your good deeds and words that do the shining btw. Time to RECHARGE your batteries? where do you do that?)
  • "The Bumps on the Humps" ....two kids sticking their heads out of one bedsheet are the humps on the camel. They think the baby isn't that cool. They think all this "getting ready" is for religious nerds. They just want presents and something to eat. Why do my parents have to drag me to go looking for this kid EVERY YEAR? And the songs! ...they make us spit.

Okay...rant over. to make these script-starter ideas work:

  • These skits could be interviews in a News Program.
  • I personally like the "Newsroom" form of the Drama workshop because kids and teachers understand the format. It allows kids and teachers to step in and ask questions as "reporters" using scripts. You can interview kids in short segments, pause the camera and reset. And you can interject commercials for how to be a really BRIGHT STAR in God's universe.
  • This approach invokes a lot of humor, and is fun to videotape and replay (and then reflect on).
  • These skits could also be characters in a Storytelling Workshop who have lots of crazy props.
  • Tips and Equipment for Recording of Your Dramas and Skits (and replaying the skits, too).
  • See more help in the "Newsroom" Television Studio Workshop topic.

Have fun with these ideas, and share your results!

<>< Neil the ranter


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Here is a script for an Epiphany worship drama from Beth Tobin.  The script could be adapted for classroom use to explore the Bible passages related to the Magi.

The Wise Men Meet the Savior


Discussion and life application can be added to the script by having the children think about and then act out

  • what the Wise Men might have told others about their trip and who they met when they return to their own countries.
  • what gifts (and actions) they can offer to Jesus their King and Savior.


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The Wise Still Seek Him Drama Workshop

My lesson set includes a detailed lesson plan for a drama workshop Pantomiming the story using a shadow screen to show how God can lead us to Jesus and that we are called to offer gifts.

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