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Nametags are an important thing, especially in medium and large churches where the adults and kids may not know each other, and in any size Sunday School where visitors are common.

However, as Pam and others point out below, nametags aren't always an easy thing to consistently do. They tend to walk off and require some prep, organization, and a way to store them.   

Nametags are of PARTICULAR IMPORTANCE TO ROTATION SUNDAY SCHOOLS because each workshop teacher is seeing a new class each week.  Eventually, they get to know everyone, but nametags help.  

As you'll also read, some people have started to incorporate nametags into their TEACHING of the Bible Story, so that they are part of the lesson, and not something hanging on a wall.  

Lots of great ideas and cautions here!  Your insights welcome. --Wormy


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Has anyone come up with a nametag idea that really works?

Emphasis on "works" !

...Nametags that stay at the church every week (or at least get created every week)

...One that the kids like to wear.

...One that doesn't fall off or start to look ratty.

Nametags help teachers identify the kids and help kids feel important to the group.

Looking forward to your suggestions.


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We have moved to clip-on name tags.


I have tried the string ones and they either choke each other or swing it around and I am going to put them all on my main bulletin board.


We train them to get their own tags from ONE common board as they come upstairs.


The tags are clipped to sturdy ribbons we have hanging from the wall.


One big advantage to having them all in the same place is that a volunteer can take attendance by counting the nametags NOT TAKEN.  


It is the Shepherds job to collect the tags at the end of the class as they say goodbye to the children.


For guests, we will have clip on tags wiill be a sticky note for them to write their name and address on so we can send a thank you note to them after their visit.

Problem:  Kids walk out with these kinds of nametags. They get lost. So you have to make it someone's job to collect and re-hang the name tags at the end of the session. As it is part of the way we take attendance, this job feels more important than just hanging tags.


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We have used name tags since we began workshops.


We thought it would be a good idea for the children to wear them so the monthly leaders could learn names. Since then we have added names tags for the teachers - so the children know who their teacher is.


We use those plastic stretch cord types and have a worm on them with the children's name in color - we don't have names for our groups - we just use colors.


The teacher puts the name tags on the table before the children arrive (this helps to separate some of the troublesome or chatty children). The teacher collects the name tags before dismissing the children.



Of course, because we rotate to a different room every week, I move the names tags and attendance sheets from room to room each week. We don't seem to have any problems- maybe because when we first met with the the teachers four years ago at our annual teacher training event in August we had the name tags ready and explained what to do with them. 


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We use a process similar to Sheila's at our church.


Each grade level has a color assigned to them -- their journals, assignment board and their nametags are all color coordinated.  Colors are assigned to our age groups. This color system makes it VISUALLY EASY to know which group a child is in, WHERE they should be, and when we find their nametag laying somewhere ---WHICH BOX we need to put it back in to be carried to the next workshop next week.


We cut the tags out of colored printer paper and write the child's name on it. They can add a sticker or decorate if desired at the first class of the year. Then we slip the nametags down into plastic pocket sleeves with clips on them.


We've found that it's important (and worth the extra expense) to buy the plastic sleeves that are closed on the sides and bottom and just have an opening on the top -- otherwise the plastic comes apart and the nametags continuously fall out.


We have color coded ribbons hanging at our check-in area where the nametags get stored. The nametags clip on to the correct color ribbon. Kids pick these up as they arrive and get signed in by parents. They clip them back to the ribbon as they leave. Shepherds help remind the children and attend to any forgotten nametags.


We keep extra colored paper nametag and plastic holders in our shepherd box so that they are easily available for newcomers or for lost tags. This has worked really well. They usually last for an entire year and then I redo them before the new school year begins.


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We use stick on name tags - just cheap labels really, that we print up on a number of sheets at the beginning of the year and then have some blanks for your visitors.


Not pretty, but they work.

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We continue to use plastic sleeves with the safety pin style of nametags. They are very inexpensive at Sam's Club.


We use the nametag's safety pin to fasten to a colored shoelace which the kids have put a variety of beads: # in family; # pets; # places lived; 1 for ea grade in school; sports/activities/instruments they play pr enjoy,etc.


I print nametags each fall (and new folks can be added easily by the next week) on bright paper and some visitors ones for each group.


We have 3 WoRM classes- Yellow (K/1) Red (2/3) and Blue (4/5/6)


We had a great crafter make a rainbow board where our workshops names and grade group assignments are velcroed up. This board also has hooks where the kids (often need reminding) come by, see where they will be going today, pick up or drop off their nametag.


Within the 1st year, everyone is used to using that stairwell and checking it and leaving their nametags too!


We would often put candy treats or coupons for a free cookie in fellowship hall ON THE BOARD AFTER the lesson to help the kids stay in the habit of "checking the board" and leaving their nametags.

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We use the 30 a sheet computer nametags, print them out each week, we have ones pre-made on the computer at the beginning of the year with the kids names, grades, rotation. There are also blanks for visitors.


After class if over the teacher puts the sheet back on my desk so I can count attendance/see who wasn't there, etc. and I enter it all into Excel to we know what our attendence count is. That way our teachers don't waste precious teaching time with attendance (kids just get their own stickers), teachers can call them by name, and I can impress the session each month with a snazzy Excel document with our nursery-youth group attendance and show where our dips and gains are.

We get neon labels (not the boring white ones) from Quill to snazz it up for the kids. They like this and even wear them on their foreheads for the "cool factor", they like it and we keep track in a simple, quick, and efficient way.

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We use laminated nametags attached to lanyards. The nametags are color coordinated according to grade and computer generated with our rotation logo.

We invested in 6 (1 for each rotation) brightly colored children's clothes racks/poles and hang the lanyards on them. The clothes racks are placed in front the room where the rotation will be held and are rotated each week. The children get their nametags on their way to the large group gathering room and hang them up on the pole in front of their class as they leave for the day.

  • Lanyards - Oriental Trading(online)
  • THICK laminating pouches (10 mil) with slot at top - Lamination Depot(online)
  • Clothes Poles - WalMart (online)
  • As I was reading through these posts I kept thinking "clothespins". What if you wrote the child's name on a wooden spring-type clothespin and clipped it to a pocket or sleeve? They could be kept in color-coded baskets/bins for each group. You can get them in large bags, they would be inexpensive to replace.

    Just a thought!

    Julie Burton

    Hello. I see its been awhile since this was posted in and was wondering if anyone came up with new ideas. We tried clip ons. They would forget to turn them in. we currently use printed stick on labels that we print each week BUT there's lots of problems with this too. They play with them, they stick them their mouths... we end up with multiple sets as not everyone is there each week. so just thought I'd see if I can revive this discussion? thanks!

    Since the post was started Neil, at Sunday Software, has created a program called "Name Badger". 

    Sunday Software, you may want to check it out.


    As well as the software, you will need a computer or laptop, a Thermal Label Printer for 2.4" wide labels, and a roll of 2.4" sticky labels for a thermal printer.


    Bonus':  The names print in large readable lettering.  You can customize labels for individuals - class, etc..  You can print off the attendance for that day.  The kids love it because they can print their own badge off each week.



    Members Shea and Neil posted:


    Last year we did a very interesting experiment in nametags:


    We started off the Workshop year with a Rotation about "I AM, Who is God (God's Names), and Who are You?".  Each workshop (Art, Drama, Computer, Video) came up with its own unique nametags for each kid using a materials and ideas drawn from each workshop's medium.


    For example,



    • In Art, we made "painter's pallets" out of cardboard, and the phrase "wonderfully made" below their name.
    • In Computer we used "used" CD-ROMs to make CD nametags.
    • In Video, we made had "tv" shaped nametags.
    • We tried small "rag" puppets of each kid clipped to a necklace, but in Drama, they were often taking them off to put on costumes. Never figured that one out.
    • In our Science Lab, we had "lab coats" and gave each student a plastic POCKET PROTECTOR they put their name on. 
    • In our Cooking workshop, we had CHEF'S HATS (the painter's cap kind) they decorated. On the back of their hats they picked from a set of 'cooking' verses, like "O Taste and See That the Lord is Good."


    Not everyone attended each workshop, so we also had the kids make hat/CD/apron nametags for those who WERE NOT there. This was our way of "remembering them" and encouraging the kids to make sure they invite those not there. 


    This way, each workshop had its own set of unique nametags.

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