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In addition to these public lesson and idea topics below, be sure to check out the Writing Team's extra special set of lessons: Kingdom Parables ~ Seed, Leaven, Treasure, Pearl. Written for our supporting members, their lesson summaries and Bible background are open to all.

"At Home in the Kingdom of God"

...12 Kingdom of God Lesson Sketches

This set uses MANY different scriptures that describe the Kingdom of God. If you're only dealing with one or two scriptures/parables, you could excerpt and adapt that lesson below.

The Lesson Set below titled "At Home in the Kingdom of God" includes:

  • 4 software lessons
  • 4 video lessons
  • 4 drama skits.

Why so many?

I originally wrote this as a 12 week Summer Sunday School, based on some Wednesday fellowship lessons I did. You are welcome to pick and choose.

These 12 lessons incorporate the following four stories:

1. The "short" Kingdom parables of seed/leaven/pearl/treasure (What/where is the Kingdom)

2. The Parable of the Talents: working/investing in the Kingdom.

3. Zaccheus: who gets IN to God's Kingdom? ...I went a different route than the typical 'invitation to outcasts' story.

4. And Unexpectedly: The Lord's Prayer: The Great Prayer for Kingdom Come.

Editor's Note:

If you have any workshops lessons or ideas that would COMPLEMENT this lesson set, go ahead and ADD it by "reply" below.

If your lesson idea/plan is quite different, post it in a NEW topic.


I originally wrote this set as a 12 week Summer Sunday School about the Kingdom of God."  You can glean the ones you want if you're just doing one story or another.  You don't have to use the software to use the videos and drama lesson ideas, but why not teach with a medium kids love? My software does a particular awesome job at dealing with these stories, their meaning/application, and helping with memory.

"The Kingdom of God" is arguably Jesus' BIGGEST THEME in his teaching. No one story encompasses it. He talked about it a lot in many different ways. This set reflects that.  It's also important to note that, theologically speaking, the Kingdom is here and now. It's inclusive. God wants all his sheep in its pen!  It's also about justice, love, kindness, and mercy.  If I were to add a workshop to this set, it would be a MISSION workshop for just that reason.

My set covers several different stories, ...some of which aren't Parables, but I've posted them here and put links in those other forums back to this set.

Hopefully you will see that I like to write A LOT of Life Application into my lessons.

Hope you like them.

<>< Neil

Disclosure: I own the software site and many of the CDs recommended in the lesson set. I've been encouraged by the Rotation board to post my lessons here as well, and I'm glad to do it. I have written a lot of lesson plans over the years and posted them here at If you have questions about any of them, don't hesitate to "dialog" me here at this site.

If you have other Kingdom of God Lesson Plans and ideas that work with the stories I'm posting about, feel free to post them here after mine. The more the merrier!

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Four Lessons About the Kingdom of God
that use software

All of the software programs mentioned below are now available for free to the supporting members of Learn more at Free Bible Software for Children and Youth and download the software here at

Overview of the Four Lessons

1. WHERE IS IT and WHAT is it LIKE? The Short Kingdom Parables: mustard seed, leaven, pearl, treasure.

          Software: The Kingdom Parables game in Galilee Flyer.

2. WHAT are WE supposed to DO in the Kingdom? The Parable of the Talents: what you do with God's gifts to build the Kingdom.

          Software: Parable of the Talents, Awesome Bible Stories software.

3. WHO is WELCOME in God's Kingdom ...Jesus called Zaccheus into the Kingdom. The Kingdom is about acceptance and inclusion.

          Software: Zaccheus in Awesome Bible Stories

4. HOW CAN WE BRING IT? ...Mumble the Lord's Prayer right now and you'll realize it is a Prayer for the Kingdom.

          Software: The Lord's Prayer game in Galilee Flyer software

The Four Software Lessons

Software Lesson 1:

Where Is It? The Short Kingdom Parables: mustard seed, leaven, pearl, treasure.

If the Kingdom of God is REAL, WHERE IS IT? (Why is the world still messed up?) Jesus addressed this conundrum when he described the hidden-ness of the Kingdom. Even though it's hidden or small, it can become great. But you have to plant a seed, kneed the dough, have the courage to buy the pearl, and know what to do with the treasure (and not just sit on it). By the way, you have to know what the treasure IS!

One of the four lesson-games in the Galilee Flyer introduces your children and youth to the Kingdom Parables of seed, leaven, pearl, and treasure. In particular, the pop-up notes that show up during flight describe all sorts of interesting factoids about the meaning of these parables.

The Plan:
The game is the Bible study. Start up the software, selecting the parables, and then fly into the Galilean skies to look for the verse halves from the parables to match, and answer the floating questions (which explain the parables).

Wait until everyone has landed, then have everyone fly over to the Discussion area in the Galilean landscape for some discussion questions. Look at the Galilee Flyer game guide on the website for details on those discussion questions, locations, game shortcuts, and more lesson suggestions.

You will need a minimum of 30 minutes to play the game.

Software Lesson 2:

What are we supposed to DO in the Kingdom? The Parable of the Talents
... what you do with God's gifts to build the Kingdom.

If you don't do anything to promote the Kingdom, you're outside of it. That's the lesson of the Parable of the Talents, aka, "Pounds", aka, "the servant who buried his one talent in the ground, then was thrown outside by the master upon his return." The message: The kingdom comes when you INVEST WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN for things that will make the master proud of you.

The Parable of the Talents is one of six stories found in Awesome Bible Stories software. The parable is surprisingly complex and has a lot of rich vocabulary and images. The software's presentation recognizes that complexity and has your kids working through the story several times to UNEARTH its treasure (rather than leaving it buried!)

The software also includes an interactive Board Game where 1 or 2 players advance to the Master's Home by the good things they do with their gifts. Great for discussion too.

The Plan:
=The software is the Bible study. Dive in with your students. Work through it several times trying the different "versions" you can create. Note the study notes. then Play the Board Game in the software. The free guide to the program available at Sunday Software's website has additional teaching notes.


  • Give your students a small bag of "things to invest".
  • Appreciation Candy to give away to someone who does a chore at your home
  • Appreciation Candy to give away to someone who says something nice to you.A
  • certificate to give to someone offering to help them with a chore.
  • A paper heart from you thanking them for coming to learn God's Word.
  • Explain what the bag is about and pray for its success.

Software Lesson 3:

Who is welcome in God's House?
...Jesus goes to Zaccheus's house to welcome him into God's House/Kingdom.

Yeah, yeah, I could have picked a story about POOR PEOPLE, Lepers and Widows.... but you know, Jesus spent a lot of time hanging around "regular" people too, people like Zaccheus. The locals called Zaccheus a sinner. Jesus declared him to be a "son of Abraham."  Jesus' Kingdom is about acceptance and inclusion.

I have an interesting point of view on Zaccheus. I don't think he was a BAD GUY. In fact, Zaccheus CHALLENGES his detractors to prove he has cheated anyone...and nobody steps forward. Zaccheus was an honest tax collector who was SO HOPING to glimpse the Kingdom of God, that he climbed up a tree.

Jesus invited himself to Zaccheus' house in order to invite Zaccheus into GOD'S House. The Kingdom is where people are SAVED, forgiven, and welcome. Jesus might as well have said, "Today, the Kingdom has come to Zaccheus' house!" Or "God's House and Zaccheus' House have finally combined! Salvation = God's House = Kingdom of God = Your home as an Outpost of God's Kingdom. Love that image.

The story of Zaccheus is found in Awesome Bible Stories software. It includes an activity titled "How Do You Measure Up?" where the kids can "self-rate" where they are in their journey with Christ. There's a "zappin' game" the kids can play which reinforces the story.

The Plan:

  • Start your lesson asking students to tell you Zaccheus' story.
  • Ask if they think Zaccheus was a bad or good man, and why. Explain what a tax collector is.
  • Ask them to define the "Kingdom of God" and the term "Salvation" (which Jesus says "came to this house" that day).
  • Explain that they are really the same thing.... Salvation is like being adopted into God's House... it is something you are given, and then work to share, --just like God's Kingdom. Sometimes it is big, sometimes Salvation isn't just a big event, it's a power in our lives that can have all sorts of small effects, like making us more loving, more sensitive to others needs.
  • Take turns reading the story from the Bible.
  • Dive into the Zaccheus story in Awesome Bible Stories CD and complete all its activities.
  • Close by having each child come to the classroom door frame. Using a rule, mark their height, date, and name in pencil on the frame. Place a construction paper sign saying "We want to measure up to God's expectations!"   What are God's expectations?  Be Loving, Kind, Do Justice, Be Thankful.


Have students hand-write two invitations to give to friends about coming to church with them next Sunday.

Software Lesson 4:

How can we help bring and build the Kingdom?

Lord's Prayer could easily be called "The Prayer for the Kingdom". Jesus told us to pray for it. And that prayer is a set of marching orders as well. Thus, in my software lesson, I'm going to focus on the kids learning and understanding the Lord's Prayer.

The Lord's Prayer is one of the four lesson-games in Galilee Flyer software. The pop-up notes and questions the kids answer as they fly over the Seas of Galilee help explain the images and meanings of the Lord's Prayer. It takes a minimum of 30 minutes to play the game. Young children will need older helpers.

The Plan:
The lesson begins with a brief Bible study to find the Lord's Prayer, recite it, then introduce it as a "Prayer for the Kingdom of God". Then you will read this restating of the Lord's Prayer as a "Prayer for the Kingdom" and move quickly into the Galilee Flyer CD game about the Lord's Prayer.

Our Father in your Kingdom your name is hallowed (remember: heaven=kingdom)

We pray that Thy Kingdom Come, and that Thy Will GET DONE here, as it does in heaven.

Give us today what we need to live in your Kingdom,

And forgive us our sins, as we go about your Kingdom forgiving others

In your Kingdom we trust you will deliver us from hard testing and from evil

for YOUR Kingdom, and your power, and your glory is forever. Amen

The Plan again:

  • Ask the kids to recite the Lord's Prayer.
  • Find it in scripture.
  • Dive into the Galilee Flyer ...they'll learn the scripture in-depth there.


Once they all land after completing the game, have everyone fly to the discussion area in the southern end of the sea to consider the discussion questions there. Remember to print the game guide and flying helps.


Jesus talks about the Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven (according to Matthew) more than any other theological topic. Indeed, in Luke 4 when he stands up in the Nazareth synagogue, he is announcing the fulfillment and coming of the Kingdom.

Practically speaking: The Kingdom occurs wherever God's will is done. That's why it can be small like a seed or invisible like leaven.

Prophetically speaking: The Kingdom is the way things are supposed to be, a second Eden, "heaven on earth." This is not to be confused with visions of the Second Coming. That's a different horse.

God's Will and God's Kingdom and God's Heaven are three sides of the same coin. (yes, 3) That's why we pray "thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven". Only Matthew's Gospel uses the term "Kingdom of Heaven" instead of "Kingdom of God." They are the same thing.

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The Kingdom of God

Video Lesson Ideas

lessons from Neil MacQueen

This is Part 2 of 3 lesson posts featuring Neil's Kingdom of God lesson set at

I'm recommending four of Nest's Bible videos for these stories. Some cover the story perfectly, others include related stories, which is fine. I like all them because Jesus is the main storyteller. You can purchase these videos direct from Nest.

Nest's Animated Bible Video almost need no introduction. High Quality, Nicely Animated, True to the Word. You will find other video suggestions at this board as well by searching for your particular parable's forum.

1. Where Is It? The Short Kingdom Parables: mustard seed, leaven, pearl, treasure.

  • Begin by reviewing what the kids know (or don't) about these stories.
  • Write on the board several Questions they'll need to answer after the video.
  • Show: The Nest Video The Kingdom of Heaven ...this video doesn't focus on the Seed/Leaven, but does include other short parables about the Kingdom of God. In summary, the Kingdom is like a field where people work for a just master.
  • Debrief the Video and have the students answer the questions.

2. WHAT are WE supposed to DO in the Kingdom? The Parable of the Talents: what you do with God's gifts to build the Kingdom.

  • Begin by reviewing what the kids know (or don't) about these stories.
  • Write on the board several Questions they'll need to answer after the video.
  • Show: The Nest video The Parables of Jesus "Three of the best loved parables, The Talents, The Rich Man and Lazarus, and the Two Sons, are presented together to reinforce important principles."
  • Debrief the Video and have the students answer the questions.

3. WHO is WELCOME in God's Kingdom ...Jesus called Zaccheus into the Kingdom.

  • Begin by reviewing what the kids know (or don't) about these stories.
  • Write on the board several Questions they'll need to answer after the video.
  • Show: The Nest Video Treasures in Heaven "Learn the difference between money and riches. Jesus tells how God wants to give us the eternal treasure of salvation. Story of Zaccheus, and the rich young man."
  • Debrief the Video and have the students answer the questions.

4. How Cane We Bring It? ...Mumble the Lord's Prayer now and you'll realize it is an Outline for the Kingdom.

  • Begin by reviewing what the kids know (or don't) about these stories.
  • Write on the board several Questions they'll need to answer after the video.
  • Show the Nest Video: The Lord's Prayer
    "Jesus teaches His followers the importance and great power of sincere prayer. Journey with Jesus as He teaches His disciples about prayer through the Parable of the Friend at Night and the Parable of the Unjust Judge (also known as the Parable of the Importunate Widow)."
  • Debrief the Video and have the students answer the questions.

You can purchase these videos direct from Nest.

Alternate videos: Use the Matthew DVD from Visual Bible. It's verse for verse from Matthew, and the actor who portrays Jesus is absolutely wonderful. You can also find other video recommendations for these various parables/passages in their particular forums here at

Hope you enjoy my recommendations.

Written by Neil MacQueen

A representative of reformatted this post to improve readability.

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The Kingdom of God

Drama Skits

This is the third of 3 posts I've made to on my Kingdom of God lesson set. The first post had four computer lab lessons. The second had four video lessons. This one is for Drama, and they are more like "lesson sketches".

Drama-activity lessons are by nature, a bit loose. You need a teacher who's good at working free-form, and good at "changing the script on the fly". In general, I don't like heavily scripted drama lessons, and that's why you won't see a complete script below.

I recommend VIDEOTAPING the skits. It's amazing how videotaping helps DIRECT the kids to complete the task. A videocamera is also like crowd control.



1. WHERE IS IT? ...and What is it? The Short Kingdom Parables: mustard seed, leaven, pearl, treasure.

Assign a student to be one of the four things, seed/leaven/pearl or treasure. Assign a student to be the branches of the large bush, the bread (a big white sheet), the finder of the pearl, and the digger of treasure. As the story is read, the students act out the short descriptions. Do a dry run, then videotape it for real.

Seeing the 'digger' dig up a fellow student who's pretending to be the treasure is quite humorous. In the dry run, the "director" should ask the treasure, "what kind of treasure are you?" The answer should create a mini-moment of learning "what's so valuable about the Kingdom of God that you'd sell everything to buy it?" The same question should be asked of the Pearl, the seed, and the, "why would we want to look for YOU?"

Note: We're not looking for performance quality drama here! ...We are looking to INSTILL A MEMORY of the verse through a fun skit. They are learning the story as you block it out with them. The videotape of it provides a sense of "product" and an opportunity for the teacher to ask questions and elaborate.

2. WHAT are WE supposed to DO in the Kingdom?

The Parable of the Talents: what you do with God's gifts to build the Kingdom.

Characters: 3 servants, one master. Props: three bags.

Read through the story and act it out as found in the Bible.
Then say you're going to do it again, but slightly change the story, ...which they must act out as you read your own revised version.

In your second reading, you change the story along these lines:
Invite students to provide sound efects as well, such as, a mower, a sick person, money, going to church, etc.

Aside: You may invite one student to be "the shouter of lines" them permission to follow along in the Bible and provide lines to the characters as requested. (I often kept a microphone and amp in my drama classroom to give to the assistant director to provide lines, or to pass to a student to hear their answer. No, we didn't really need it, but it encouraged the kids to be playful and talk!

You may need to practice this and point to the sound effects people to cue them.

There once were three members of one family. One went to church all the time, contributed money, mowed lawns to raise money for mission, and helped their sick neighbor (cough cough). The second went to church most of the time, contributed some money, occasionally gave spare change to help poor Chilean children, and sent soup to a sick neighbor. The third sister, however, hated going to church even though the other two tried to drag here there, she went Xmas and Easter, and did show up for the youth mission trip, but spent all her money on body building. Then Jesus showed up ..... The one who had done almost nothing to be part of Jesus' Kingdom was sent outside to the dog house. You get the idea.

Changing the end of this parable:
Tell the kids that the two 'rewarded' siblings need to go outside and talk to their sibling. What should you say to encourage someone to become a better disciple of the Kingdom? "...Finally, what got her to come in and start taking her belief in God seriously, was when the master spoke to her and said..... Then her family inside the house didn't hold it against her, instead, they slew the fatted calf and threw a party... but that's another parable."

They'll enjoy watching themselves stumble through the video, listening to people shout their lines to them... .and you'll have plenty of discussion fodder to work with!

3. Who is welcome in God's Kingdom
...Jesus called Zaccheus into the Kingdom.

Remember to Videotape this!

You need a tall ladder wrapped in kraft paper to look like a tree. You'll need clear packing tape to tape everyone's shoes onto their knees (because the crowd walks around on their shoes which are attached to their knees, which makes THEM look small, and makes Zaccheus look even taller when he comes down. It also makes it a lot of fun!

Make sure you have the crowd say, "you look taller Zaccheus, how come?

Zach could say, "Because you judge me by my height, instead of the size of my faith and heart and desire to be part of God's Kingdom."

Once you get everyone 'dressed' in their shoes, give them paper bags to mold into funny hats. The crowd is ridiculous looking. Jesus walks on his feet with a huge white sheet robe. The teacher blocks everyone in place and starts the narration. The teacher also DIRECTS the story action.

Discussion Afterwards... Have you ever met somebody who thought they were hot-stuff? What makes a person truly "small" in Jesus' Kingdom? What makes them big?

4. How Can We Bring It?
The Lord's Prayer is a Prayer for the Kingdom.

Remember to video tape this to provide a sense of structure and great incentive to "getting it accomplished".

"POSING" the Lord's Prayer:
Split into groups of two and have them work through each line of the Lord's Prayer creating a POSE for each line that expresses the idea of the line. Think of them like "snapshots".As the teacher, you're going to have to help them answer things like "How would you POSE 'Glory' ??"

After they've worked it out, you're going to videotape each pair doing MOTIONS or a Tableau movement for EACH LINE from the Lord's Prayer. The person operating the camera will have to PAUSE the recording in between each line. The teacher or a student reads the line from the Lord's Prayer as the 'actors' hit their pose.

Think outside the box. Daily Bread, for example, ---you could have a God-figure giving a student a Bible.... for man does not live by bread alone!

Ideas from Neil MacQueen


A representative of reformatted this post to improve readability.


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