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Below are our "Terms of Service" for all our guests and members.

See the next post for our "Refund Policy" for those who forget to manage their auto-renewal on their Supporting Member account or for those who somehow signed up more than once.'s "Terms of Service" (TOS)

The following Terms of Services (TOS) govern your use of the website.

By accessing, browsing, and/or using this website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be legally bound by this TOS. If you do not accept these TOS, please do not use this site.

1.  Our purpose/your usage

This website provides users with an opportunity to gain and exchange ideas and information. The ideas and information posted on those pages do not necessarily reflect the views of the Board of Directors of

You are welcome to copy/print/adapt anything from for your non-commercial teaching ministries, provided that you give proper attribution to the author or church listed, and include our website address.

Distribution of material procured from is only authorized within your congregation. Content may not be distributed to the public via your website or other social media. Instead, link back to the content at this site.  

Prior to using any lessons or ideas from this site, we recommend that your church leaders examine them to determine if the theological content is appropriate for your church.

2.  Registering as a member of

  • You may sign up as a registered member of the website, free of charge, by creating a Member "Profile."
  • You agree to provide us with complete and accurate information when you register, including a valid email address.
  • You must respond to a registration email in order to have your Profile become active.
  • You may share your membership access with others you work or volunteer with.
  • You are solely responsible and liable for any activity that occurs under your Profile.
  • You are responsible for keeping your password secure and for keeping your Profile info up to date.
  • reserves the right to require you to update your Profile details if needed.  construction worker Wormy

We reserve the right to modify any Profile (name, info, picture, etc.) that we believe needs to be modified or to ban from the website any Profile we deem necessary.

If you post spam, you will be banned. We are vigilant!  Spam is loosely defined as a post from new or otherwise inactive member that seems intended to promote a product or service. will not use your Profile data for commercial purposes.

To cancel a Registered Membership Profile at any time go to "Update Your Profile" and select either the "Deactivate" or "Delete" link. When a Profile is deactivated or deleted, any content you may have posted becomes the property of

3. Becoming a Supporting Member

Supporting Memberships are what allow to exist! The funds we receive from your purchase of a Supporting Membership are plowed back into the site; it’s how we pay for hosting the site and keeping it awesome!

By paying to become a “Supporting Member” you will receive access to certain sections, features, and functions of the website that are not available to those who are not Supporting Members. You also become eligible for certain leadership positions.

When you become a Supporting Member, you are making a private credit card transaction between you and our site’s management company: Social Strata/Hoopla, and their CROWDSTACK-PAY service. does not see or manage that transaction or its associated info. It is a private transaction between you and CROWDSTACK-PAY; this transaction is your responsibility.

By default, all Supporting Memberships automatically renew each year --unless turn off automatical renewal. You will need to opt-out to discontinue this annual renewal.

Seven days before your annual renewal, an email is sent to the email address in your Profile, reminding you of this upcoming charge. It is your responsibility to keep your email info up to date to avoid an undelivered notification email. Your renewal details are also linked in your Profile.

A partial refund of an automatically renewed supporting membership will only be given by request if done so within 30 days of your renewal date. Please refer to our refund policy. reserves the right to cancel and refund (or not refund) your contribution per our published policy, and to make changes to Supporting Member features as needed.

4.  Receiving our Newsletter

When you create a Profile, you agree to receive our email newsletter.

  You agree not to BLOCK or ignore email coming from us, Social Strata’s Crowdstack, or CROWDSTACK-PAY’s registration services. Add and to your mailbox.

If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter emails, open a recent email from us in your email program and scroll down to the unsubscribe link at the bottom. This allows you to unsubscribe from non-administrative emails.

5.  Contributing Content & Copyrights

By posting your ideas, comments, lesson materials, and taking part in discussions, you understand that you are making a gift of your content that will inform and inspire others for years to come.

Any text that you post is subject to being moved, improved, reformatted, deleted, or summarized by authorized volunteers and editors—in keeping with our desire to grow the quality of our site while maintaining readability. reserves the right to thoughtfully add clarifications and improvements to any post and to remove material we deem as repetitive or inappropriate to our mission, or whose theology is outside of mainstream Christian beliefs.

With the exception of Writing Team materials and content created by staff or the Board of Directors or those acting on behalf of the site, all content at belongs to the person listed as the author or in any included copyright notice. By posting, however, you are giving the right to continue to host your content on our site and make improvements/clarifications as we see fit. If such improvements do not meet with your approval, you can ask that your name be removed from its authorship.

For important practical and technical considerations, we cannot remove your posts merely by request. However, you do have the right to ask that your name and any photos you have contributed be removed from your content.

Special arrangements or agreements can be made between certain copyright holders and to host their content, as was done with the Annie Vallotton Bible illustrations.

By posting lesson content on this site, you warrant that you own the rights to that content or are otherwise authorized to post, display, transmit or otherwise distribute it. You promise not to post other people's copyrighted content on our site without their permission. You may excerpt minor parts of another person's work, but not substantial parts.

You agree to always give credit to your lesson sources.

The content you post to any of our public forums will always remain in the free public forums, for as long as your content exists at our site.

6. Linking to other sites/products

You agree to disclose any business relationship or a friend-of-a-friend relationship, that you have with any resource you recommend in a post. does not endorse any third-party websites or services. Nor do we have any control over these other sites/products, and are not responsible for their contents or their use.

7. Other reserves the right to cull its Member Profile ranks using various criteria. In general, if you have not been active in two years, or your email goes unverified, then your Profile may be deleted. Once your Profile is deleted, any content you have posted becomes the property of

These TOS may be updated and/or revised from time to time by without notice to our users, becoming effective when posted. Please be aware that it is the user's responsibility to regularly review these TOS to stay informed of any changes or revisions. will not be liable for any damages of any kind related to the use of our website or content provided therein. In no event will the volunteer board, webmaster, contractors, or service provider, past or present, be liable to you for anything arising from your use of our website, its content, or links provided through our website. is a volunteer-run, 501(c)3 non-profit.

These TOS are effective and were last updated in August 2022, for the purpose of making corrections to the means of unsubscribing from emails and how to cancel a registered membership.

Who your MEMBERSHIP IS CONTRACTED with Inc is the site you are joining. We are a volunteer-run 501(c)3 non-profit.

Your Supporting Membership credit card transaction is between you and our site's management company: Social Strata's "CROWDSTACK-PAY" services. uses Social Strata's "CROWDSTACK" message board software and "CROWDSTACK-PAY" to securely conduct membership transactions. You may see those names on various screens on your credit card statement if you are a Supporting Member.

CrowdStack-Pro logo

When you become a Supporting Member, you are making a private credit card transaction between you and Social Strata and their Crowdstack services. does not see or manage that transaction or its associated info.  It is a private transaction between you and Crowdstack.

When you become a Supporting Member, Social Strata charges us a percentage of your donation. That's how we pay for hosting the site and keeping it awesome!

Post them in reply below!


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Managing your Supporting Member account, including turning off the auto-renewal feature, is your responsibility.

This information was provided in an email sent during your registration and is included in an email sent out 7 days before your renewal. If you didn't see it or ignored it, we're sorry about that. uses Social Strata's Crowdstack-pay membership software to provide you with a secure and PRIVATE transaction. That's why we can't manage it for you.

If you decide to end your support, it is up to you to end the membership transaction PRIOR to its renewal date.

Ignoring these options or failing to read the reminder emails associated with this process is your choice.  We understand that people "forget" or church staff members change. In spite of this, we hope that you will understand that...

The transaction you approved is your responsibility.

Here's what we hope you will do...

From time to time, a Supporting Member accidentally lets their membership renew when they intended to cancel it. In most cases, the member graciously considers it a donation and then cancels their auto-renew, or contacts us for help in doing so.

Instructions for canceling and/or turning off auto-renew on your Supporting Membership

1.  Click here to access your Profile's Membership Page and turn off the "auto renew" feature.

This will set your Supporting Membership to expire on its one year anniversary.
Cancelling auto-renew will keep your Supporting Membership in force until your annual membership expires on its renewal date, and then your membership will revert to a free non-supporting membership.  

                           ⇒ Cancelling auto-renew won't stop emails.

2. To stop getting email from the site: after canceling auto-renew on your Supporting Membership, select "suspend all email notifications" from your Profile's Notifications Control Panel, or select "unsubscribe" from the bottom of one of our emails.

We cannot manage these notifications settings for you. They are your private options. Cancelling auto-renew doesn't cancel your free membership.

So to recap:  (1) Turn off Auto-Renew, then (2) Turn off email notifications.

Refund Policy

We are charged a processing fee by our service provider on every renewal, which must be paid by us regardless of your cancellation. The cost of a full refund due to your oversight or mistake would be borne by other members. Thus, in all cases...

We only offer partial refunds.

If you make a mistake and sign up twice as a Supporting Member...

Please contact us for assistance right away. After 45 days, no refund will be issued. As noted, we can refund only $30 of the $45 for double sign-ups.

For refunds AFTER your Supporting Membership has auto-renewed...

You may request a refund if your request is within 45 days of your renewal date. As noted, we can only refund $30 of the $45 transaction.

After 45 days from your renewal date...

We are sorry if you forgot to turn off auto-renew, didn't see, or ignored the reminders, but there must be a cut-off date.

99% of our those who renew then cancel don't request a refund. They understand that we are a non-profit mission to Sunday School, not a "returnable product."

To receive a partial refund:

If you missed or ignored all the notices and emails about the auto-renew feature, and still want a refund, and it is within 45 days of your renewal, then you can send a WRITTEN REQUEST for a refund to our volunteer Treasurer: Inc.
Ron Shifley, Treasurer
P.O. Box 505
Needville TX  77461

You must include your full name, the name to whom a check should be written, your email address, snail-mail address, and your displayed/member name.

Please remember: Only $30 of the $45 annual fee can be refunded.

Important requests:

♦  Please do not contact Social Strata/Crowdstack-pay (our site and membership service provider) to initiate a refund, as they will charge us a fee for your mistake. If we need to refund you, it costs us less to send you a check.

♦  Please do not initiate a 'chargeback' through your credit card company simply because you ignored the renewal notification email. We will be charged an additional $35 chargeback fee for your mistake, and that's not right either.

Thank you for your time and gifts to support this ministry. You are welcome to post a reply here or a request for help here.

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About the Auto-Renewal Reminders

We alert our Supporting Members to the auto-renew feature in many ways and places:

  • at the time of your registration, in the welcome email
  • in various reminder announcements throughout the year
  • in several locations at our website
  • in our terms of service
  • and via the annual advance notice emailed prior to the actual auto-renew, and when the renewal happens.

Occasionally, someone's email program treats our email notifications, or those from Social Strata and Crowdstack, as "spam." However, because the initial registration process for our site cannot be completed without receiving our email, you did receive auto-renew info. We cannot be responsible for subsequent changes in your email settings that cause you to block our emails.

You will receive advance notification of your auto-renewal

One week prior to your membership's auto-renewal, you will receive an email notification from ""  This is Social Strata's Crowdstack-Pay service.

If you do not want to auto-renew, and never turned off that feature, you need to immediately go here and turn off auto-renew.

If the credit card you used to create your membership has expired, you will receive an email alert asking you to access your account, and update your card info.

If your credit card has expired and you fail to update it, your membership will simply revert to "Registered Member" status, and you can upgrade it back to "Supporting" status at any time.

Thank you for being a part of the body of dedicated Supporting Members! This site depends on your loyalty to stay in operation!

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