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Computer, Bible App Lessons, Ideas, Activities, and Resources for Elijah, the Prophets of Baal, and the Still Small Voice

Post your Sunday School computer lessons, app suggestions, and related lesson ideas, activities, and resources for 1 Kings 19: Elijah, the Prophets of Baal, and the Still Small Voice

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Elijah, Ahab & Jezebel
the Prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel,
and the Still Small Voice

Computer Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Uses the Elijah & Jonah (by Sunday Software), from which the graphics here were cribbed. This program has 3 different Elijah stories.

Sunday Software's Elijah and Jonah software is now available FOR FREE to's supporting members for use in their church and church member homes. Learn more and download the program.

Scripture Reference:

1 Kings 18 and 19

Why teach this story?

  • Elijah is considered to be "the greatest prophet," and certainly one of Israel's most famous, in part, because he was active during the reign King Ahab, one of the most despised kings.  He stood tall against false prophets, and when he became discouraged and exhausted, hid on Mt Sinai, only to be nurtured by God and sent to get help (find Elisha!).
  • Elijah-CaptureElijah is the 'other' person who appears to Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration, ...Moses being the first.
  • Elijah was thought to be coming back when the Messiah appeared. Indeed, passers-by at the cross thought they heard Jesus calling upon Elijah.
  • At Seder there is a CUP known as "Elijah's Cup."  It would be filled and celebrants would look to see if Elijah would enter the room to announce the Day of the Lord. Thus by extension, our cup at Communion, raised by Jesus, is Elijah's cup.
  • This particular story also sets up the pivotal story of Elijah training Elisha to take over his ministry. Elijah is taken up in a whirlwind and Elisha "picks up the mantle."  It's a great metaphor for Christian education. (That story is also in this program.)
  • The story of Elijah is one of PERSEVERANCE, LISTENING to God, and the importance of recognizing even faith heroes need HELP!  The story's vivid imagery delivers the message big time!

Leader Preparation:

  • Gather the materials.
  • Read the scripture ahead of time
  • Explore the software

Materials List:

  • Elijah & Jonah Software


Opening- Welcome and Lesson Introduction:

Greet the children and introduce yourself.

Open with a prayer.

See what the students already know about this story.

Write out the 'agenda for the day' (what you want them to do in the software, and main questions of the day) for all to see, especially your assistant teachers.

Write in large letters:  "EVEN HEROES NEED HELP" and ask the student to explain what they think this might mean. (the story will make the importance of this idea clear)

Write in large letters:  "HOW DOES GOD SPEAK TO US?"  and ask for student suggestions. The end of the story (the still small voice) will focus on this.

Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

Software Overview:

Nearly the entire story of Elijah, Ahab and Jezebel, the Contest with the Prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel, Elijah escaping to Mt Sinai, and Earthquake, Wind and Fire, and the Still Small Voice, ...all in a kid-friendly way.

Importantly, you will be spending MOST of your class time IN the software. The software fully presents the story, has pop-up notes, quizzes, and activities, and has reflection content and a game.  Ages 8 to adult will enjoy it.

E-Prophets of Baal
Below is a screenshot of the final interactive page in the Elijah story showing its collection of follow-up discussion questions and activities to select from.

Dive into the Software!  (Approx 20 minutes)

Split into groups of 2 or 3 with a teaching assistant at each computer and start at the beginning of the Elijah~Prophets~Small Voice story.

♦♦♦ Depending on your number of helpers, you may feel that your kids "got" the story and its meaning, have discussed it, and are ready to play the Baal Invaders game.  You might also choose to break away from the computer to compare notes with your kids before going into the game.

Reflect  (5 minutes, as they will have already done some of this in the story).

The following items are found on the student worksheet and are printed in this lesson plan for reference. You may choose to discuss them as a group after using the software. The empty boxes on the worksheet are there to be PRE-CHECKED by the teacher to denote which questions you want the kids to be prepared to answer. The page number refers to the page in the interactive story.

Page 9: The Angel helps Elijah

  • When you feel alone or defeated, who comes to help you?
  • What do they say that helps?

Page 10: Earthquake, Wind and Fire.

  • Where do you “run off to” to feel safe or look for answers to your problems?
  • What is God’s response to Elijah’s problems?  (Get help! but where can you go to find YOUR "Elisha"?)

Page 11: End Page with Study Elements and Game

  • Why did God bring Elijah out to see earthquake, wind and fire?
  • What is your #1 complaint to God about?
  • Name three people in your life who are ready to help you with your problems:
  • How is The Church like the 7000?


End with a prayer.

A lesson written by Neil MacQueen

Disclaimer: The author of this lesson also sells the software mentioned and has been encouraged by the Rotation Board to post lessons. This is the only software which covers this story. You are welcome to post other software and lesson suggestions below.


Images (2)
  • Elijah-Capture
  • E-Prophets of Baal
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Found this in the Computer Workshop Design Forum - posted by supporting member ZBCC under
Computer Workshop Resources, Teaching Methods, Software, Websites

Using Audacity to create a Radio Show

We have just recently started using our computers to create radio shows.  We use a free pc program called Audacity to edit our recordings and the kids have been loving it!  

Kids take turns recording their voices to tell a story, create a news show or even make a radio commercial all based around the story we are learning.  We also have downloaded some free sound effects to add into their stories.  We find this works best with Grades 3-6.

We find that the basic outline helps direct the kids, provides lots of room for creative input and also keeps up on pace for a short teaching time.  Sometimes we tell the story fairly "correctly" and other times we try to put a spin on the story for creativity and also challenge the kids to think about aspects of the story more deeply.

The kids first complete the script's fill-in areas and then record it.

ZBCC also attached their "Elijah and the Prophets of Baal Radio Script". Here is the link to access the script.
Neil MacQueen added
--  Kid Pix 4 or the newer "3D" version software has a recording option and you can add pictures or text. Easy for younger ones.

Check out The Voice version of scripture. It's laid out like a screenplay in contemporary translation. It's one of the version options at A good start for any script.
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The story of Elijah and the Still Small Voice in 1 Kings 19 is found in the SunScool Bible App for Kids.

The App is free, ecumenical, and can be downloaded for use on tablets, smartphones, Windows, and Mac!    Get the download link and look up the story you need in our Outline of all 170+ stories in SunScool. That page also includes app helps.

SunScool Bible App for Kids

Look for it in the "Elijah" section of the menu in all four levels:

Levels 1 and 2:

  • C9-1: Elijah obeys God (Elijah fed by Ravens)
    1 Kings 17:1-7
  • C9-2: Elijah trusts God (Widow of Zarephath, arising her son)
    1 Kings 17:8-16
  • C9-3: Elijah serves God (Elijah, Ahab, Prophets of Baal, Mt Carmel)
    1 Kings 18:1-39
    C9-4: Elijah forgets (flees) God (Cave of Horeb, earthquake, wind, fire, still voice)
    1 Kings 19:1-16

Levels 3 and 4:

  • C9-1 : God's Punishment  (Ahab becomes king, Jezebel, drought, ravens)
    1 Kings 16:29-33; 17:1-7
  • C9-2 : God's Provision, Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath
    1 Kings 17:7-24; Matthew 6:31-34
  • C9-3 : God's Power, Elijah and the Prophets of Baal
    1 Kings 18:1-46; Joshua 24:15
  • C9-4 : God's Presence, Earthquake, Wind, Fire, Still Small Voice
    1 Kings 19:1-18; Isaiah 40:29-31

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