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This discussion thread is a collection of Miscellaneous ideas for teaching about Stewardship and Gratitude that have been posted at our site over the years. 

You will find more ideas in the Bible story topics that relate to stewardship and giving, such as the Parable of the Talents and Widow's Mite.

Here's an interesting stewardship video published for free on YouTube from Worship House Media.

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When we did the Stewardship unit we made giving-saving-spending banks out of the small potato chip cans. We decorated each can with paper cut to fit the can, then glued them together. They were held together (while the glue dried) with a large rubber band, then covered that with a ribbon.

Julie Burton


julie burton posted:

There is a board game called "Money Matters for Kids" by Larry Burkett, from TV's "Money Matters."  He also wrote a book by that name for kids that has Biblical principles, jokes and examples in it. We used it with our stewardship rotation and the kids loved it.  If you don't see it on Amazon, try



Thrivent for Lutherans has several games and computer CDs relating to money management for various age kids. They are a complimentary benefit for members of Thrivent. You don't even have to pay for the postage. 

Barb Swihart

We used a tableaux drama. Discuss different kinds of stewardship with the children. Try to come up with lots of ideas (financial, ministering to the sick, stewards of the earth's resources, etc). Write them down on slips of paper. Divide into groups and each group pulls a slip of paper. Each group decides how to portray that particular type of stewardship using a tableaux, or still life. No talking, moving, or props allowed. The others guess what they are portraying. It was simple but fun.

Jan FPC Napa

A friend recently shared a mini-workbook with me called "Your Money, Your Message ... a workbook to help kids link their faith, values, and finances" from Lutheran Brotherhood (website unavailable)


I'm focusing on the widow's mite this year, last year it was the Parable of the Talents. For drama, we are using the skits on the Lessons Exchange Board under the widow's mite and then discussing them. 

For computer, we are using Cal and Marty's Scripture Memory CD and adding a lot of verses on giving. We will also use Bible Grand Slam with questions about widow's mite and also things around our church that the budget goes toward.

julie burton posted

The "All My Stuff Belongs to God" Children's Ministries website has a great blog post with stewardship lesson ideas for preschool and children.

JanS posted 

There is a wonderful book called "The Table Where Rich People Sit" by Byrd Baylor, Aladin Publishing, 1998, 9780689820083, that would provide a great basis for a stewardship lesson! 

Note: As of 2018 it is still for sale on Amazon, which tells you it's a good one.

Someone has posted a pre and post book reading discussion for families at


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Some Video Suggestions: 

MMB: posted

Videos that would be good for teaching stewardship concepts:

VeggieTales: Madam Blueberry has to do with how we accumulate stuff.

Also, try the story of Flibber-O-Loo (not sure which tape it's on) to talk about using our time and talents to help those in need.  [Moderator update -  this is found on the VeggieTales DVD "Are You My Neighbor" and they renamed Flibber-O-Loo to "Tale of Two Cities".]

Neil posted:

How about "Stewardship Commercials" ? 

"Don't be like this man who buried his talents in the ground..." 

"Gifts that God really wants" that begins with "things God doesn't need."

Barb posted

We used "The Lorax" for Stewardship. It was perfect!

Lisa M. posted 

A video we've used for money type issues with kids is "Do the Right Thing" from the McGee & Me series. A young boy is deciding how to spend money he's earned.

Here are a couple of resources that I have used for stewardship teaching:

  • The Quiltmaker's Gift by Jeff Brumbeau Scholastic Press isbn 0-439-30910-7 (NOTE: this is not a “Christian” book per se, but is a wonderful story about selfishness, unconditional love, and giving)
  • Teaching kids to care and share Abingdon Press isbn 0-6870-8428-8
  • The Big Book of Presbyterian Stewardship by Elaine Barnett published by Geneva Press isbn 0-664-50157-5
  • Hands-On Service Ideas for Children’s Ministry published by Group isbn 0-7644-2040-2
  • Family Serve Volunteer Opportunities for Families by Mary Thoele published by Quality Life Resources isbn 1-931380-01-5
  • Giving Together A Stewardship Guide for Families by Carol Wehrheim available from Westminster John Knox Press isbn 0-664-22689-2
  • The Table Where Rich People Sit Byrd Baylor isbn 0-689-82008-9
  • The Doggy Dung Disaster and Other True Stories Garth Sundeen isbn 13-978-1-57542-9

Youtube video from Central Films:  "God's Pie" 

A man serves up pie to all his needs and leaves nothing for God.

Gets the point across in a clever and humorous way.

Can be downloaded (see note below the video on youtube.)

What I'd do with this video is this:  after showing it and discussing it, I'd have the KIDS make their own "God's Pie" video.  Instead of "mortgage" and "car" -what would kids say they spend God's pie on? I'd also have the kids make a second version showing the "right way" to divide up their pie. God first? 

Veggie Tales:  Madame Blueberry

Considered one of the better DVDs in the series, Madame Blueberry learns a lesson about greed and "stuff."

She isn't happy and thinks it's because she doesn't have enough stuff. Then, a Stuff-Mart opens up down the road. Through Madame Blueberry's quest for more stuff she realizes that all the stuff in the world won't make her happy.

What she wants is a happy and thankful heart. She realizes this a little too late and loses her treehouse. -but is still thankful for the lesson she learned.  (yes, children, spending on stuff can cost you!)   In this age of "gotta have it all," this is a great way to show kids that having a lot of "stuff" won't buy happiness. 

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