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Elijah Super Set!

Lesson Plan Summaries

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The Writing Team's Elijah "Super Set" covers three major Elijah stories. This is a departure from our typical "one story per set" approach, but in the case of Elijah and these three stories, we think it's the right approach. Read more about that here.

The Elijah Super Set creatively tackles the big challenge of covering so much scripture about Elijah in a single set

ElijahLogo1Scriptures Covered in this Super Set

1 Kings 17:1-24 ~Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath 

1 Kings 18:2-46 ~Elijah, Ahab and the Prophets of Baal

1 Kings 19:1-16 ~Elijah and Still Small Voice

2 Kings 2:1-14 ~ Elijah recruits Elisha, Chariot of Fire, the Mantle

Note: We've listed four different passages above, but the third "Still Small Voice" passage can be considered a continuation of the Mt Carmel story found in the second passage. The lessons in this set were written to overcome the problem of long passages. Be sure to check each lesson's "adaptation" notes for extra help.

We have a helpful outline of each story posted with the Bible Background here at 

Key Verse and Message:

“How long will you go limping with two different opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal, then follow him.” (Elijah to the people of Israel on Mt Carmel, 1 Kings 18:21, NRSV)

Bible Background and Lesson Objectives

In addition to a richly detailed background on Elijah, his message, the meaning of his name, and his special place in the New Testament, our background includes:

Top 5 Reasons why it's entirely possible you don't know much about Elijah
and the 
Top 10 Reasons Why Elijah is the Greatest Prophet!

Workshops in this Set

Elijah-Mantle4"Elijah's Mantle" Art Workshop

Elijah's Mantle is both his message and his gift to Elisha, and to us. In this fun art workshop, students design a special "mantle t-shirt" that signifies their desire to carry on Elijah and Elisha's work. This lesson includes a special focus on the meaning of Elijah's name in Hebrew.

Bible Skills and Games Workshop

Students "travel"  to three fun game stations that teach the three stories:  Widow, Still Small Voice, and Mantle. The final game has a special focus on each of US picking up Elijah's mantle and declaring for God.

Computer *Presentation* Workshop

Elisha-smackThis lesson plan is designed for those without a dedicated computer lab and is easily adapted by those who do!  By bringing in a PC/laptop and possibly connecting it to either a TV or LCD projector, the teacher will present Sunday Software's Elijah and Jonah software and invite students to take turns navigating and answering pop-up content. This program is FREE to supporting members! Get it here.

Cooking Workshop

Groups work to create "Mosaic Story Cookies" to teach each other the stories of Elijah, and share his message in a yummy way with others. This workshop includes a special focus on the Hebrew meaning of Elijah's name -which is also his message.

Elijah-ElishapickingupDrama Workshop ~LEGOS or Story Table

This workshop lesson plan features a super creative and fun way to construct and tell the stories using either LEGOS or the "story table" approach. Students teach each other their assigned Elijah story.

Video Workshop

elijah-elishaWe've found an amazing 27 minute animated video that covers the stories of Elijah. Did we mention the video is free?

The Video Workshop would be an excellent "First Week" overview of the stories for all grades. And it has a really fun "Elijah's hair" reflection!

Tech Note for the Video and Computer "Presentation" Workshops

The Video and Computer Workshop lesson plans in this set have "how-to" connection helps for those as of yet unfamiliar with how to connect a computer to your TV or projector.

Both the Video Workshop and the Computer Presentation Workshop in this set do a particularly thorough job of presenting ALL THREE stories in a single lesson. Other lessons in this set "divide and conquer" the Elijah story lesson objectives in different ways.

Now that many videos are found ONLINE on such platforms as YouTube, instead of using a DVD player, Video Workshops occasionally need to use a laptop or tablet computer to connect to both the internet and display the content on a large screen TV or LCD projector

Some Rotation Model Sunday Schools also have, either a established computer "lab" with 2 or more computer stations running software, OR a single PC or laptop connected to a large screen TV or LCD projector for group viewing of the software. The Computer Workshop lesson plan in this set was written for both lab setups and group viewing

If you need more "how-to" help, consult's tech articles.

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