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New and Updated at !

Here are ten timely updated topics!

Palm Sunday parade and “rocks” ideas

Great Commission
Jesus' Ascension
Motions song and more

Peter’s Denial
Video suggestions and
Drama, games, app

Jesus’ 7 Last Words
Word “Cloud” Art Project

Crown of Thorns
Cooking Workshop Ideas

More video suggestions About the Cross

Science and Music Suggestions About the Cross

Doubting Thomas
Various videos

New Lesson Ideas for teaching about Jesus overturning the tables

The Life of Christ software is back and it is free!

Long story short   Ron, Luanne, and Neil, the members of's Software Team, have uploaded the latest version of Discovery Interactive's Life of Christ software to with the blessing of its copyright holder! This packed-workhorse of software features 40 short presentations about the life of Jesus, each with a quiz, plus a load of interactive maps, quizzes, articles, and games (including the "castle" game many will remember). Technically out of print since 2014, we were able to bring it back and bring over Sunday Software's teaching outline as well! Be sure to read and heed the install and tech specs, and if you need help, contact Ron, Luanne, and Neil at their software help desk.  Windows 7,8,10,11 only. Ages 7-15.

While you're there, you'll also notice we've linked to an archival copy of "Actual Reality" software and added an outline. We've also added a link to Treasures of the Nile, an Exodus story activity software.

Thinking about Vacation Bible School? So are we!

See our ongoing discussion and list of VBS themes, ideas, and free curriculum. Join the discussion about "VBS alternatives." Add your creative VBS program ideas past, present, and future.

Don’t miss the Glow-in-the-dark theme, Ninja theme, Disabilities-Mission theme, LEGOS, and more.


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