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Welcome to our free Sunday School teacher training, continuing education, and Sunday School teacher recruiting resources here in's "Paste in My Hair" forum. Be sure to check out our "Paste in My Hair" Teacher Training Handouts.

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More Links: Ten Great Reasons to Teach Sunday School | Teacher "Be-attitudes" is pleased to offer the following printable and shareable "Paste in My Hair" Teacher Training and Continuing Education resources for Sunday School teachers. Each is formatted as a single-page PDF to make them easy to digest, discuss, print, and/or email. Some are also available as expanded articles here at our site.

  • Written for Sunday School teachers, leaders, and committees to share and discuss.
  • Designed with all types of Sunday School and in mind.
  • Applicable to all forms of children's ministry.

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Available Teacher Training Printables

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  1. Ten Great Reasons to Teach Sunday School
    -- a list of reasons and encouragements to share with teachers and to help recruit Sunday School teachers and promote the benefits of being a Sunday School teacher! -- a 1-page PDF.

  2. Teacher "Be-attitudes" ...Be-on time, Be-prepared, Be-joyful... (and more). This Sunday School teacher training handout excerpts insights from our Be-attitudes Teacher Training Event. Share and discuss how each of you can "be" a better teacher and leader of children.

  3. WT-Apple"Low Hanging Fruit" to glean creative teaching ideas straight from the scripture text itself.  ...a printable, shareable excerpt from our full article about "Low Hanging Fruit."  This lesson brainstorming and lesson planning article was originally written to train our Writing Team teachers.

  4. "What Would Jesus Ask?" ...classroom discussion questions and life application emphasis you can ask in every lesson. A graphic of kid-friendly discussion questions and reminders to keep Jesus in all our lessons. 1 page PDF. See the extended "Jesus Gap" article here.

  5. "How to Do a Bible Word Study" that will expand your teaching vocabulary and stoke your creative Sunday School lesson ideas using insights straight from the scripture text itself. 1 page PDF designed to teach and be discussed. See the full article for more examples.

  6. "18 Ways to Use Your Cellphone in the Classroom" -- a 1 page PDF.  Most teachers have this powerful and creative communication device already with them in the classroom. This article helps Sunday School teachers use their cellphones in fun and lesson-enhancing ways. 1 page PDF. See the full article here, read more "ways," and add your ideas.

  7. "How to Unpack Bible Metaphors with Children" -- 2-page PDF
    Piaget was wrong! Until recently it was believed that children didn't have the capacity for the abstract thinking required to understand Bible metaphors. This article shows how that has changed! ...and charts four simple steps to "unpacking" metaphors with children in Sunday School, ...because "unpacking" metaphors is what Sunday School teachers do.

  8. "The Four Questions Every Teacher Should Ask Their Students"
    We recommend you read the full article for the full details. The one-page PDF condensed version of the article is good for sharing and discussion.

  9. "Connecting and Caring Beyond the Classroom"NEW-ICON

Intentional outreach to students beyond the classroom is both a personal blessing and a great opportunity to minister to kids and grow better students. This one-page PDF shares 13 ideas for reaching out.

Read a slightly longer version of the "Connecting and Caring" PDF in our Teacher Help Forum.

Many of the ideas in Connecting and Caring Beyond the Classroom can be used during the COVID PANDEMIC, and can help rekindle attendance and connections as church-life begins to return to a new normal.

10. The Seven Secrets of Super Teachers!

Preparation, structure, modeling, discipline, and more "secrets" that make a teacher super. Print, share, and discuss this PDF!  See the full article here.

11. Tips for Teaching with Software in Sunday School ~ A Printable Pamphlet

For teachers preparing to teach with software and internet resources in their Sunday School classroom.


About These Resources is grateful to First Presbyterian, Birmingham Michigan for their generous donation in 2019 that allowed us to commission MANY of these new Sunday School Teacher Training resources and give them away for free. Together with our Supporting Members, the people of FPC Birmingham make possible. Thank you First Peeps!

If you'd like to learn how you can support these "extra effort" resources at, email at, or make an "over and above" online contribution now.

Paste in My Hair Writers and Team Members:
A number of volunteers have had a hand in creating these training resources:  Heidi Weber, Carol Hulbert, Amy Crane, and Robin Stewart. The Lead Writer on this project is Neil MacQueen.

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We just posted "Connecting and Caring Beyond the Classroom"
13 ways to intentionally reach out to your students beyond the classroom.


MANY of the strategies described can be used to stay-in-touch with students during the current Coronavirus pandemic, and will be helpful in rekindling attendance and connections once quarantines are lifted and church life returns to a new normal.


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