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Pentecost:  Wind, Fire, Faith!

Summary of Lessons in this Set

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This set was completely re-written and improved in 2016. Enjoy!

A note about this set from the Writing Team

pentecostlogoBecause Pentecost is an important annual celebration in the Church, this set features extra special lessons with an added degree of creativity, memorable activities, and celebratory enthusiasm!

Rather than go the traditional "birthday of the church" route, our lesson objectives and activities focus on how the Holy Spirit empowers disciples to share the Good News.

Rotation Modeler's will find enough for two Pentecost Rotations. Traditional Sunday Schools can cherry-pick here for years to come.

Scripture for the Lessons

Acts 2:1-8, 12-18, 36-47 ~ the story of Pentecost.
Teachers should read the entire story, Acts 1:1-2:41.

Key/Memory Verse
"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” -- Acts 1:8 (NRSV)

Summary of Lessons and Resources

Bible Background and Lesson Objectives

This Bible background inspires you with insights into the meaning of Pentecost story, background, and "talking points" for every lesson.

Art Workshop

Students use their breath and a straw to "inspire" their creation of a special Pentecost painting. 

Bible Skills & Games & Leaf Blower! Workshop

Students will participate in a number of "leaf blower-powered games" and create a "Mighty Wind Disciples Gallery" to share their enthusiasm for learning God's Word with others in the church. 

Computer Workshop

Students act out a special interactive reading of scripture then make the computer speak-aloud the "Good News" Peter shared at Pentecost using fun Pirate and Surfer vocabulary that gets to the heart of the message.

Cooking Workshop

Students will create a "Shavu'ot" (Pentecost) Feast by making fruit & cheese "blintzes" and thinking about how each ingredient reminds us of the Spirit's goodness to us.   This set contains a discussion of the origins and tradition of Shav'uot (the Hebrew name for Pentecost).

Creative Movement & Music WorkshopBlacklight Start a Fire SS

Students learn and perform fun motions in blacklight to the hit contemporary song, "Start a Fire" (by Unspoken). Includes printable motion instructions!

Drama Workshophat-flame

Students construct fun inflatable heart and flame props (which they can take home) to "inspire" a kid-friendly dramatic presentation of the Pentecost story.

Puppet Workshop

Students will rehearse the story of Pentecost and perform it using puppets and a kid-friendly script.

Video Workshop

This lesson uses a video from the terrific What's in the Bible? series and includes a detailed outline of the video's chapters.

Model Rocket Workshop

Soar to new heights of understanding with this special "model rocket launching" workshop. What's your launchpad? Who powers your faith? How are you guided? Where does God want you to soar?


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