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The following has bunches of Thanksgiving, Gratitude, and Stewardship -related ideas and resources, as well as links to other topics in our Bible Story forums related to thanksgiving and stewardship. If you have a specific Bible story in mind that teaches thankfulness, gratitude, or stewardship, look it up in our Bible Story Lesson Forums.

Here are three of the most popular "thanksgiving" stories: Parable of the Talents, The Thankful Leper, and Widow's Mite.

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Free to Everyone ~ Parable of the Talents software game

Attached to this post is a free download of Sunday Software's Parable of the Talents interactive game. See the download and install instructions below.


a man, going on a journey, summoned his servants and entrusted his property to them; to one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one
Matthew 25:14-30

The Talents game is a standalone file you can play on any Windows computer. You have the developer's permission to share the game download with the members of your congregation for use at home or church. It may not otherwise be publicly posted outside of your congregation.

The Talents game is part of the Parable of the Talents interactive lesson which is one of the six Bible story lessons found in the Awesome Bible Stories software. Supporting Members can download the entire Awesome Bible Stories software for free.    Everyone can download the Talents game from that program.

Parable of the Talents game

What is the Parable of the Talents Game?

The Talents game is part of the Parable of the Talents interactive lesson on Sunday Software's Awesome Bible Stories. The Talents game is a "reflection and discussion-starter disguised as a game. One or Two players spin an onscreen spinner to advance to their "reward" and win the game. As they advance, the game randomly awards or takes away "talents" from the player in the form of bags of gold -- giving a reason or example of how they have "earned" or "lost" a talent.  Each of these onscreen reasons are meant to stimulate discussion. For example, "Why is exercise a kind of stewardship?" and "Why is spending money on foolish things an example of poor stewardship?"

How do I download and play it?

1) Download the free zip file attached to this post, then double-click the downloaded file to "extract" (unzip) the download's four files into their own folder on your computer. Then open that folder.

2) You should see the following four files:

3) Read the README file found in the unzipped downloaded folder for installation instructions and other tips. The Talents Game uses the Adobe "Flash" file format, and thus, may need you to install the Adobe Flash "Player" to work. Your Computer may or may not already have a copy of Adobe Flash Player installed, that's a copy of the Flash Player is included in the downloadable zip file for you to execute/install.

Click to enlarge the install instructions...


Here are a few screenshots from the game...

Talent-GamescreenTalents-Earn Pictured: One of the "Earn One Talent" award screens landed on by a player.

Players can hear the narration of Matthew 25:14-30 when they click the sound icon in the game. As well, follow-up questions appear at the end of the game for more discussion.


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