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Reply to "ART Workshop Lessons and Ideas for Ruth"

Three "Foil Sculpture" Art ideas for Ruth & Naomi

(1) Create a sculpture of one person leading another

Create a foil sculpture of one person leading another using aluminum foil to create bodies and arms reaching.  (Pictured right: a foil sculpture of the Prodigal Son)

Foil can be wrapped around simple wire forms (made with bendable wire or coat hangers), or scrunched around dowel rods inserted into a base.

  • Foil let's the student express their imagination and understanding by shaping and posing key moments and insights in the story.
  • You can quickly create sculptures with foil.
  • It's inexpensive, scalable, and easy for all ages to use.

submitted by Neil MacQueen

Supporting Members: See the Writing Team's Ten Commandments Art Lesson for a complete "Foil Sculpture" tutorial.

Everyone can read the Art Workshop's "sculpture" topic. It has many examples.

(2) Create full-size cardboard cut-outs of Ruth and Naomi to retell the story.

Do this by cutting from a fridge box.

To havRuth's_Wise_Choicee Ruth holding Naomi find a picture that shows that, but draw Naomi as a whole person, then Ruth as a whole person. Where Ruth overlaps Naomi - just fill in the details.

Glue Ruth onto Naomi to give a 2-D effect. Paint your sculpture or use scraps of material and real jewelry, etc. for clothing them.

Have the oldest kid's trace out the pictures and draw in the line details and paint the faces. Have the other classes each dress sections of the two women.

To make the figures stand up, cut two triangle shapes to make two pieces for the back that could fold out to hold it upright, and fold it flat for storage (like a stand-up picture frame).

submitted by Luanne Payne

(3) Foil hands reaching/holding onto each other

1. Wrap your hand and wrist in several layers of aluminum foil and gently scrunch it around your fingers to create a "hand form."  

**Do not bend your fingers yet. Keep them straight so you can get your hand out of the form.

2. Now gently pull your hand out of the foil form and pack it with shredded newspaper or polyfill. 

3. Pose the hand and finger position with a second foil-hand to create a "whither thou goest, I will go" hand sculpture.

an idea from Neil suggested by Carol Hulbert

P.S. You can also create "life size foil sculptures" by wrapping students in foil and letting others "pose" them to express certain scripture verses, scenes, and ideas.


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