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Peter, do you love me?

Summary of the Lesson Set


John 21:1-17 Peter runs to meet Jesus, "Peter do you love me?"

John 18:15-18, 25-27 Peter's Denial

Memory Verse: "Jesus said to him the third time, “Do you love me?” And Peter said to him, “Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you.” Jesus said to him, “Feed my sheep."  
John 21:17b (NRSV)

Summaries of Lessons & Resources

Bible Background and Lesson Objectives

Written in a devotional style for teachers, that gets to the heart of the story.

Leap of Faith Art Workshop

itsjesusStudents will learn about and re-enact Peter's joy at seeing the risen Christ, and consider what Jesus means to them as well. Then they'll create a special type of mural that expresses the heart of Peter's story.

"All About Peter" Games -or- Computer Workshop

This workshop features a fun "Board Game" quiz all about Peter --which can played in using either a life size Board Game you create, or using the Fall of Jericho board game software. The lesson comes with a question set that teaches students Peter's larger story.

This "All About Peter" lesson is a bit of a departure for WT lessons in that it covers his entire story, providing students the context for Peter's leap from the boat when he saw Jesus, and the response he made with his life to Jesus' command to "feed my sheep."

Cooking (Food) Workshop

Students will participate in a special "Monk's" meal which helps demonstrate what Jesus meant when he said, "Feed my sheep."  This lesson's "no appliance" cooking requirement allows churches who don't have access to a kitchen, or have a dedicated traditional cooking "workshop" setup, to enjoy a lesson where food is a tasty part of the teaching technique.

Shadow Drama Workshop

Students perform a "shadow" drama depicting and reflecting on the story of Peter rushing ashore to meet Jesus, Jesus questions Peter, "do you love me?" ...and our students acting out ways to "feed" Jesus' sheep. Comes with instructions about setting up the "shadow" drama stage and effect.

Mission Workshop

grocerybagAfter reading and discussing the scripture, students decorate paper grocery bags for families and members to take home to collect groceries for a local food bank. A take-home reflection activity is also included. This workshop has some extra-special tips for making this lesson more than just about collecting food.

Music Workshop

screenshot-music(Currently unavailable) Children will explore the relationship of Jesus, Peter and themselves through the singing and playing of “If You Know Me," written for this lesson. Lots of instructions and handouts make this accessible to even those with very modest musical abilities.

Prayer Stations Workshop

Students will rotate through several creative "Prayer Stations" where prayer activities to learn the Bible story and explore its life application for us today: Peter, if you love me, then feed, forgive, and pray for my sheep!  A handy handout guides the teachers at each station.

Video Workshopjesusandpeter

Students will watch and discuss a very special video "montage" of the story of Peter and Jesus that concludes with a moving appeal to serve him by feeding his sheep with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind. The video is free!

A Short Music Video Devotion

This is a 10 minute "devotion" and not a complete lesson plan. The music in the video, "If We are the Body" by Casting Crowns, examines how we as the Body of Christ need to do a better job of welcoming others, not exclude people, and avoid cliques, especially at church. Jesus told Peter essentially to be him in the world, to be his Body and feed his sheep.

Copyright 2017, The Writing Team


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