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Notes About the Six Programs in This Group

a boy and his dog from the Life of David softwareWe are excited to share with you the return of six beloved children's Bible software titles from Educational Publishing Concepts. These six are in addition to the previously posted 18 software programs from Sunday Software.

For many years these "Kids Interactive Bible" programs were a staple of Sunday Software's catalog and used in thousands of "Bible Computer Labs" in both Rotation Model and traditional Sunday Schools. When they went out of print they were greatly missed. And though they've been around a long time, they still work and do a great job of attracting the student's eyes, ears, hands, hearts, and smiles. Our thanks to Jerry Watkins the programs' copyright holder and Sunday Software for sharing the following fun Bible study programs with our members.

  1. Noah and the Ark
  2. Ruth-Samson-Jonah
  3. Life of Moses
  4. Life of David
  5. Adventures with Daniel
  6. Life of Paul

  Each program features scripture taken from the New Living Translation Study Notes from the Kids Life Application Bible, and video clips from the original Superbook series.

Windows Only, XP, 7, 8, 10, and 11. Ages 4-10.

screenshot from Life of David software

Each of the six programs in this series have the same six menu areas as seen in the Life of David screenshot above. "David Fights Goliath" is the "Main Story" found in the program, though not the only one. Below you will see many more screenshots from each of the six programs, as well as links to the detailed outlines of each program that will tell you what's in those areas.

Note:  Be sure to read the important installation tech tips in a post below.

The six menu areas in each program are:

1. The "main" animated story --an interactive storybook style of presentation featuring multiple narrated pages with fun/funny "clicky hotspots" for the kids to discover on each page (good for young children). In the case of Life of David's menu as seen above, the "main story" is "David and Goliath." This means that though the program may be titled "Life of David," the program's more interactive media focuses on certain stories in the hero's life. Our individual software outlines give you more specifics.

2. Bible Quiz Show: Each program has a one or two-player quiz show that asks questions about ALL the content found in the program, whether you viewed all that content or not.

3. Discover the Bible -- is an interactive presentation of the TEXT of the hero's story from the New Living Translation. Kids can scroll through, listen to, see, and read verses, plus see some graphics associated with various verses and POP OPEN kid-friendly study notes and questions taken from Tyndale Publishing's LIFE APPLICATION BIBLE for KIDS. The teaching outline created for each program by Sunday Software lists which Bible verses are in this section, and which media and study notes associated with those verses are particularly worth viewing.

Below is a screenshot of a page from Life of David's Discover the Bible section. Students can click to scroll to key stories, click the traffic light to hear them narrated, click the camera to view images associated with key verses, and click the Bible icon to pull up "Kids Life Application Study Notes" for certain sections/verses. See the OUTLINE of each program for a listing of all the Kids Application Notes found in each software program!


4. Bible Time Theater: Two or three short clips from the original Superbook Bible series. See the teaching outline for which videos/stories are included.

5. Fun and Games: A collection of matching games, puzzles, word games, and memory verse scramble games. See the teaching outline for each program for a list of the memory verses in each program.

6. Hall of Fame: A collection of narrated illustrations talking about various characters or scenes in the story. In some cases, these narrated Hall of Fame illustrations function like a "storybook version" of the story and cover more of the Bible hero's story than the "main" animated story or videos.

Each of the six programs covers certain stories better than others in the Bible hero's life. Consult the program descriptions and teaching outlines linked below to see the strengths of each program and where certain story content might be found in each program.

How to teach with these programs

Consult the OUTLINE of the program to determine the "path" you want you and your students to "travel" through the program.

  • Decide where to focus and what to skip
  • Be their "guide by the side"
  • Ask questions as you go
  • Point out important insights
  • Ask follow-up questions
  • Reflect

A typical "lesson path" through Life of David would be to start with the main animated story, followed by a video clip in the Bible Time Theater, then hearing some verses in Discover the Bible and discovering a Bible study note there, then finishing with one or more of the games.


Lesson Plan Possibilities

  • In a lesson plan, you might go into several areas, or just one or two.
  • You might view the program gathered around ONE computer, or project it large on a wall.
  • You might have it installed on several computers in a "lab" with the kids following a path you have laid out for them on a handout.
  • You might "project" the main animated story and a Bible Time Theater clip on a big screen one week, inviting children to help you navigate, and then move on to an art activity. The next week you might return to the software to use another section or play a game in the Fun and Games and use Quiz show for review.
  • There's no rule you have to use everything in a program, or spend all class in the program. Indeed, like all learning activities, you want to mix it up and add your own insights.
  • There are some lesson plans here at that spell out where to go in a particular program for a particular story. Look up your Bible story's "Computer Workshop" in the Lesson Forums to see what others suggest.

Need help? Go to our Software and Teaching Tech Help Desk


Images (6)
  • Screenshot from Life of David software
  • Small screenshot from Life of David software
  • Pathway through the Life of David software
  • David-Discover
  • KidsBibleMontage2
  • KidsInteractive-sm
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Software: Noah and the Ark

Lessons at that use this software:

  • Link to the Computer Workshop area of our Noah Lessons Forum

  Be sure to read these
important installation tech tips for programs in this series.

Screenshots from various areas of the Noah and the Ark software from the Interactive Kids Bible.

Main Menu Options:


Screenshot of a page in the "main" interactive story. Click the worm to hear it narrated. Click hidden objects on the screen for fun animations. Click the 'hand' to turn the page.

Noah's Fun and Games section has a ton of 'after the story' things to do, play, and learn.


Screenshot of the puzzles you can select to complete on the screen. These can also be used as  review of the story by asking students "what's taking place" in the puzzle picture after they assemble it.


A number of "word finds"  and memory verses help students remember key vocab and concepts from the story.



Images (5)
  • Noah Word Find
  • Noah and the Ark picture puzzles
  • Noah and the Ark games
  • Noah-Story
  • Noah Main Menu
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Software: Life of Moses

Lessons at that use this software:

  • We have MANY Computer lessons in the Computer Workshop sections of our Exodus Lesson Forums. A few reference the Life of Moses software. Some reference other "Moses" software including Sunday Software's "Ten Commandments" software and "Exodus Adventures," the adventure game software. Life of Moses would be the software you use with younger children, or if you were specifically focusing on the story of the Red Sea Crossing which Life of Moses does particularly well.

Note:  Be sure to read these important installation tech tips for programs in this series.


Pictured: The Main Menu of the Life of Moses program.  Notice that the highlighted animated story only covers the part of the story where Moses and the Israelites are chased and cross the Red Sea. Other parts of the story are found in other sections of the software.


One of the animated pages of the "main" story. Clicking on the worm starts the narration. Click objects makes fun things happen. Clicking the hand advances the page.


Bible Time Theater video clip:


Not all the memory verses come from the Exodus story. Some share verses from other books of the Bible that speak to the meaning of the story. For example: Psalm 37:5. After having the kids play it, you could ask them "who" and "when" in the story could you imagine this story helping?



Images (4)
  • Moses Exodus Memory Verse games
  • Moses and the Burning Bush video clip
  • Moses Crossing the Red Sea animated storybook
  • Life of Moses software main menu
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Software: Samson, Ruth, Jonah software

Lessons at that use this software:

Please note:
Sunday Software's "Elijah and Jonah" software (pictured right) has a much better presentation of the Jonah story --the whole tale, so to speak, with more interaction and depth and a wider age range. Read about it and download it.

Please note: The Samson story is short and younger kid-friendly. The Jonah story is abbreviated and stops short of the ending with the plant and worm.


Screenshot of the Main Menu



Screenshot of the Samson "main" animated story in the program. The Bible version and images here are sanitized a bit for children. For example, they don't include the part where Samson's eyes were gouged out and don't show him toppling the building.


A screenshot from the "Discover the Bible" section in the program (a feature found in all six programs). Students can click the up and down arrows to scroll to key passages, hear them narrated, view images associated with key verses, and pull up "Kids Life Application Study Notes" for certain sections/verses. See the OUTLINE of the program for a listing of all the Kids Application Notes.


RuthSamJonahmenu4 Game Notes:

  • Word Games: they use a word from each of the 3 stories for every word game.
  • Puzzles: 5 Sampson, 2 Ruth, and 8 Jonah, +1* that will work for all 3 stories.
    Here is a photo of puzzles where we have indicated which story they belong to.


Images (6)
  • Elijah and Jonah software graphics
  • Ruth Samson Jonah bible verses and images
  • Samson animated story
  • Ruth Samson Jonah for children
  • Main menu of Ruth Samson Jonah software
  • Ruth-Samson-Jonah-Puzzles
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Software: Life of David

Lessons at that use this software:


Main MenuLifeofDavid

Screenshot of one of the "main animated" story screens. A narration can be turned on. Objects on screen are animated if you click on them. Click the hands to advance the pages.


Screenshot of David's "Discover the Bible" section showing jumps to parts of the story, text that can be heard, images, and Kids Life Application Study Notes that can be accessed.


David's Bible Time Theater has three different short clips taken from the Superbook video series.



Images (4)
  • Life of David software main menu
  • David-Discover the Bible, Kids Life Application Study Notes
  • Life of David Bible Time Theater Superbook Video Clips
  • David and Goliath kid-friendly retelling
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Software: Adventures with Daniel

Lessons at that use this software:

  • Daniel & the Lion's Den Computer Lesson Sketch link

Note: The Daniel program's "main story" section is the Lion's Den story. The Fiery Furnace story can be found as narrated text in the Discover the Bible section and is very briefly recounted in the Hall of Fame section of the software. See screenshots about it below.

Note:  Be sure to read these important installation tech tips for programs in this series.


Daniel's Main Menu


Screenshot of the animated retelling "Unfair Punishment" (Lion's Den).


In addition to several other stories about Daniel, the Discover the Bible section has narrated text for the Fiery Furnace story with a graphic and Kids Life Application Study Note.


The Kids Life Application Study Note associated with the Fiery Furnace verses in the Discover the Bible is a question with a memory verse


Shadrach, Meshach, and Abenego are mentioned with a narrated graphic in the Daniel Hall of Fame, and their story verses are found in the Discover the Bible section.



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Software: Life of Paul

Lessons at that use this software:

  • LYDIA:
    • Lydia: A New Believe Computer Lesson - link

Note: Life of Paul's "main animated story" section is the Road to Damascus story. However, many other Paul stories are found as narrated verses with Kids Life Application Study Notes in the Discover the Bible Section and Hall of Fame section. See the program's outline for details.

Note:  Be sure to read these important installation tech tips for programs in this series.


Main Menu

Paul menu

Screenshot from "Paul and the Bright Light" animated story.


Life of Paul's Discover the Bible section has other famous stories about Paul, including his first missionary journey and being shipwrecked. These include read-aloud scripture with images and Kids Life Application Study Notes. See the Life of Paul outline for all the details.


The three Superbook video clips in the Life of Paul Bible Time Theater.



Images (4)
  • Life of Paul-Discover the Bible section
  • Paul- Superbook Video
  • Paul - Damascus Road Bright Light
  • Life of Paul main menu
Files (1)
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Two Important Tech Notes for the Kids Interactive Bible "Life of" Software

It's amazing that these fun and useful Bible programs still work after all these years and changes in operating systems. It's a testament to Windows' commitment to backward compatibility and the quality of the software. I'm thrilled we were able to find the copyright holder and he was willing to donate their use to our members.

Included in each download is a "readme.txt" file with these notes. You need to do two things in order to fully enjoy the Interactive Kids Bible software on your new or older computers:

1. Install Quicktime version 2.1 whichis found in the installed "QT21" folder with the game. You only need to do this once if you have not previously done so. QT 2.1 is an older version of Quicktime that these programs expect to find on your computer. (You can have many different versions of QT, so there are no cross-compatibility issues.)

If you don't have QT2.1 installed, the Bible Time Theater curtain will just open and close when you click the traffic light icon to try and view a video.

I've included a copy of Quicktime 2.1 in the program's installation file. To install it, after installing the Kids Interactive program, go to Windows' "C" drive and look for the name of your Kids Interactive program in the Programs (86x) folder on your harddrive. Open the folder and look for the QT21 folder.  Then execute the QT32 file to install Quicktime 2.1. 

Here's a graphic to show you what we're talking about:

Note 1: You MAY need to first RIGHT CLICK the QT32 file in the QT21 folder and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. Otherwise, you'll get an error message.

Note 2: When the Quicktime installer window opens and asks you if you want to 'search for other versions" be sure to select SKIP.

If Windows security throws you a caution, bypass it and continue with the installation.

Once you've installed QT2.1 one time, you do not need to do it ever again on that computer.

2. Adjust your windows Display Scale option to 150% so that the Interactive Bible software fills more of your screen. Otherwise, it will occupy a small 640x480 window in the middle of your big screen.


A lot of people have never heard of the "scale" option but it's a good option to know especially when using software created a number of years ago. TO FIND IT, type "scale" or "make things bigger" in your Windows search field. You can also right-click any empty area on your Desktop and select "Display Settings."

Here's how I find the scale option on my Windows PC:


If you need technical help with these programs, don't hesitate to post a reply here. I may have retired from Sunday Software, but I'm not retired from helping


Images (4)
  • Windows Display Scale Graphic
  • mceclip0
  • mceclip1
  • Windows Display Scale location
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