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Post Reply Screen Example

The "POST~REPLY" editor, with it's text formatting options, is one of the most important tools at our site for creating and posting your great content.

This topic describes some of the more important changes that were the result of our December 2015 web site improvements. 

You are welcome to post questions in this topic, though after they've been visible for a few weeks (so you can see them) I will likely delete them and incorporate my response into the tips below.


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Want to "undo" formatting options? 

If you just typed them, then click the "undo arrow" on the top left of the toolbar.

If you have a bunch of stuff to undo, do this:
Highlight the text you want to unformat, then click FORMATS ⇒ CLEAR FORMATTING

BTW:  The "alignment" option also works to align images in your text. First highlight the image, and then apply formatting.

An important note about a big change in what happens when you press your ENTER/RETURN KEY when creating a post....

In the old editor, when you tapped your ENTER/RETURN KEY at the end of a sentence, your cursor only moved down one line. 

In the new editor, when you tap Enter/Return, it double-spaces to start a new paragraph. 

This change trips up a lot of people. It's an old habit from typewriter days, and the early days of WORD when Enter = a Single Carriage Return. But even WORD in 2007 started making the Enter/Return key add a double space to start a new paragraph. Our new editor adheres to this evolved standard.

Tip:   If you just want to go down ONE LINE, then press SHIFT + ENTER.  That's a universal "go to the next line" key combination found across the web and in WORD as well. 


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More Post-Editing Tips...

preWhat the very handy PRE, DIV and BLOCKQUOTE options do.

(These options are found when you click Formats, then "Blocks" in the Editor.)

The "block" formatting options are things you can "do" to a block of text. 

The  Pre option turns your highlight text into "Mono-spaced PRE-formatted text."  This allows you to precisely align your texts to make a quick columns using your space bar or your Tab key.

Applying the  Div option to highlighted text un-does the pre-formatting.
 ("Div" is the name of the html code which marks a "division or sector of text for formatting.)

See examples below.

Blockquote, indents the text block you have highlighted and puts a box around it.

Paragraph "un-does" blockquote, div, and pre-formatting, It's the equivalent of "return to normal."

PRE Example
See the perfectly aligned columns? That's because I applied the PRE option.

Jack:   Hello. How are you?
Jill:   I'm great.  Thanks for asking.

Jack: Column 1: Column 2:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


Notice also how the text you apply <PRE> to also gets a nice blue background.  

Selecting the <DIV> option returns your PRE-formatted text to it's normal "proportional font spacing" code (where all spaces are the same width). DIV "un-does" the Pre format option.

Example of returning the Pre text to standard spacing by highlighting the text, then selecting DIV from the Block options:
Jack: Hello. How are you?
Jill: I'm great. Thanks for asking.

Jack: Column 1: Column 2:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


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