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These sets are the work of's NEW Writing Team. They replace the original Team's work from the 2000's. As our standards and vision evolve, so does our content. Want to join our Writing Team for a set or two? Training provided! Email Neil

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Old Testament Writing Team (WT) Lesson Sets:

Adam, Eve, ...and God!

  • Genesis 2:4 – 3:24
    This creative set takes a unique look at this story, "beyond the snake and apple" so to speak, and looks at what it reveals about the character of God when confronted with sinful children. The lessons also remind us that God goes with us into difficult lives, and promises us a new paradise one day with him.

Abraham and Isaac: God Will Provide

  • Genesis 22:1 – 18
    Isaac’s near-sacrifice is, at first, a troubling story, but it reveals Abraham's faith in God, and God's plan to provide the offering for salvation that we cannot provide ourselves. Terrific lessons for the Art Workshop, Computer, Drama, Games, Cooking and more!

Jacob and Esau

  • Genesis - All the episodes in Jacob's story (too numerous to list).
    Lessons that teach the entire arc of Jacob's story, from sin to redemption, and several that focus in on Jacob's life-changing encounters with God (stairway and wrestling match).

Exodus: Through Water and Wilderness

  • This set teaches the four important Exodus "water and wilderness" episodes: Red Sea Crossing, Bitter Water Made Sweet, Manna from Heaven, and Water from the Rock. We fear and doubt --God saves and guides. We complain --God gives. We get angry --God forgives. God leads us through the wilderness --we should trust God and follow in faith. This set, formerly known as "Moses: Sea and Sand."

The Ten Commandments

  • A special set originally written for "at-home" use during the COVID pandemic. This set also features adaptations for in-class use. Lots of great activities with a focus on creating a working memory of all ten Commandments and thinking about how EACH applies to our lives.

  Check out the coming sets!

Judges Then, Judges Now

  • An Overview of the Book of Judges
    Workshops include the stories of Ehud, Deborah, Gideon, and Samson to varying degrees. This special lesson set steps up to the challenge of "why and how" we should teach Judges, including talking about its violence, to our kids. It includes a special focus on what we know about the true heart of God, ...peace, violence, enemies, mercy --from Jesus Christ. This set was originally written just about Deborah.

Anointing of David

  • 1 Samuel 16:1-13 God looks at the heart.  

Two Art lessons. Two Games lessons. Two Cooking lessons, Science, Computer, Drama, and Puppets!  This set has a number of lessons that are open to the public, and others which are open to Supporting Members only.

Elijah Super Set!

  • Six terrific lessons, each covering Elijah's three main stories as one great story:  Widow of Zarephath, Still Small Voice, and Chariot of Fire (Elisha and the Mantle).


  • Book of Esther
    Faced with a difficult, even risky, decision, Esther chooses to stand up against evil and save her people. Perhaps your time is now too!  The winter festival of Purim celebrates this story, and thus, this set has a number of Purim celebration suggestions.

Psalm 8

  • Psalm 8  "When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars that you have established; what are human beings that you are mindful of them?" This set gets your students to "look up" at God's message to them written in the heavens.

Psalm 23 ~ Good News for Sheep!

  • This special set features six creative lessons that share Psalm 23's "Good News for Sheep" and helps students memorize the words of the psalm through creative and fun methods in every single lesson. It also includes bonus content, including Worship Celebration resources, printable illustrations and flashcards, children's sermons, video clips, and more!

Isaiah Promised, Jesus Fulfilled

  • Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah 9:6-7, Matthew 1:20-24
    An Advent Lesson set that looks at Isaiah's Old Testament's hope for a Messiah, and the kind of King that was coming to save God's people, --Jesus!

More to come!



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1 Question:

Why hasn't the Writing Team written lesson sets for other Old Testament stories?

3 Answers:

  1. More than half of the WT's lesson sets cover New Testament stories. 
  2. We do plan on writing more Old Testament sets!  Check the list above for planned additions.
  3. The Team not only chooses "major" stories to work on, it sometimes "puts off writing" a story for which the public forums have LOTS of great ideas. 

Read more about the Rotation Model's philosophy of "teaching the majors."

Want to work on a couple of lessons for the Writing Team ? 
Email Neil at

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If you're following the Old and New Testament Writing Team menu forums, check out the new story sets listed ABOVE in this topic that have been scheduled for 2019, 2020, and 2021!

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