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EVERY month, our last workshop is a Scrapbook Page-making Workshop.


  • We bought a binding system that allows the kids to add pages every month, as many as they like.($35)
  • We invested in a digital camera, and take pictures of every workshop.($125)
  • We have lots of stickers, markers, etc for them to use. (pennies)
  • The only rule is they have to retell the story we learned that month somewhere on the page, with words or pictures.
  • The kids LOVE it! And we have lots of volunteers to help with it.

The initial expense is kind of high, but it is stuff that we use EVERY month, and can be used for other purposes in the church.  


We have several "scrapbooking" moms and grandmoms who enjoy helping us pull off this workshop.  They always have lots of great ideas.

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Scrapbooking is one of our kids' favorites too! We have had lots of fun with doing "stills" in Drama where the kids use props and costumes to create a scene. Then we take a picture and put it in our scrapbook, or put lots of the pictures together to make our own storybook. They never seem to get tired of doing it!

I saw a site somewhere that showed scrapbook pages done without any pictures of the kids -- just stickers, cut-outs, title, etc. to describe the workshop. I thought it might be a fun art workshop to do sometime -- like you, we have lots of scrappers in our congregation!


We are doing a Wedding at Cana rotation in October. We have scheduled a scrapbook workshop but I am not sure what I need to write. As a review, we thought about a discussion of the photos taken and of the workshops they had visited and let them scrapbook the series of workshops. I scrapbook at home with my adult daughters so I am familiar with the creative process, but putting it in writing stumps me. Have you posted any lessons plans in which you have scrapbooked? Any suggestions you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Jerrie Lynn, Director of Christian Education, Ball Road Tabernacle, Romulus, MI
Hi Jerrie,
For the wedding at Canna, maybe you could write the lesson to be a "story in a bag" kind of thing. A copy of each element that you place in the bag could be given to the kids to scrapbook with. Maybe an antique-y looking wedding invitation, a portion of a map highlighting Galilee, die cuts of jars, watery stickers, etc. If you want to incorporate journaling into the scrapbook page, have them write as if they were a guest... what they saw, when they met Jesus, etc.
I like the idea of "Scrapbook Sunday" as a review/keepsake activity, too.
Let us know how this turns out!

Scrapbooking doesn't have to be limited to pages in a book.


Kids can "scrapbook" a bulletin board for a month's rotation in a place where it's seen by the congregation. It could have actual photos, or could use magazine photos, with each group adding to a part of it each week, representing the story/lesson.


Kids can create a "scrapbook" of the lesson as a "frozen snapshot" drama exercise. Teacher assigns concepts and verses to individual groups who talk and produce a "frozen snapshot".  You can actually photograph these too!

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