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Lessons of Christ's Return

There are some stories where teaching of the 2nd coming may be included depending on the theological position of your denomination. The teaching of the Apostle's creed would also give an opportunity to focus a lesson on Christ's return.

Since we basically teach by stories there are portions of Scripture that are harder to teach.

We would include the return of Christ in the teaching of :
The Ascension--Christ died; Christ arose; Christ is coming again
The Great Commission--I will be with you until the end of the age
The Lord's Supper--as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup you show forth my death until I come again.
The Lord's Prayer--your kingdom come
Eternal Life--Our scheduled rotation on this is to look a John 14--I go to prepare a place and Revelation 21- no more tears
Parable--Matthew 25 judgement --sheep and goats
Churches that are guided by the church calendar have the opportunity to include the hope for Christ's return in the observance of Advent. I believe,this was the original focus of that season before Christmas and the lectionary texts of that season reflect both on our hope in Christ's return, and the coming judgement.

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Didn't know Jesus had left! Big Grin

I can't even get my pastor to talk about it with the adults.

One of the reasons there are no lessons about it up here, I suspect, is that most don't teach it to kids. Pretty heavy duty subject. AND, most of those who have been posting lessons here are from mainline denominations which don't talk much about the 2nd Coming.

But you're welcome to break with tradition. It would be interesting to see.

<>< Neil
Interesting comments thanks all.
Since we are only doing grades 1-4 I think the topic is best covered by the stories Lynn pointed out. We have done eternal life, and are right now doing the Lord's Prayer and plan to do the assension this spring.
Sad that whole demoninations are avoiding a book in the Bible just because it's difficult though. If I were teaching older children/teens I would want them to atleast know about Revelations and that their are various interpretions. Some parts are pretty clear; Jesus return, judgement, new heaven & earth. Also the pictures of worshiping God by the heavenly beings are pretty awesome. I just think if we don't teach our children the beginning and the end, then they are more likely to get off track with who knows what!


"Jesus Is Coming Again" book for children about end time prophecy.

Each page is illustrated, and the book can be used a couple pages at a time to teach about Jesus' 2nd coming. Scripture references are given for each page.  link https://www.bibleprophecyresou...sus-is-coming-again/

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The Second Coming of Christ

I cobbled together a rotation-ish lesson for our 5th/6th graders on the Second Coming of Christ.

Our 5th/6th grade learns using the theory of WRM but they stay in one room. The lesson spanned four weeks, with a different activity each week.

I don't know if the lesson is really considered WRM but perhaps these references will help you cobble something together for your church, using various and sundry lessons on this site. That's what I'm going to do for our K-4 classes. I added no interpretations or doctrine; I teach them what the Bible says and then we discuss what the Bible says about it. I taught this in June and it was during the time that the "world is going to end" was all over the news. Every one of my students can tell you how misguided that guy was because we really hammered this home: NOBODY KNOWS WHEN, NOT EVEN JESUS! and proved it with Scripture. So, hopefully, they will learn to search the Scriptures and be discerning when they hear junk like that.

Here are the main ideas and Scripture references:

Week One: Jesus will Return; There will be a Resurrection
Scripture: Matt 24:30-31, Mark 16:19, Acts 1:9-11, Revelation 1:7

Week Two: We Need to Be Ready. 
Scripture: Mark 13:32-33,2 Peter 3:10, Matt 25:1-13 (Parable of Ten Maidens)

Week Three: The Final Judgment.
Scripture: Matt 25:31-46, Matt 13:24-30, 26-43

Week Four: A New Heaven and a New Earth.
Scripture: Various scriptures describing what heaven will be like.

<>< Sharon 

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Question posted in the Help Forum:

Our Kids church is predominantly comprised of kids aged 12 - 14 years old. They have asked for more in depth lessons & topics we have not traditionally covered over the number of years they have been attending.
I am exploring the idea of running some lessons on the Second Coming of Christ. Do you have any lessons or topics that would be applicable to that age range?

Reply by Neil MacQueen

"2nd Coming" isn't typically taught to children here in the States (outside of some quite conservative denominations). But given your age group, I can see the interest!

There is a REALLY good DVD about the Book of Revelation that addresses the subject of 2nd Coming with a balanced and traditional point of view, and does so in a smart, fun way for kids/younger youth.  It's DVD 13 in the "What's in the Bible?" series titled: "God's Kingdom Comes" (Book of Revelation). The series was created by Phil Vischer of Veggie Tales fame. I've seen it and thought it did a good job. I'm sure you can find it online or for sale all the way to Australia. Supporting Members can download the guide here  if you're interested.

Replay by Amy Crane

I think it is great that your students are asking for more in-depth study! If they really want to spend some time digging, it might be interesting to do a book study and read The Last Battle from CS Lewis’ Narnia series. (You may need to read the full series to really understand the arc.  This may be better as a suggestion for anyone who wants to explore the idea on their own. Or perhaps a summer book club?)

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