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Reply to "Stewardship & Gratitude Lesson Ideas"

Youtube video from Central Films:  "God's Pie" 

A man serves up pie to all his needs and leaves nothing for God.

Gets the point across in a clever and humorous way.

Can be downloaded (see note below the video on youtube.)

What I'd do with this video is this:  after showing it and discussing it, I'd have the KIDS make their own "God's Pie" video.  Instead of "mortgage" and "car" -what would kids say they spend God's pie on? I'd also have the kids make a second version showing the "right way" to divide up their pie. God first? 

Veggie Tales:  Madame Blueberry

Considered one of the better DVDs in the series, Madame Blueberry learns a lesson about greed and "stuff."

She isn't happy and thinks it's because she doesn't have enough stuff. Then, a Stuff-Mart opens up down the road. Through Madame Blueberry's quest for more stuff she realizes that all the stuff in the world won't make her happy.

What she wants is a happy and thankful heart. She realizes this a little too late and loses her treehouse. -but is still thankful for the lesson she learned.  (yes, children, spending on stuff can cost you!)   In this age of "gotta have it all," this is a great way to show kids that having a lot of "stuff" won't buy happiness. 

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