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Welcome to our 2022 Zoom Coffee Chat Calendar,
announcements, and reports!

In 2022, our conversations continue the "rebuilding" theme with an emphasis on practical and creative things we can do to improve our reaching and teaching in Sunday School and Children's Ministry. In 2021, each of our get-togethers focused on some aspect of "renewing and rebuilding" Sunday School as we came out of the pandemic.

Scroll down for upcoming events,
highlights and summaries of the discussion.

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Creative Ways to Teach with Kids' Bible Software, Bible Apps, and Technology in Sunday School and at Home

Thank you to the approximately 3 dozen people who participated in our September 20, 2022, free Zoom Coffee Chat Event to explore using free Bible software and Bible apps.

View the recording of the event here

Our presenter was Rev. Neil MacQueen, a Presbyterian minister (PCUSA) specializing in Christian education. Neil was one of the founders of the Rotation Model and currently serves as's webmaster. For 24 years, Neil resourced, supported, and created children's Bible software in his own independent ministry. He also wrote many of the computer workshop lessons found at our site.   

Joining Neil is the Rev. Ron Shifley, an avid user-of and teacher-with Bible software and technology. Ron is the Pastor of Emmanuel Evangelical (Reformed) Church in Needville Texas.

A video of the webinar Coffee Chat is available here with an outline and links to all the resources mentioned in it.

By popular request, there will be a Part 2 Zoom Computers in Sunday School Zoom Coffee Chat: "Show Me the Software!" on April 25, 2023. Details here.

If you have a single laptop or several computers, an iPad, or cellphone with an internet connection in your classroom, or are just looking for resources to recommend to parents, THIS SEMINAR IS FOR YOU.



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Many thanks to all who attended the May 2022 Summer Ministry Ideas Roundtable!

Take a look at the SUMMER MINISTRY IDEAS topic to see a VIDEO of the event and more discussion, links, and ideas from what was shared.

Summer Children's Ministry Idea Roundtable

a Coffee Chat

wormyBeachWe had over an hour of great ideas, sharing, brainstorming, and encouragement.

  1. Ron Shifley shared that his church does not offer children’s Sunday school during summer, and the church’s focus shifts to special programs for children. He shared information about Summer Music Camp, accompanied by plenty of pictures. Details here.
  2. Luanne Payne shared how attendance drops during summer, so her church’s Sunday school stops for the summer in June – for the regular volunteers. But she keeps the program going in a more simple and informal way for children who do show up, using computer games, videos, and a story table to review stories from the past year. See her summary sharing how she is ready every week to lead a simple lesson here.
  3. Amy Crane shared a summer sleepaway camp program using drama and puppet lessons that could be adapted for use in other settings such as Saturday morning programs and art camps.
  4. Robin Stewart shared a summer Sunday school adaptation for smaller crowds that gives families a fun reason to attend church when they are in town: Summer FUNday School. This summer Sunday school format still digs into Bible stories, but also includes special fun activities in combined age groups. Work was spread between volunteers and leadership from different program areas so that all got a break for some of the summer.
  5. Ian Grimm talked about a series his church did one summer to give the regular teachers a three-month break. For the Bible XP, the older elementary students were presented with Bibles and spent the summer getting to know the contents and themes of the Bible.
  6. Heather Margerison shared a curriculum she plans to use this summer called Worship in the Woods from Engage Worship.

You can see more details here at our website and on YouTube.

We encourage you to take a look at the summer ministry resources that were shared and then add your own ideas and adaptations to the conversation at Summer Ministry Ideas: Sunday school, VBS, musicals, camps, special events in the park.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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  • Summer Sunday School and Children's Ministry Ideas
  • More Summer Sunday School and Children's Ministry Ideas
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Highlights of our March 2022 Zoom Coffee Chat
"Leading and Teaching in a Small Sunday School"


The following 40-minute video of our March 2022 Zoom discussion was such a large file that I uploaded it to my YouTube Channel. We'll also be posting it over in our "Small Sunday School Forum" and adding more text-only highlights and content over there too -Neil

Go to our Small Sunday School Forum for both Traditional and Rotation Model Sunday School.


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Summary of "Planning for Lent and Easter Sunday School in 2022," our January Coffee Chat


Two dozen Christian educators gathered virtually on January 25 to share ideas and to encourage one another as we make plans for meaningful Lent and Easter lessons and activities in our churches. We began our time together with a shared-screen site tour highlighting the resources at this site for Lent and Easter. A transcript of the tour as well as summaries of the breakout groups and the ensuing conversation is attached. Some key points from our time together:

  • Our site tour included a look at one of the many topical essays and teaching articles by our webmaster (and Workshop Rotation Model innovator) Neil MacQueen: “Should children ‘give up’ something for Lent?” This think-piece will help you consider introducing spiritual practices such as fasting, service, and prayer to the young people you work with. This piece -- and others of the articles at our site -- include thought-provoking graphics that you can share with your community.
  • Information about Faithful Families for Lent, Easter, and Resurrection, the brand new book of "at home" Lenten practices and devotions recommended by Donna Foster and lauded by others.
  • There was a good discussion about how to make Easter egg hunts more meaningful.  You can see some suggestions at our site here; please add your ideas.
  • A smaller group stayed in the chat a bit longer, and we had a good conversation about the importance of building relationships with the children and families in our churches, and talked a bit about ways to used technology to help with that. Check the transcript for a summary.

What are your thoughts about meaningful lessons and activities for Lent and Easter? Share your ideas and insights below.

Participants agreed that it is nice to share challenges and support with others at these events. We hope you can join us at our next Coffee Chat in March! Follow this topic for date and details.

The image pictured above is from's Annie Vallotton Bible Illustrations Collection.


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Members of our sharing community gathered on Zoom

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

to discuss Planning for Lent and Easter Sunday School in 2022


Our Zoom Chats are gatherings of Christian educators, teachers, and pastors in a one-hour discussion that usually features a brief presentation, break-out groups, and idea sharing. You're welcome to join in the discussion or just listen in. The meetings are led by members of the Board.

A summary and transcript of this gathering has been posted in case you missed the gathering or want to see the links to resources that we talked about.


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