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A Couple of Good Doubting Thomas Videos found on Youtube...

Here's a cute Doubting Thomas Youtube video where two kids act out and talk about the story of Doubting Thomas. Good message too (Jesus isn't mad that Thomas doubted.)  Nice definition of faith too.  Grades 1-5.

Here's a Music Video featuring scenes from a Jesus movie set the song, "What if" by Nichole Nordeman (contemporary Christian)  Lots of discussion potential for older children and youth:

Speaks to the "leap of faith."
Lyrics with the song on video. What if he's more than enough? What if it's love? What if you jump? What if the arms that catch you -catch you by surprise?

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Where were you, Thomas?

Software: Let's Talk (from Sunday Software, now available for free to our supporting members)

Thomas wasn't present when the risen Jesus first meets the disciples --- and raises these questions:

Where was he? Why wasn’t he with them? Didn’t he expect Jesus? Had he lost heart? Was he too busy?

To dig into those questions and answer them, students will rewrite the story using Let's Talk's "Lesson Builder" module (1), and then use the "Talk Now" module (2).

1– Students will rewrite the Doubting Thomas story in Let’s Talk Lesson Builder from the point of view of Thomas. What was going through his mind? Why wasn’t he there? What did he think of the Disciples’ reports about Jesus? After creating their lesson, they’ll switch computers and listen to other’s groups/computers’ version of the Thomas story.

2– After we’ve heard each other’s versions of the story, the teacher will pose a series of questions to the class. The students will respond aloud to everyone in the classroom by having their onscreen character voice their responses in Talk Now.

Some teacher questions that the kids will respond to using "Talk Now":

A) What would you ask Jesus if he appeared right now in our room?

B) Jesus can come to us anywhere in our lives. Name 3 places in your life where you think Jesus might come and talk to you.

C) In what ways does Jesus come to us and make his voice heard to us today?

Let's Talk software program is now available FREE OF CHARGE to download here at to the supporting members of
Learn more!


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Illustrations for "Doubting Thomas" and Jesus' post-resurrection appearance from the Annie Vallotton Bible Illustrations Collection


Jesus appears to his disciples after the resurrection, but Thomas is not there.


Thomas is doubting Jesus' resurrection because he did not see him himself.


After Jesus appears again a week later, Thomas believes!

  Link to larger and higher resolution versions of the Vallotton illustrations and color background options as well in our Vallotton Bible Images Forum (Supporting Membership required, become one today). Copyright and usage information here.


Images (3)
  • Jesus-Appears-Disciples-Luke24-Vallotton
  • Jesus-Doubting-Thomas-Vallotton
  • Jesus-Thomas-Believe-Vallotton

Always loved the song "When You Believe" from Prince of Egypt. I had it stuck in my head when I happened across the scenes of Doubting Thomas in the Son of God movie and thought it was a great fit. Hope you like it.

No, you cannot hear Jesus and Thomas' dialog in my clip. I preferred the child's voice and the quietness of the moment. The facial expressions kind of say it all anyway, don't you think? (I'd be asking my kids about that.)  By the way, I've attached the translation of what the children are singing in Hebrew, it's the "Song of the Sea" from Exodus 15:1, "I will sing to the Lord for he has triumphed/"

Right after that scene we see Thomas at the Great Commission and Ascension scene, and we see John throw his arm around Thomas in the last shot.

Not so coincidentally, at the end of Prince of Egypt as "When You Believe" is crescendo-ing, Moses has led the people to the mountain to receive the Ten Commandments -- their instructions. Jesus' Ascension parallels this. It's when he gives his final instructions to us on the Mt of Ascension.

The original song was written and composed by Stephen Schwartz, the same fellow who did Godspell and Wicked and many other familiar musicals.  The version in the movie and its lyrics were also recorded by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey in a R&B version.

ATTACHED are the lyrics heard in the movie and my mashup.

"Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill"

FYI: Here's the video clip from Prince of Egypt featuring this song and scenes from the Exodus.

BTW. There are some very interesting parallels between Moses and Jesus, the Exodus and Jesus' story

Both Moses and Jesus spoke truth to power

Both Moses and Jesus faced retaliation

Both Moses and Jesus were rejected

Both Moses and Jesus had their DOUBTERS !

Both Moses and Jesus led a deliverance

Both delivered their people from bondage/slavery

Both led them to a "new land"  --the Promised Land and The Kingdom of God

Both came from the wilderness and went up mountains

Both gave their people new rules for living

Both left their followers with instructions for what to do after they were gone

Here's an interesting YouTube video sharing more specific parallels between Moses and Jesus.


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