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The Story of Creation

Lesson Summaries

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Summary of the Set

This summary of the Team's Story of Creation lesson plans is open to everyone. The lesson plans are viewable and printable only by Supporting Members. Become a Supporting Member to see the lessons!

Each lesson in this set features the reading/hearing of scripture and creative activities that help children explore the meaning and life application of the Creation story. Rather than spending time on "what was created, on which day"—like many traditional lessons do—the Writing Team has focused their lessons on what it means to be created in the loving, caring, and creative image of God revealed from the very beginning in this story.

Though written in the innovative Rotation Model style, traditional Sunday Schools will find lots of creative inspiration in these lessons. Ideally, you will teach several lessons in a row from this set so that your students will learn and remember the important concepts in this story using all of their learning abilities!

Each lesson plan includes adaptations for different grades and class sizes, as well as suggestions for using the lesson at home, and those with shorter or longer class times.

Scripture for the Lesson

Genesis 1:1 - 2:3 (NIV)

Key Verse:  Genesis 1:27 (NIV)
"So God created mankind in his own image,
in the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them."

Genesis 1:1-2:3 is a long passage with many repetitions. The Writing Team has created a "shortened NIV version" of the passage, removing some of the repetitions, and attached it to lessons for your use.

Lesson Summaries and Set Resources

Bible Background and Lesson Objectives for Teachers
(open to all)

What is the "story" of Creation? What does it tell us about God and about our purpose? All Writing Team Bible Backgrounds are written for the classroom teacher and leaders in language and with explanations that can be used with children.

Art Lesson

A portion of 'Walking Alone' by Ted HarrisonGenesis 1 reveals God's creative joy as he calls the universe into being. This lesson emphasizes this portrait of God by celebrating Creation with a creative "wax resist" painting project inspired by the art of Canadian landscape painter, Ted Harrison.  (Includes a short PowerPoint of Harrison's art, sample pictured at right).

Audio-Visual, Video Lesson

Students will read When God Made the World, a beautiful book about the Story of Creation. Then, being inspired by a contemporary song, students will learn about and come up with ways they can participate in the care of Creation—the role God gave them his image to fulfill.

Logo for Video lesson - book read & video screenshot

Bible Skills and Games Lesson

Sharing the MessageStudents play two scripture games to help them learn and remember the story of Creation. Then they prepare a "Caring for Creation Card Pack" they can play at home to encourage others to appreciate and care for Creation in specific ways.

Mermaid-sequin fabricDrama & Music Lesson

Students will create and record a special lighting-effects-enhanced performance of the inspiring and popular Creation story song and music video "So Will I"—the 100 Billion Times song. Pictured right: the fun "mermaid-sequin" fabric used to create some of the special effects.

Science Lesson

Hands with Glo-Germ lotion on themUsing a special child-safe glowing lotion, students will experience a series of exceptionally hands-on activities that explore looking at Creation with the eyes of faith and the meaning and responsibility of being "made in the image of God."

Computer Software Presentation Lesson

Using free Creation story software, students will hear, see, and dig into the Genesis story before concluding with a computer-enhanced writing reflection. For use in computer "labs," or on a single computer presented on a large screen to the entire class. The Awesome Bible Stories software is free to download here at (for Supporting Members) and can be shared for home use with your families.

Menu showing the path thru the software

Writing Team members in a Zoom session

Team members:

  • Catherine Curtis, Church Educator, First UCC, Glen Ellyn IL
  • Chris Epstein, Church Educator, Leverington Presbyterian, Philadelphia
  • Luanne Payne, Church Educator, Hampton United, Ontario
  • Robin Stewart, Church Educator, 1st UMC, Athens GA
  • Neil MacQueen, Lead Writer, PCUSA minister, Westerville Ohio
  • Carol Hulbert, Editor, 1st UMC, Ann Arbor, MI
  • With additional contributions and oversight by the Board of Directors

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(40 different Bible story sets so far!)


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