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Luke 10:25-37, Good Samaritan, Road to Jericho, Go and do likewise, etc.

Bible lessons and ideas about the Good Samaritan -with video, audio-visual, movie, video-tape, animated Bible, etc.

An A-V "Make A Video Commercial" Workshop Idea

For the Good Samaritan

Originally submitted by Neil MacQueen

Students will view several video commercials from the Liberty Mutual Insurance "Do the Right Thing" campaign, then make their own. "Helping Others" Video Vignettes.

Perhaps you've seen the Liberty Mutual Insurance commercials where one person sees another doing a good deed, and it inspires them to do another good deed, ...which is seen by someone else who goes out and does another good deed.

The links to their commercials at their site are gone, but the video lives on, on Youtube.  Go to and search for "liberty mutual do the right thing".

Here's their "Do the Right Thing....Pay It Forward" acts of kindness video:

Alternately, you could do your own version of "You're in Good Hands, With Good Sam" (Allstate take-off).   One great reason to do this "All-Sam" version is that the kids will likely see the Allstate commerical a hundred times over the next decade and our lesson's memory can piggyback on it!   (I can think of many other "insurance company" commericals, such as "Nationwide is on your side" jingle, which we could appropriated as "Good Sam is on your side".)

You can SAVE these videos off of Youtube. (For YouTube download instructions see here.)

The video commercial is a "pay it forward" concept...which is what Jesus is suggesting to the Lawyer.... "then go and do likewise".

If you make your own "Good Sam" can be about "Can People Count on You to be the Good Samaritan?  To be merciful".

After reading the Samaritan story and viewing and discussing the video...

Have students brainstorm a series of 5 or 6 "vignettes" to videotape around the church. In each one we see one person helping another, and someone observing the good deed. The observer then appears in the next vignette helping someone, and being observed themselves, and so on.

It will take 20 to 25 minutes to videotape the five or six vignettes.

Have a piece of music playing next to the video camera's microphone to create a quick soundtrack for all your vignettes. What would be an appropriate song? ...a hymn perhaps?

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Reviewer's Note:

Nest's Good Samaritan DVD was recommended in several Video Workshop lesson sets previously posted to our site. During our 2013, we consolidated them into this one post. Additional notes by Neil MacQueen.  You are very welcome to post additional lesson plans using this same DVD.

The Good Samaritan

Video Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:

The Good Samaritan DVD from Nest

Scripture Reference:     

Luke 10:25-37

Memory Verse

Jesus said, “Go and do the same!” Luke 10:37


  • If we love God, we love our neighbor as ourselves. You can't claim to love God and ignore the needs of others.
  • We are good neighbors when we show kindness and mercy toward others no matter who they are.
  • God's disciples help others in need without expecting a reward


  1. Children will view the video “The Good Samaritan”.
  2. Children will brainstorm characteristics of a Good Samaritan
  3. Children will become aware of several places they can turn to for help,

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Gather the materials.
  • Preview the video.

Supplies List:

  • The Good Samaritan DVD from Nest
  • Popcorn


Opening - Welcome and Introductions

Ask them how much they know about the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

Ask them what they think the parable means.

Ask:  Who are your heroes?   List their responses on the board.

Ask:  What are the characteristics of a super hero?  What powers do they have?

         (You'll come back to the list after the video.)

Dig - Main Content and Reflection:

Set up the Video:

Say:  In today's video, the hero of the story is going to be a Samaritan man.  If you were alive during the time of Jesus and heard this story, you would have said, "NO WAY! Samaritans are not good people!  They worship the wrong way and are outsiders!"

And in that day, if you were a priest getting ready for worship and came upon someone who had blood on them,  you would not be allowed to touch the man because if you got even one drop of blood on you, you would not be allowed to worship in the Temple that day.   

While you're watching this video, I also want you to keep an eye out for the SECOND HERO in the story that almost NOBODY EVER TALKS ABOUT.  I'm not going to tell you who it is; that's for you to figure out.

Show the Video  (it is your scripture for the day and follows it very closely)


  • Who was the 2nd Hero in the Story? The innkeeper! 
  • What did the innkeeper risk in this story?
    ((He or she had to trust that the Good Samaritan would come back and pay the man's bill. And perhaps the innkeeper had to worry that the robbers would come looking for the man. He/she didn't know why the man had been beaten, or if he was a good man or not. He risk being inconvenienced, ...what if the beaten man took a long time to get well?))
  • What did the Good Samaritan risk?
    **By being willing to stop and help, the Samaritan risked being late to wherever he was going. We don't know how close the inn was to where he was going. He risked becoming ritually unpure if blood was touched.  He risked being robbed himself. He risked that the Samaritan would come back. He risked his money. He risked that the innkeeper was going to take care of the poor man and not charge him a huge amount when he returned.))
  • What kind of risks do YOU take when you:
    • See someone being bullied at school?
    • Are in a hurry to get to practice and a friend calls you crying and needing your help?
    • When you are asked to help raise money for a mission project to help others?
    • When you befriend an unpopular kid at school?

Where and How to Get Help:

A few scenarios to consider, -feel free to add others.  Have students brainstorm "ways to get/give help".  Don't just say "take to doctor", but have them think about their PERSONAL response to those in need.

  • If you were sick, where could we take you?  How could the Samaritan show you we care?
  • If you were depressed what could we do for you?  Who should we mention this to?
  • If someone took your stuff and wouldn't give it back, what could the Samaritan do for you?
  • If you were very lonely where would we take you? what could the Samaritan do for you?
  • If you were bullied or beaten/battered, what should we do for you?
  • If you were stealing or hanging out with bad people, what could the Samaritan do to help you?
  • If you were trying to raise money for a hunger walk, what could the Samaritan do besides just give you money?

Reflection Activity:    Making a Self-Adhering Stretch Wrist Bandage

In the very last verse of this story, Jesus said: “Go and do the same [as the Samaritan]” We are called to be ready to help others.

The Samaritan had bandages, --he was READY TO HELP. 

Each of you is going to be given a stretchy bandage to wrap around your wrist as a reminder of today's lesson to BE READY to be the Good Samaritan or the Innkeeper. This will take two people working together.  One of you should stretch the bandage while the other writes the message "Go and do the same."  When you let go of the bandage, it will scrunch up. It's kind of like a secret message.  You are welcome to add other decorations on the bandage.

You are also encouraged to make one for someone in your family who won't get to be part of our video workshop.

**Use the stretchy elastic bandage that is "self adhering" to itself and doesn't require clips. Give each student a piece that's about 10 inches long.


Have all circle up with their bandaged wrists reach into the center of the circle and grabbing another student's wrist. Close with a prayer for courage to find those in need and help them.


Recommended Activity Sheets from the DVD's booklet for the End of Class:

(if you have extra time)

For 4-6 year olds:  Copy ahead of time and pass out the "Be A Good Samaritan" page from the DVD's activity book.  Have students imagine what is going on in each of the scenes, then color them in. Then give them the "Mystery Picture" to color and take home. (It's a stained-glass scene of the Samaritan with the man on his horse.)

For 7-8 year olds:  Copy ahead of time and pass out the Word Wheel activity that has a hidden message about what Jesus is telling us in this parable.

For 9-11 year olds:  Copy ahead of time and pass out the Greatest Commandment Maze and the "What Happened First" quiz.  

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Good Sam Outline using the movie "Pay it Forward."

From Neil MacQueen for

We originally used this movie on a Wednesday Night to complement our Good Sam Rotation. We didn't show the entire movie, and at the time, most of our older children and youth had already seen this movie.  The following clips should take about 30 minutes.

Note: The ending of this movie is very sad. The boy dies. You may want to stop the movie before that scene for children younger than 10.  That said, it's a powerful movie, and his death makes a powerful statement, ...not unlike somebody else's death we remember.

This movie starred young Haley Joel Osment as Trevor the 11 year old boy, Helen Hunt as the single mother, and Kevin Spacey as the disfigured teacher who falls in love with the boy's mother. It is the story of a boy who is given a school assignment to come up with a way to change the world. He decides to spread good deeds. He does it by doing good deeds for 3 people, who each in turn must help 3 other people. It becomes a phenomenon. Later, the boy is killed by bullies, but the results of his short life's work become apparent in the ending of the movie. The boy's mother and teacher are outcasts. It's the boy's belief that "picks them up off the road" -so to speak, and restores their humanity and hope.

Trevor's pay it forward experiment is acting out Jesus' words: "go and do likewise."

The movie and one violent scene in it are OK for grades 3 and up. For younger children, you should fast forward through the short scene where Trevor is killed.

This outline for the movie uses the CHAPTERS found on the DVD.

Using just these scenes will run about 30 minutes.

Preface the movie by telling the story of the Good Samaritan.

With older students, ask "how far would you be willing to risk your time, wealth, reputation, and even your life to help someone?"  Now show the movie.

1. Show Chapters 1-4
Opening scenes. End at the dialog "What are you going to do to change the world." Question: Is it possible to change the world?

2. Show Chapter 9
It begins with the drug addict in the garage. Then the boy describes his "pay it forward" concept to his class. End at the dialog "would you like a cup of coffee?" Question: Does everyone understand Trevor's concept? (draw it out on the board just like Trevor did)

3. Show Part of Chapter 25
Show only the RESCUE of the woman at the bridge. End at the dialog, "Do me a favor lady, save MY life." (This is a very powerful scene).
PREFACE this scene by telling them we've skipped ahead in the movie and will now see the man who fixed the truck in Trevor's garage out doing one of his good deeds for someone else.

4. Show Chapters 31-33 -the ending.
The boy explains his pay it forward concept to a reporter who's been tracking the story of random acts of kindness. The boy is stabbed at school and dies. People stream to his house to offer condolences to his mom and the teacher who have fallen in love.

Questions to Ponder:

  • How is Trevor (the boy) like Jesus?
  • Compare Trevor's death with Jesus'.
  • In what way is Pay It Forward like the parable of the Good Samaritan? -Who are the Priest and Levite in the story?
  • How does the CHURCH "pay it forward" ?
  • Is "doing good" enough? Is Trevor's theory 'do-able' or not?
  • Write a new ending to Trevor's story. What could happen AFTER the crowds have gone home. What could the mother and teacher now do?'s a great movie.

Luanne adds here's a music video I found on YouTube that has that Pay It Forward theme.

by Life Vest Inside called - Kindness Boomerang - "One Day"

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DVD - “The Good Samaritan” (New Superbook Series)

While a “starving” Joy is looking forward to pizza, Chris is concerned about a girl and her brother who have nothing to eat. Superbook whisks the kids off to time a when Jesus told the parable of the Good Samaritan. (Animated - approx. 28 mins)

See reviews of the "New Superbook" DVD Series for more details on this series link.

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DVD - "Good Samaritan" (Beginner's Bible)

Was re-released in a collection called "Beginner's Bible Vol. 3" (610583501896). 

Great for your younger children.

It includes 3 of the original titles:  The Good Samaritan, The Prodigal Son, and Jesus & His Miracles.

Looks like they may be taking this out of print as Beginner's bible are now posting full episodes on YouTube. The Good Samaritan can be found here .

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Video Short: The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) from Saddleback Kids, posted on their free YouTube channel.
A three-minute animated retelling suitable for use with Bible study or worship.

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Illustrations for Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan from the Annie Vallotton Bible Illustrations Collection


In Luke 10, Jesus told a story about a good Samaritan to illustrate the answer to "who is my neighbor?"

  Link to larger and higher resolution versions of the Vallotton illustrations and color background options as well in our Vallotton Bible Images Forum (Supporting Membership required, become one today). Copyright and usage information here.


Images (1)
  • Jesus-Good-Samaritan-Vallotton

Sidewalk Prophets has a number of great songs like "(I wanna) Live Like That."

In this music video, a youth ministry group has created a series of scenes where a young person sees a young Christian "living like that" and decides to become like him.  The scenes remind me of the Good Samaritan -- doing right by those you daily come into contact with. The song lyrics dig right into the heart of the parable, "Was I Jesus to the Least of These."

The one young man discovers that the source of the other's perspective and generosity is his faith. The video makes this clear, though it is the key discussion question to ask students: What was the difference between the two young men in the video?

Below are the very discussionable lyrics.


Sometimes I thinkWhat will people say of meWhen I'm only just a memoryWhen I'm home where my soul belongs
Was I love...When no one else would show upWas I Jesus to the least of thoseWas my worship more than just a song
I want to live like thatAnd give it all I haveSo that everything I say and doPoints to You
If love is who I amThen this is where I'll standRecklessly abandonedNever holding back
I want to live like thatI want to live like that
Am I proofThat You are who you say You areThat grace can really change a heartDo I live like Your love is true
People passAnd even if they don't know my nameIs there evidence that I've been changedWhen they see me, do they see You
I want to live like thatAnd give it all I haveSo that everything I say and doPoints to You
If love is who I amThen this is where I'll standRecklessly abandonedNever holding back
I want to live like thatI want to live like that
I want to show the world the love You gave for meI'm longing for the world to know the glory of the King
I want to live like thatAnd give it all I haveSo that everything I say and doPoints to You
If love is who I amThen this is where I'll standRecklessly abandonedNever holding back
I want to live like thatI want to live like that, I want to live like that

Songwriters: Ben Glover / Ben Mcdonald / David Douglas Frey / David Frey
Live Like That lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Capitol CMG Publishing, Warner Chappell Music, Inc

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