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Please post your "Music and Other" Workshop Lessons and Ideas for Good Samaritan

that don't seem to fit the other medium-specific workshops in this forum.

Be sure to visit our Writing Team's "Good Sam Lesson Set!
It has a really fun Music and "Dance, Dance" Workshop
that uses the Ghostbusters song "Who You Gonna Call?"  (Good Samaritan!)

Sunday School lessons about the Parable of the Good Samaritan

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A great idea gleaned from a previous set of posts:


Conduct a Good Samaritan First Aid Workshop


Children learn how to take care of themselves and the friends should something happen to them. This could include medical first aid, knowing who to call, when to call 911, how to handle dangerous people or dangerous situations. 


For local resources:


  • Contact your local Red Cross. 
  • Contact your teachers/principles, as they often "know who" in the community comes in to teach these skills. 
  • Talk to any family physicians in your congregation or neighborhood.
Assemble First Aid Kits
  • One for your family, another to give to visitors at your church.
  • Check the church's first aid kit.  
A Kit List:

• 20 Adhesive bandages, various sizes. 
• 1 5" x 9" sterile dressing. 
• 1 Roll - gauze bandage. 
• 2 Triangular bandages. 
• 2 3 x 3 sterile gauze pads. 
• 2 4 x 4 sterile gauze pads. 
• 1 Roll 3" cohesive bandage. 
• 2 Germicidal hand wipes or waterless alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 
• 6 Antiseptic wipes. 
• 2 Pair large medical grade non-latex gloves. 
• 1 roll of Adhesive tape, 2" width. 
• 3-4 packets or 1 small tube of Anti-bacterial ointment
Create a Social Service Info Center in your church
  • Have students create and decorate a "Good Samaritan Information Center" of local social services available in your community. 
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Visit from local Ambulance Attendant

We have a church member that is also an ambulance attendant.,  Mary came, in uniform, told the Good Samaritan story and had  the kids act it out in front of the big group, she  talked about how she get's to be a Good Samaritan in her job, She talked about what she did and how she has to treat everyone kindly that needs help no matter what they look like.  She talked about basic first aid what to do if you had a nose bleed, or applying pressure to a wound, when to call 911 and when not to, what to do if you were caught on fire? (stop drop and roll and the kids did it), she talked about what to do if you ever got lost, she talked about how to be a Good Samaritan on the playground when someone is hurt or feeling  left out,  then we took a field trip in our church to the AED on the wall and  she talked about what the AED (defibrillator) was and if an adult ever told you to get it, this is where you would find it,  She drove an ambulance squad and we all got to go inside (tight fit) and she showed us what she did and how things worked and even ran the siren.  It was a hit! The kids were really engaged and asking all kinds of questions.  Now the kids will follow up in the kitchen the following week with making heart cookies to give to Mary  to take back to her  co-workers along with thank you notes.  We have tried to make this unit a real hands-on unit for the kids to realize that they too can be a "good Samaritan" ..

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Making blankets for the Linus project, donating food and clothing for our food pantry at the church and taking a tour through the food and clothing room and putting our donations on the shelves,

Our offerings for this unit will be going to "Doctors without Borders" and we talked about these modern day Samaritans in this organization and what they do,   


The Good Samaritan (Nest)


Older kids will be making  pot pies to give to needy families  and younger children will be frosting cookies to give to the ambulance company that sponsored the ambulance visit. 

This unit has been a wonderful hands on unit, unfortunately, we had a snow storm on two of the Sundays and that limited our attendance, but the ones that attended were really excited and engaged. 

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