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Abraham & Isaac: God Will Provide

Lesson Set Summary


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The Abraham & Isaac lesson set was entirely revised and improved in 2015.


The story of Isaac’s near sacrifice at the hand of his father, Abraham, is a troubling story. What is the echoing theme? God will provide! God provides for our forgiveness and salvation. Abraham trusted in God's love and promises and obeyed God even when it was hard. 


Passage: Genesis 22:1-18

Key/Memory Verse:  "Abraham said, 'God himself will provide the lamb for a burnt offering, my son.'" Genesis 22:8a (NRSV)


Rotation Objectives for Abraham and Isaac: God Will Provide

After completing this Rotation, participants will be able to: 

  • locate the story in the Bible, Genesis 22:1-18.
  • retell the story in their own words.
  • understand that Abraham trusted in God's love and promises and obeyed God even when it was hard.
  •  see the concept of Old Testament sacrifice and how it relates to Jesus being the "Lamb of God."
  • understand that God willingly sacrificed his only Son, Jesus, for us.
  • discuss ways God provides for us today.


Resources and Lessons

Bible Background for Teachers

How do we teach this shocking story of the near-sacrifice of Isaac to our children? Why is it important? And what could it possibly mean to our kids? Read this background for answers to those questions, and key insights


Art -- 2 choose from!

Art [1]
Mold “witness stones” from Cloud Clay to explore ways in which Christians today are witnesses to encounters with God. Use the “Take Home Sheet” to explain the Bible story of “Abraham and Isaac:  God Will Provide” to families.
Art [2]
Incorporate materials symbolizing segments of the Bible story, “Abraham and Isaac:  God Will Provide,” into individual or groups weavings.

Bible Skills & Games -- 2 choose from!

Games [1]
Children review the story in a fun speed-read quiz, then play two fun "run around" games that illustrate two key points in the story (points to ponder tucked in). The closing activity features a way to create an alternate version of the venerable "Father Abraham" that helps retell the story.
Games [2]
This unique Bible Skills & Games workshop uses a lot of sand to help students understand how Abraham's faithful life gave rise to billions of faithful lives. This workshop also includes some math computations that invoke a little used multiple-intelligence for stirring and remembering our faith story.  Especially good for older children.


Students will explore portions of the Abraham and Sarah software (free to supporting members) including a wonderful music video-reflection about the near-sacrifice, and prepare your students to receive two phone calls from God at the beginning and end of the lesson! 


Focusing on God's gift of the Ram, students will assemble and bake traditional "lamb turnovers" known around the world by various names, such as, knish, pierogi, emapandas, ...then "Bake a Bible" turnover for a sweet finish.


Students will complete and then perform 2 creative scripts about how God provides for us, sends help, and strengthens us, and then close with a special dramatized prayer.

Video / Audio Visual

Children will watch a terrific animated DVD.  They will learn the events of the bible story and discuss how the modern day storyline presented in the video is affected by the what the children learn and take away from the biblical story of Abraham & Isaac's near sacrifice.

Additional Resources

Lots of idea.... Drama Props, Movies, PowerPoint, Puppets, Software, Story Bibles, Story Books, Story Books - Other, and Storytelling Props to enhance the lessons in the rotation set.


Things you need to know about the lessons in this set:

The lessons in this set were written to complement each other. Each lesson approaches the story using a different teaching medium, and each lesson has a slightly different emphasis.  

Whether you use the Rotation Model or not, ideally you would teach SEVERAL of these lessons over a period of weeks in order to fully explore the scriptures and commit them to memory.  


What is the Writing Team?

Volunteer lesson writers have been getting together to write sets of workshop lessons since 2002. Over four dozen volunteers have taken part in this ministry assisted by professional writers. Because that intensive help required professional assistance paid for by our Supporting Members, only Supporting Members get access to the lessons themselves. It's a major benefit of supporting our site.

Our goal is to make the "WT" lesson sets exemplary of the Workshop Rotation Model style and extra-creative, with the ultimate goal of training and inspiring volunteer writers to new heights. Interesting in joining one of our writing teams? Contact us.


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