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Bible lessons and ideas about the Elisha and Naaman -with Games, Bible memory, Games that teach the Bible, Bible Activities, Bible Books, etc.

Healing of Naaman

Games Workshop 

Summary of Lesson Activities:
This Games lesson uses a simple but competitive quiz game to help reinforce the remembering of the Naaman story (the idea for the game was from another post, but I have no recollection of who originally posted it). The second activity attempts to illustrate the concept of restoration and how drastic a change Naaman went through from a general to a leper to a general again by playing a balloon-popping game that involves duct tape...

For the full lesson and needed supplies, download the attached Word .doc at the bottom of this post. Note that the first three pages of the document are "background" and that the actual lesson starts on page 4 (which is also where you will find the supply list).

From that attached lesson, here is the balloon-popping game with some of the teaching comments (in first person) included.

Lesson Plan 

Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction:
Greet the children and introduce yourself. 

Open with a prayer. 

Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

  • In the story we’ve been talking about, Naaman’s health was restored.
  • To restore means to make something like it was before.
  •  We’re going to play a game now where one of our team members will be infected with balloons and the rest of the team will “restore” him or her.

Explain Activity

  • We’re going to keep the same teams that we had in the last activity [unless you have more than 6 kids per team – then you’ll want to take an equal number of kids from both teams to make a third team].
  • Each team needs to blow up 8 balloons [maybe do a few more for older classes].
  •  Now you need to pick two volunteers from your team that can “wheelbarrow” well
  • This is how you wheelbarrow: The “driver” holds the feet or legs of the “wheelbarrow” who moves him/herself forward with their hands
  • Once you’ve picked your wheelbarrow team, each team gets 6-feet long strip of tape to wrap STICKY SIDE OUT around their wheelbarrow person [WRAP AROUND THE TORSO ONLY]
  • Once that is done, we’re going to put the balloons that each team blew up on this side of the room.
  • The teams will stand over here on the other side of the room.
  • On Go, each wheelbarrow team will move to the other side of the room, wheelbarrow-style of course, and then the driver will move the wheelbarrow around (no hands allowed) so that as many of the 8 balloons stick to the tape of the wheelbarrow as possible.
  • Once all five balloons are picked up, the wheelbarrow comes back and the rest of the team takes the balloons off and pops them.
  • First team to have their wheelbarrow “infected” with balloons and then “restored” (by popping the infection [yummy!]) wins!

SET UP and DO Wheelbarrow Balloon Race

Ask/ Tell

  • So before the game began, what did the person who played the wheelbarrow look like? (A lot like how s/he looks now, right?)
  • But during the game, what did the wheelbarrow person look like? (Covered in tape and balloons).
  • And what do you think people would think of the wheelbarrow person is s/he walked into a store or a gas station dressed up like that? (they’d laugh, maybe think it’s cool, etc)
  • The wheelbarrow person would really stick out, though, right?
  • So that’s what happened to Naaman. He was normal. But then when he got leprosy, he stuck out.
  • Except instead of being laughed at, people ran away from him, worried that they’d get what he had.
  • So when Naaman is healed, its not just that his skin gets better. But its also that he gets his life back. His life is restored. He’s back to being “normal” just like the wheelbarrow person is now back to being normal.
  • And who helped restore the wheelbarrow person?
  • That’s right, you did. Friends and teammates did.
  • And that’s who helped Naaman experience God’s healing! The people around Naaman who loved him and cared for him helped him be obedient to God. 


End with a prayer.


A lesson from rotation writer's group rfour.

If you like these lessons, and are interested in more, visit


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