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This is a discussion about FINDING and INSTALLING "THEATER SEATS" in your workshop.

Because of the 'timeless' nature of this website, please do not post links about where to find seats, as those links will be dead by the time others read this.

NOTE: Read the Video-AV Manual and Video Workshop Design/Decor threads for cautions about seating styles and their location in your workshop. Alternatives to theater seats are discussed in another thread.

Post your story about finding and installing seating in your church. Share your experience!

Very early on in Workshop Rotation Model history, churches started finding used theater seats at low cost or free from schools and theaters that were updating.  The photo below from a Rotation church exemplifies a typical 'Cinema' Workshop set up. (6 more theater seats are not shown in the picture.)



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  • Theater seats installed in a Rotation Model Video Workshop
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<gena koeberl>

posted May 24, 2002 08:14 PM
We're just beginning to establish rooms and think decor. Time is counting down until September and I need the movie room to be versatile for many ages. We thought to use theater seats but we need them cheap to free. Do you know of any available, companies to call, wisdom of resources. I keep saying miracles are an everyday things and this rotation project is a big test.
Gena Koeberl


julie burton
Exchange Volunteer
"Secret Order of the WoRM"
posted May 25, 2002 08:46 PM
You might check and see if any local movie theaters are remodeling or closing. Also, check schools (public, colleges/universities). If they are remodeling, they are usually thrilled to give them away. You could check with construction companies/builders and see if they have any sources. Seats can be found on e-bay, but that gets expensive.

Good luck!

Julie Burton

Lois Petersen>>
posted September 14, 2002 08:31 PM
To find theater seats I got onto a search engine, and put in theaters in Nebraska. It brought up the names of theaters in my State. I then found their e-mail addresses and e-mailed several theaters about needing seats, if they had any available, and what I was going to be using them for. Within an hour, I had a returned e-mail from a gentleman two hours away. He told me to contact this other gentleman on Monday as he was going to be dismantling seats at a theater. They are 5 years old and they would be selling them for $7.50 each. Needless to say, Monday morning I am going to do just that. If I can get them, I have already had someone volunteer to pick them up for me. God is good!!!

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 I had visions of theater seats for our theater, also. After a couple of months of searching (and a limited budget, I moved to a different idea that our kids (and congregation) just LOVES! Our theater is called the "Disciples Drive-In" and I went with a drive-in theme. The walls are painted a dark royal blue, I put in room darkening shades, and put up glow-in-the-dark stars (and even placed some as constellations!!). For seating, a local used car salesman donated four van seats! We cleaned them up, and my father-in-law made metal bases that the seats lock in to. The room is a favorite, just after our first rotation!! Smile

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Hooray for E-Bay! Last spring I was able to purchase 20 movie theatre seats for $500 from e-bay a seller on ebay. What was amazing is that I live in Maine and the seats were in Maine and I was able to pick them up! I will donate them to our new WORM program. So do keep checking ebay for theatre seats if you need them!
I did rotation at a previous church and secured seats for nothing. This involved lots of lurking around an "adult" theatre that was closing and being re-habed as a dinner club. I eventually got some old seats and had them cleaned and sanitized (ahem..) and they were fine. They repented and turned to God!!
You could always ask at a theatre, maybe they would have some old seats stored somewhere-or they could tell you when they are going to update their facility- you never know.
Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

Posted by Neil on 8/21/02:

To build a riser, use really thick plywood and large washers, otherwise the seats will exert leverage on the bolts and pull them out of the wood.

When building the riser, bolt the wood frame together and screw the decking down, don't nail it. Seat leverage over time can act as a twisting force on frame which will wiggle nails loose.

If you're not building a riser you can still use two pieces of plywood glued together. The bolt heads/washers on the underside can be recessed pretty easily.

<>< Neil

Posted by Jan FPC Napa on 8/21/02:

We have theater seats and have them bolted to a sturdy frame in sets of 3 which can be moved.


Our "regular" workshop leader there (my husband!) is always re-aligning the seats trying to get the best viewing capabilities for the kids! Because the seats are flat and not on risers, that is something you would really have to decide before bolting. 

Posted by Barbara in Portland on 9/20/02:

We bolted ours in rows of 4 on a 12"X2" piece of lumber with 2 cross pieces so the row can't be knocked over. You can them move them when needed, although they are quite heavy. 

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