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This thread is for posting workshop lessons, ideas, resources NOT COVERED IN OTHER TOPICS HERE for the story of Jesus' presentation in the Temple; Simeon and Anna.

Scripture reference: Luke 2:21-40

Post your lessons and ideas below.

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Here are a few ideas, I came across that don't fit into any of the topics we currently have, for Simeon and Anna.nt01-1_simeon_and_anna_saw_jesus_lesson_illustration-pdf-image-311x240


  • Baby Jesus Visits the Temple, Arch Book 75750Series, Concordia Publishing House, 2001. Ages 5-9.
    Retells the events of Jesus' presentation at the Temple and his encounters with Simeon and Anna (Luke 2:21-40).

  • Waiting, Waiting, Waiting! The Story of Simeon and Anna, Waiting-Simeon-Annaby Patricia L. Nedervel (God Loves Me Series)
    Tells the story of Simeon and Anna (found in Luke 2:21-38) in simple words a young child can understand (ages 2-3).


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"Curriculum: God Rewards Patience!" Video by Faithville that uses Peg People to tell the story.
Video is 18 mins -- Peg People Story is seen at 6:50 to 11:00.

capturem04Could watch this section with your students, discuss the story, then have them re-enact the story using Peg People, Playmobil, Dolls, Lego, Fisher Price Nativity or any Nativity Set, etc.
Be sure to take photos.

They also have 3 worksheets for free.

Description of the Curriculum from their site: Have you ever wondered what happened between the Old and New Testaments? A lot of waiting! But the good news is... God Rewards Patience! In today's lesson, learn the story of Simeon and Anna, two people who waited their entire lives to see God's greatest promise finally come: Jesus. Learning patience from Simeon and Anna teaches us that it means two things: 1) having hope in God's goodness and 2) having peace with God's timing. Whether we're waiting for small everyday things or something bigger, we can trust that our good God has perfect timing and that He will reward our patience!


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