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The lesson plans, ideas, and resources in this "General" forum about Jesus' Birth tend to cover the "entire" story of Jesus' birth, rather than focusing on individual parts or persons in it. Check our other Advent story forums for lessons that are more specific to particular persons or episodes, such as angels, Mary, shepherds, Magi, etc. Don't forget the Writing Team's extra creative Advent lesson sets too!

This thread is for posting your Computer lesson plans and ideas for teaching the Birth of Jesus.

Please include complete titles and their publisher for resources.

ADDITIONAL COMPUTER LESSONS and IDEAS for Jesus' Birth can be found in the more specific "through the eyes of" forums in this lesson forum.


This particular "Multi-Story" forum is for lessons and ideas that span MANY parts of the Christmas/Birth of Jesus story in one lesson, whereas those other forums tend to focus on certain episode and characters, such as, Mary or the Shepherds.

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An Advent Fridge Magnet Computer Workshop Project:

This works with many different Advent scriptures and emphases.Advent Fridge Magnet

For example, you could use the Luke 2 story of "What the Shepherds Told", after they visited the Christ child and went out to spread the message. 

Or, you could use this project as "What the Angels Announced".

So what message did they spread that first Advent?  

Students condense that first Christmas Message into a single pithy quote they can take home and put on the fridge.   

Parents benefit from having the church's Advent schedule of special events on the fridge.

Printable Magnet Sheets can be found in most office supply stores (or online).  You'll have student design a printable message in WORD and print it on the magnet sheets, one full sheet per student.

The top part of the printed magnet sheet will have an Advent graphic they have chosen, and an Advent quote/message to their family. The middle part of the sheet will have 3 or 4 lines of information from the church's calendar, including Christmas Eve Service Times. The bottom third of the sheet can be labeled: "Thing We Want to Do to Celebrate Christ's Birth".


After your Christmas Bible study and discussion....

Step 1:  Open Word on the computer and have students design a "Christmas Message" to their family on the top third of the page.  This Message should be based on the scripture and discussion you just had. It can be as simple as a phrase from a verse, or a more complex "Saying/Quote/Reminder".

You may want to suggest a few pithy quotes. They don't have to be from scripture. Encourage older students to come up with their own quote.

Step 2:  In the Middle Third of the page, have the students type key Advent Dates/Activities from your CHURCH calendar. Don't just limit it to Worship or Kid activities. If there's a Mom's luncheon, include that too. This is going on the fridge for the family!   If you are inspired and have the time, have the students include "activity reminders" such as, "spend time as a family wrapping gifts/collecting food/shoes/coats for the poor." If you want to save time, you can have these typed in another document and then have the students Cut & Paste from that document into theirs. They can select from the "suggestions" you provide or come up with their own.

Step 3:  On the Bottom Third of the page, leave some blank space so that families can add-in their Family Advent reminders/dates/ideas using a marker.

Print and have students share their Advent Fridge Magnets with each other.

Time: 20-25 minutes after your study.

Important Tech Notes: 

Check to see if your computer HAS WORD INSTALLED. Also check to see if Word's clipart package was installed with it as well.  It has a lot of nice Xmas graphics.

If you don't have Word, then you either need to...  

Install Word. If your church office uses it, and has a site license to use it, you can install Word in your computer lab for free.  OR, if you don't have a copy of Word or a site license for it, you can install the free copy of OPEN OFFICE from  It works just like Word.

If you don't have ready-made clip-art...

You can put together your own CD of Xmas clipart gleaned from the internet and copy it to each computer. OR, you can have a copy of Christian Clickart or similar clipart CD which has Xmas images. OR, if you have an internet connection, the kids can do a Google Image search for Xmas images (using 'safesearch' option please!).

Make sure your INKJET PRINTER has plenty of colored ink in the cartridge. In fact, probably need to buy an extra just in case.

Do NOT use graphics with heavy colored areas, such as, dark blue nighttime skies. These will eat up  your ink.


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  • Advent Fridge Magnet
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Another great "General" Advent Story Computer Workshop Project

There are several software programs that cover different parts of the Advent story:

  • Fluffy and God's Amazing Christmas Adventure (Grades K-7) is FREE to supporting members, Learn more here!
  • Life of Christ CD has several short narrated presentations and quizzes. (Grades 2 and up)
    has gone out of print (its material has been turned into an online course). Learn more here!
  • Play and Learn Children's Bible CD (for PreK-1st) Out of print.
    (only works on Windows Me/XP/Vista, and Windows 7- 32 bit.)  
  • Charlie Church Mouse #1 has Matthew's Wisemen story, and #3 has the Luke 2 Birth Story.  Out of print.

It's quite common for a church computer lab to own one or more of the above CDs. And because Christmas comes around every year, those same churches often return to these familiar titles again and again. Thus, because this lesson idea "samples" a little bit from each in a new way, this "Station" approach will be particularly refreshing if you have already made heavy use of one or more of these CD.

"Advent Computer Station Rotation"

In the "Advent Computer Station Rotation," students ROTATE to between different computers, each of which has a different CD. At each station they find a written instruction telling them WHICH PART OF THE CD to use.

For example, say you want to study "THE MAGI" and have 3 computers. 

Computer #1:   Fluffy CD's Section 6 on the Magi

Computer #2:   Life of Christ CD Lesson #8 on the Magi

Computer #3:   Play & Learn Bible CD Lesson on the Wisemen.**

See matrix below.

That station also has a "question slip" which they pick up and answer. The question is about something they saw in that program. They fill it out, and take the slips with them to the next computers. After they have finished the 'rotation' between stations, the group collects for a discussion.  I have included some Suggested Questions below.

**Yes, I would use Play and Learn CD's "Wisemen" lesson even with my "old" kids for this lesson! My question slip at that station would be this:  "After using this Preschooler-K CD, write down an explanation of the significance of the Birth of Jesus (why they should care) in terms a 4 year old would understand."   (Sneaky, huh?)

Decor Tip:  Theme each computer with some decoration based on the CD's story that will be used. For example, if you're covering "Shepherds" in Luke 2, drape a shepherd's headdress over the monitor, or create a simple "shepherd's tent" over the top using poles. For Magi, decorate one station with stars, another with gift boxes.  It's the rotation model, have the time!  You should also have your students dress as shepherds and magi to rotate.


Here's a simple matrix of what stories are found in which programs. Use it to plan your stations.


Fluffy & God's Amazing Christmas Adventure CD

Life of Christ CD

Play and Learn Children's Bible CD

Charlie Church Mouse CD (#1 Preschool)

Charlie Church Mouse CD (#3 K-1)

Luke 1: Angels Announce to Mary/Joseph






Luke 2: Birth/Angels/Shepherds






Matthew 2: Magi






Isaiah 9: Unto us... Prince of Peace






Luke 1: Mary's Song







Here are some suggested questions for each station's Question slip....


Suggested Questions:

Luke 1: Angels Announce to Mary/Joseph

What did Mary/Joseph have to be afraid of?

How does God usually speak to us?

Luke 2: Birth/Angels/Shepherds

Name 3 places you can go tell others about Christ's birth.

Matthew 2: Magi

What gifts does Jesus want?

Isaiah 9: Unto us... Prince of Peace

Come up with 3 other perfect names for Jesus that describe who he is.

Luke 1: Mary's Song

Write down 3 keywords from Mary's song that you think "says it all."



*Standard Disclaimer:

I am the owner of Fluffy. I have been encouraged by the Board to post my computer lab lessons and ideas, and appreciate that!  My work with computers in CE grew out of my Rotation work.

Note: Other producers of teaching materials are allowed to post lesson plans at that reference their materials, as long as they identify their interest, their post is substantial, their post is not merely a  link to "learn more at their site", and their material is a natural fit for the Rotation Model and reserves the right to modify these and all posts to fit their policy.

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