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You appreciate having the hundreds of extra-creative, detailed, free lessons from our Writing Team at your fingertips

Who else offers Bible cooking projects, science experiments, good video recommendations, do-able drama activities, tech options, and fresh innovations for teaching major Bible stories with age and class-size adaptations? Only our Writing Team, that's who! Check them out.

Jesus and Child Illustration from the Vallotton Collection at Rotation.orgYou Annie Vallotton's Gospel Illustrations

As a Supporting Member, you have exclusive access to 140+ Gospel illustrations from Annie Vallotton, the famous Swiss artist. Use them to illustrate teaching materials and newsletters, project in worship, or simply frame your favorite.

You think Teacher Training is a good idea (so do we)

How nice is it to be able to email, publish, and hand deliver "Ten Great Reasons to Teach Sunday School" to your potential recruits?  Have you used "Do Your Lessons Have a Jesus Gap?" to see if yours do?  Or how about improving your game by reading, "7 Secrets of a Super Teacher." And don't forget to discuss "Safe Sunday Schools and Buildings" with your committees.

You've got a techie-teacher who needs help teaching with tech

You already know about the 24 Bible programs from Sunday Software you can download for free. You can also point your techie teacher to's "tech team" for help with equipment, software and apps choices, and lesson planning.

You think Bible Videos should come with Teaching Outlines

As a Supporting Member, you can download over two dozen guides to popular Bible videos, including the 13 detailed outlines for the popular "What's in the Bible?" videos (and those alone are worth the price of admission).

You understand "online options" for Sunday School are a thing

Nobody else is talking about it, but you appreciate that our Supporting Member-only "Online Sunday School Options" forum IS talking about it -- sharing ideas, research, resources, experiences from other churches, and tech help. You like to support moving forwards, not backwards.

You Want to Learn How to Write More Creative Lessons!

--- But couldn't find ANYONE talking about it until you went on a personal "continuing education binge" reading our "Pulling Back the Curtain" Forum. That forum started when our Board asked our Lead Writer Neil MacQueen to "divulge his lesson writing secrets" as well as those from his experience with our Writing Teams. If you're a writer, teacher, or preacher, "Pulling Back the Curtain" is worth the binge.

You don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on boring lesson plans

Your $45 Supporting Membership for access to EVERYTHING at lets you spend budget dollars on creative supplies and classroom stuff.    You also like having a group of fellow educators at-the-ready to help you think of creative ways to teach your lessons.

You having creative choices (instead of just one per story)

Your Supporting Membership allows us to crowdsource MANY ideas and lessons, curate them, create new ones, and archive all of them online so that they are available to you when YOU need them. (Frankly, we wonder why the denominations aren't doing this. And until they do, we'll be here.)

You are a bit of a "rogue" like us

  • You like the kind of creative caring and innovative sharing going on here!
  • You have an independent streak, and so does our 100% independent, volunteer-led Board.
  • You don't like being "sold to" by publishers, and we don't shill for them either.
  • Like you, we're children's educators, pastors, and teachers in our congregations.
  • Like you, we ignore denominational lines when searching for and sharing great ideas.
  • Like you, we think Sunday School CAN DO BETTER than construction paper and worksheets.

In summary, we're so thankful you are a Supporting Member!
(and if you're not and want to be -> go here)

Amy, Ron, Carol, Robin, Luanne, Cathy, and Beth
Your 2023 Board

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