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Three Kings, Magi, Wisemen, Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh, Star of Bethlehem, Matthew 2:1-12, Herod, Jesus' birth, etc. 

Originally posted by Member Neil MacQueen

Two Great Magi Story DVD's:

1 "The Fourth Wiseman" (live actor version)

2. "The Other Wiseman" (Animated Version)

Both of these popular videos retell the story of "The Other Wiseman"  --the one who tried and failed to catch up to the other three because people in need kept crossing his path. The videos are based on the famous story by the Rev Henry Van Dyke. Van Dyke was a famous Presbyterian preacher and professor at Princeton at the turn of the 20th century, Published in 1898, the story was originally called "The Story of the Other Wiseman." Wiki

DVD - "The Fourth Wiseman" - This *live action* version of the Van Dyke's "Other Wiseman" story was done in a 'live' version starring Alan Arkin and Martin Sheen. The "Fourth" live version is about 55 minutes long. The live version is much preferred if you have the time, and is readily available from various Christian video outlets.

There's a low-res full-length preview of it posted on Youtube. We've linked to it here:

DVD -"The Other Wiseman" (Animated)- Many of you have been looking for the shorter animated version of Henry Van Dyke's story of "The Other Wiseman" and it looks to have gone out of print. However, we found it posted on YouTube at;

The animated "Other Wiseman" video was produced by Bonneville Communications, a branch of the LDS Church, but does not proselytize. Van Dyke was a Presbyterian minister.

You can download a free 'ripping' tool to copy the video from youtube to your computer and bring to church for viewing if you don't have internet access in your classroom. Google for such a tool. (You may also find this video in a Christian resource library.)

The youtube video quality is pretty good full screen.

<>< Neil

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