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"Anointing of David" Lesson Set!

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Anointing of David

Bible Skills & Games Workshops


 Two to choose from:

Bible Skills & Games Workshop 1 ...below on this page


Students will open with a "post-it note" activity and "heart shaping" demonstration, followed by a reading, then a quiz game of "Hearts for God Jeopardy!" to learn and remember story details.  (A younger child's grab bag scripture game is described in the adaptations section.)   Open to the Public

Games Workshop 2 


Students will play a Wheel of Fortune-style game to learn and remember story details. They will also play a game during the study to learn about 1 Samuel and related books about the Kings. Open to Supporting Members Only. Writing Team

Anointing of David

Bible Skills & Games Workshops 1


Summary of Lesson Activityheart

Students will open with a "post-it note" activity and "heart shaping" demonstration, followed by a reading, then a quiz game of  "Hearts for God Jeopardy!" to learn and remember story details.

A younger child's grab bag scripture game is described in the adaptations section.


Passage: 1 Samuel 16:1-13

Key/Memory Verse: “For the Lord does not see as mortals see; they look on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7b (NRSV)

Objectives for the Rotation

See Bible Background.


This lesson describes using an overhead projector to make a Jeopardy!-style game board on a transparency. Alternately, you can create the same grid on a white board, or other game surface you may have. The idea and layout is the same.  Five Categories, Five "Questions" to reveal in each category, for a total of 25 questions (listed below).

Here are the five categories across the top of the grid

  • Bible Blessings
  • Living It
  • Odds and Ends
  • People
  • Places

How to Play Jeopardy with Post-It Notes:

Unlike TV Jeopardy, teams will take turns answering questions.
Write the "question" directly on the transparency or board, and then cover it a post-it note that shows its point values. When they select the category and point value, pull the note off the board to reveal "the question" (Number of sons Jesse had?) to which they must come up with the correct "answer" (Eight, Alex). The correct team gets to keep the point value note to add to their total. See the lesson plan below for more details.

Attached is a game board file for you to print onto a transparency (see file attachment at end of this lesson.)

Materials List

  • Clear Transparency
  • Bible
  • Chalk board, newsprint or white board
  • Markers
  • Overhead Projector
  • Pattern for Jeopardy Game grid
  • Post-It Notes
  • timer or clock (15 seconds)


Lesson Plan


Welcome your students and introduce today's lesson idea by doing the following activity.

Play a quick game of "What's on My Forehead?"  - the insult version. 

Write each of the following insults on a post-it, then gather students in a circle and put the post-it on their forehead so they can't see it (use tape if it helps).

Too Young
Smells Bad


If you have more than 4 students, still only play with four (must keep moving!). 

Count on snickering as everyone sees what's on other people's foreheads. (These are all insults they might have hurled at David, btw.) 

To play:  The person wearing the post-it note listens as group gives them "clues" about what's on their forehead.

Rule: You cannot use the words on the note.

Say: People in the world often judge us in insulting ways. Sometimes people make up opinions about us because they don't know us well. God judges us by what's in our heart, and that he knows well --AND wants to shape!heart

Did you know God was a heart-shaper?
Form your fingers into a heart, (like in the picture).
Squoosh your fingers as you talk about how God shapes our hearts with his Word, Church, Spirit, Service, Worship, -to get it just right.  Now, rotate your hands together so that your pinkies are parallel, and then stretch out your fingers so that your hands form the shape of a Bible. Practice this with your students and then say, "When we open our hearts to God, his word means a lot more to us."  As they open their hands, place Bibles in them and ask them to turn to 1 Samuel 16: 1-13.

Teacher: We suggest you will read 1 Samuel 16: 1-13 using various fun character voices, but before you do, "warn" your students that they must listen very carefully, because the scripture reading gives away all the answer to the upcoming quiz game!!


Divide the class into two teams and have them sit at two different tables facing the game board. Supply each group with a Bible. Unlike TV Jeopardy, teams will take turns answering questions. 

  1. First player of Team A chooses from any category, any amount.
  2. Remove the post-it from the proper spot and reveal the question.
  3. Player must confer with his or her teammates and then once the team has come to consensus, give the correct "answer."
  4. If after 15 seconds  the team is stumped, they may use their Bibles to look up items that have Scripture references. Give them 15 more seconds.  The charge for using the Bible is half the question's point value. 
  5. If the team gets the correct answer, they receive the points for that question, (or half if they had to use their Bibles).
  6. If they answer incorrectly, the other team may "steal" the points by answering the question correctly. The team that steals and wins the question then gets to select the next question and go first.
  7. Play passes to Team B and alternates between teams until the board is empty.
  8. Take turns so that every player, on each team, has a chance to choose a category.
  9. The team with the most points wins.

Teacher Tip:  Important Notes for Game Playing

Competitive games should be played as a team so that infrequent attendees or visitors are not made to feel pressured or uncomfortable. Make sure that each player has a chance to choose a category and point value, but make sure all players "confer" with their team before answering! This also will promote discussion among the children.

Bible Jeopardy Content

Bible Blessings

100 - God looks at the _____. (Heart - 1 Samuel 16:7)
200 - God does not see like ______ ______. (Mortals see - 1 Samuel 16:7))
300 - Today's story is found in this Testament. (Old)
400 - Today's story is found in this book of the Bible. (1 Samuel)
500 - "Peaceably, I have come to sacrifice to the Lord." (What Samuel told the people - 1 Samuel 16:5)

Living It

100 - The one whom we should most want to please (God/Christ - 2 Corinthians 5:9)
200 - The one who is our real king (Jesus Christ - the "anointed one" - Luke 4:18)
300 - Why God made Samuel send for David even though he was the youngest (He knew his heart, it didn't matter about his age - 1 Samuel 16:7; 1 Timothy 4:12)
400 - God provides his ________to shape our hearts (Holy Spirit, Word, etc several possible answers)
500 - God chooses us to do what? (Accept a good answer, such as serve him, help him, have faith)

Odds and Ends

100 - David's job for his father (Shepherd - 1 Samuel 16:11)
200 - Number of sons Jesse had (Eight - 1 Samuel 16:10-11)
300 - The word we use in the church for pouring holy oil on someone's head; to set them apart for a special job (Anoint, 1 Samuel 10)
400 - An offering made to God, using our gifts, money or talents (Sacrifice- Psalm 50:14)
500 - This came upon David after he was anointed (Holy Spirit, Spirit of the Lord - 1 Samuel 16:13)


100 - First king of Israel (Saul - 1 Samuel 9:17)
200 - Old Testament person who anointed David (Samuel - 1 Samuel 16:13)
300 - Father of eight sons who Samuel came to visit (Jesse - 1 Samuel 16:1)
400 - Youngest son of Jesse (David - 1 Samuel 16:11, 13)
500 - Relative of David whose name means "the anointed one" and would be called the King of Kings (Christ - Acts 10:38)

Places and Such

100 - Saul was king of this country (Israel - 1 Samuel 16:1)
200 - Jesse and his sons lived in this town (Bethlehem - 1 Samuel 16:4)
300 - Where David was when Samuel came to Bethlehem (Fields watching the sheep - 1 Samuel 16:11)
400 - This Bible hero was also born in Bethlehem (Jesus - Luke 2:4-6 )
500 - As a young boy, David would win a great battle against this man. (Goliath)

 A Post-It Reflection   (the reverse of the opening study activity)

Give each team a pad of post-it notes, and 5 minutes to write down on the post-it as many "good things God wants to see in our hearts" as they can.

You can prime this activity with some examples from David's story, such as, he was brave, sang scripture, trustworthy, etc. Remind them that God looks for more than just "good conduct" but a true heart, a forgiving heart, a humble heart.

Call "time" and give them 1 minute to stick their posts onto the head of one of their team-mates. Each "posted person" must then walk forward to be "judged."  

One by one, pull the post it notes off and read them aloud. Re-post each "good" post-it on the board making the shape of a heart for each team --as a point record, and post each "hastily bad/scribbled" post-it (there will be a few!) below the heart for 0 pts.

Finally, have each student approach the board with their hands formed in the shape of the heart you taught them,  Put a post-it, from the board, into their heart to take home.

Additional Suggestions

Adaptations - Younger Children

Mystery Grab Bag!  (in place of the quiz game)

Children will recall the story by pulling clues and explaining how they relate to the story from a mystery bag.


Gather some objects that relate to the story. If possible, provide one object for each child in the class. Suggestions include:

  • Animal horn or picture of one (held the oil for anointing)
  • Baby doll or small child figure (indicating that David was the youngest)
  • Binoculars (Samuel's search for the new king)
  • Crown (Kings wear crowns - David was anointed king)
  • Dirty sock (David didn't have time to clean up before coming inside)
  • Family picture with lots of children (Eight would be perfect - for brothers)
  • Heart (God looks on the heart)
  • Index card with Bible verse written on it (memory verse)
  • Picture of a dove or flames (Holy Spirit came upon David when he was anointed).  Older children - Index card with "Holy Spirit" written on it.
  • Index card with Old Testament written on it (where this story is found)
  • Index card with Scripture reference (where story is found - for older children)
  • Picture of a shepherd or small shepherd's crook (David was a shepherd)
  • Small bottle of oil (Samuel anointed David with oil)
  • Small stuffed sheep (David cared for his father's sheep)
  • Praying hands (Samuel prayed to God)

Place the objects in a large paper bag. Keep the bag closed so the children cannot see the objects before choosing.


Divide the children into two teams and have them seated with teacher and clue bag in the middle of the room.

First player on Team A reaches into Clue Bag and removes an item from the bag.

Player tells how the item relates to the story. For example: heart - God looks at people's hearts, not how they look on the outside.

If player needs help or is stumped, he or she can ask his team for help.

Play passes to next team.

Continue playing until all items have been taken from the Clue Bag.

Additional Clue Bag Game Suggestions from Luanne:

Have the children hold onto their items until everyone has pulled an item from the Clue Bag.  Then have the children work together to place their objects in the correct story order sequence.  For very young children pick one child to start and the others can help the next person decide if their item goes before or after the one(s) laid on the floor, then they place it.  Once done review story by pointing to each item.

Once they are in the correct order you could play, What's Missing, have children cover their eyes while you remove one item and then see if they can guess what part of the story is now missing.  Keep playing until everyone has had a turn to guess or they get tired of the game.


Written by: Neil MacQueen based on an idea from Grace Buchanan, with additional suggestions and formatting by Luanne Payne.

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Online Jeopardy! Style Game Option

Go to then click "Make a New Game" to create your own set of Anointing of David trivia using the questions included in this lesson. You will need to have online access in your classroom. See our article about getting that using your cellphone and a television, if you don't have another way to access the net.

More Game Adaptations for Younger Children

For younger children who cannot read, make memory cards with pictures of the Jeopardy game answers and the grab bag items for them. They selected items from the grab bag, told me about the selected item, then matched the two memory cards that related to the item.  (From member Julie)

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Anointing of David

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The Bible Skills & Games Workshop
 2 Lesson Plan

(Open to Supporting Members)


Summary of Lesson Activity
1sam16 on a Wheel of Fortune game board

Students will play a Wheel of Fortune-style game to learn and remember story details.

They will also play a "Gum" game during the study to learn about 1 Samuel and related books about the Kings.

This lesson also has an online game option for creating a Jeopardy style quiz.

Written by: Cindy Merten and Neil MacQueen for the Writing Team


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