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This topic shares the lists of major Bible stories being taught in numerous Rotation Model Sunday Schools. You'll notice a lot of similarities as there's a pretty good consensus of the "major" stories of the Bible that Rotation Model Sunday Schools want to cover. That also means some of the differences in these lists are very interesting!

Keep in mind that Rotation churches come up with these lists because the Rotation Model forces us to concentrate on the "majors" -- teaching them four to five weeks in a row. That means we can only cover 10 to 12 stories a year, instead of the traditional model's practice of "plowing through" 52 different stories a year. Simply put, Rotation Model Sunday School are deciding which stories are "more important" to teach kids, and which can be skipped. (Traditional curriculums also pick and choose, btw.)  Read our essential article about "how to pick stories for your scope and sequence." It includes a 5 and 6 year plan from the model's founder, and why he chose what he did.

Prodigal Son > Man with the Withered Hand

You are welcome to add your own list of "major" Bible stories and rationale.

The Writing Team's "Scope and Sequence"'s Writing Team has its own "List of Major Bible Stories" that it has written for and continues to write for. Some major story sets are still to be written, but there are more than 40 complete lesson sets on 40 major stories already written! The Team's list is a bit longer than what a four-year Rotation Plan would need because they are writing for many churches and trying to cover all the "major" stories.

The Team's list was created by's Board of Directors. Their list does not propose a "sequence" of what order to teach the stories. You decide that for yourself or see how others have done it.

View the Writing Team;s list of Old Testament Lesson Sets

view their list of New Testament Lesson Sets

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I received this 6-year Rotation Model Bible story "scope and sequence" from Rev. Don Griggs, one of the most respected Presbyterian educators in the U.S. and a great fan of the Rotation Model. He used it at his church in Sacramento.

Don told me that he created this S & S for his church with Mary Batchelor's "Children's Bible in 365 Days" in front of him. The book is published by Lion Publishing. <>< Neil

Year One:

Ruth and Naomi
Annunication and Birth of Jesus
Jesus Calls the Disciples
Lord's Prayer
Good Samaritan
Miracle of the Loaves/Fishes
Last Week with Jesus -Disciples and Peter Luke 22-23
Resurrection -Luke 24

Year Two:

Joseph's Coat
Joseph helps his brother and father
Esther Saves
Birth of Jesus, Wiseman
Boy Jesus in Temple
Prodigal Son
Healing of Paralytic Mk 2
Last Week with Jesus - Last Supper Mt 26-27
Resurrection Mt 28
Peter and Early Church - Acts 3-4

Year Three:

Abraham and Sarah
Isaac and Rebekah
Jacob and Esau
Birth of Jesus -Messiah Is 9:2 Luke 2
Jesus' Baptism and Temptation
Jesus and Samaritan Woman
Parable of Great Feast -Luke 14
Miracle at Cana
Last Week with Jesus - New Commandment John 13
Resurrection - John 20, 21
Life in Early Church -Acts 2:42-47, 4:32-37, 6:1-7

Year Four:

Moses -Birth to Midian
Moses Leaving Egypt
Ten Commandments
Annunciation and Birth -Luke 1, 2
The Beatitudes
Lord's Prayer
Parable of the Sower -Mk 4
Healing of Bartimaeus -Mk 10
Last Week with Jesus -Disciples and Peter Luke 22,23
Resurrection -Luke 24
Paul's Conversion -Acts 9

Year Five:

Samuel -1Sam 3, 7, 8
David and Goliath
David the King -2 Sam: 5-7
Birth of Jesus and Wiseman
Sayings of Jesus: Sermon on the Mount Mt 5, 6
Jesus and Nicodemus
Parable of Unforgiving Servant -Mt 18
Jesus Calms the Storm -Mark 4
Last Week with Jesus - Last Supper, Mt 26, 27
Resurrection - Mt 28
Paul the Missionary - Acts 11:19-26, Acts 13

Year Six:

Elijah and Prophets of Baal
Jeremiah - Jer 1:1-13, 18:1-11, 31:31-34
Birth of Jesus, The Messiah - Is 9:2-7, Luke 2
Saying of Jesus -Mt 5 & 6
Jesus and Mary Magdalene
Parable of Vineyard Workers Mt 20
Healing of Centurion's Servant Mt 8:5
Last Week with Jesus - New Commandment, John 13
Resurrection - 20-21
Paul and Other Believers - Acts 16

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Six Year Scope and Sequence for the
G.R.E.A.T. Adventure Elementary Sunday School
at State Street UMC, Bristol VA

We wrote many of our own lessons, gleaned from, and also used lessons from the now defunct Cornerstones curriculum. In the early days of Rotation, we did not have the Writing Team's great lesson sets to use, but would use many of them now!

Year One

Bible Adventure #1 (About the Bible)
Abraham and Sarah
Jacob and Esau
Advent – The Incarnation (Cornerstones, *Unfortunately, Cornerstones has gone out of business and so, there went the files.)
Good Samaritan/Greatest Commandment
Jesus Calms the Storm
Easter: The Last Supper (Cornerstones*)
Pentecost – Coming of the Holy Spirit
Lost Sheep/coin

Summer: Parables:  The Prodigal Son, Sower, Talents

Year Two

Bible Adventure #2 (About the Bible)
Joseph and his Brothers ( , Potter's Publishing has also gone out of business.)
Joseph in Egypt & Family Reunion
Jesus Calls the Disciples
Advent – The Messiah (Cornerstones*)
John the Baptist/Baptism of Jesus
Jesus’ Temptation
Easter – Jesus Prays in the Garden
Saul’s Conversion

Summer: Adventures with Paul (missionary journeys, adventures, letters)

Year Three

Bible Adventure #3 (About the Bible)
Mary and Martha
Raising Jairus’s Daughter
Advent – The Jesse Tree (Cornerstones*)
Healing Blind Bartimaeus
Raising Lazarus
Easter –Peter’s Denial
Peter’s Reconciliation

Summer:  Adventures with Peter (Pentecost, Peter and John Heal, Peter’s Dream/Cornelius, Peter in prison)

Year Four

Bible Adventure #4 (About the Bible)
Moses #1 – From Bulrushes to Burning Bush
Moses #2 – Plagues, Passover and the Great Escape
Moses #3 – The Ten Commandments
Advent – Christmas through the eyes of Isaiah
Moses #4 –Worship in the Wilderness (Ark of the Covenant)
Easter – Empty Tomb

Summer: Adventures with David:  David’s anointing, David and Goliath, David the King, Solomon and Temple

Year 5

Bible Adventure #4 (About the Bible)
Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
Psalm 23
Advent  - The Shepherds
Loaves and Fishes
Jesus Walks on Water
Easter – Events of Holy Week

Summer: Old Testament Prophets (Elijah/Elisha, Jonah, Jeremiah)

Year 6

Bible Adventure #6 (About the Bible)
Into the Promised Land
Daniel in the Lion’s Den
The Lord’s Prayer
Advent – The Wise Still Seek Him
Lame Man Through the Roof
Easter – Walk to Emmaus
The Great Commission

Summer:  Ruth and Naomi, Creation, Adam-Eve

We came up with this scope and sequence by creating a list of Bible stories using a children’s Bible and sending it out to our Children’s ministry folks and pastors for their input. They were asked to check their top 24 Old Testament and top 36 New Testament stories. We then had a small group meeting to compile the results. Then a group of 3 of us sat down to plug the stories into a sequence taking into account our specific church calendars. This is a working document – we like having a plan, but we realize that a plan must be responsive to the needs of our children and ministry, therefore it is flexible. We looked at our attendance trends for two years while working on this scope/sequence.

Lord’s Prayer, doxology, and worship will be covered during our children’s worship time. Creeds, Bible skills (intensive) will be covered during Confirmation and lock-ins. Lent/Advent/ will be covered during our Wednesday night ministries. VBS will include Marketplace for several years and focus on life in Bible times. Advent each year will focus on a slightly different aspect of the story, as will Easter.

We just recently did Ten Commandments in VBS as well as Creation, thus these come late in our schedule. Summer Celebration is a review session each Sept. over Labor Day weekend (when attendance is always very low) and a gear up for the new fall rotations. Flower Planting Day is a tradition at our church where elementary kids plant flowers around the church and our confirmands lead us in an outdoor worship service.

We are entering our final year of rotations now and are updating our scope and sequence. I'll post the new one here soon!

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A Presbyterian Church’s Sunday School Scope and Sequence

from pastors Kim Trimboli and Neil MacQueen

Kim and I developed this list of Rotation Bible stories when we worked together at a church in Columbus Ohio. We modified it a couple of times, and I've since done other variations of this list in other churches. Some of our story choices took into account lessons which we were ALSO teaching in our Wednesday Night program, and other special programs. See my article about creating a Scope and Sequence for some of those choices.

We added a 6th Year of "no rotation" that we called the "Year of Jubilee" (which in the Bible is technically the 7th year, but our rotation list is only 6 years). The 6th year "Jubiliee" was intended to break us out of our old and new ruts! 

Year One:

SUMMER:  (Our Year One began in the Summer)

(June) Genesis 1 –Creation, with Sabbath focus,
(July) Genesis 2: Adam and Eve -the sin of hiding their sin,
(August) A survey of other minor stories from Genesis


Call of the Disciples

Paul on the Road to Damascus (call of Paul)

Parable of The Thankful Leper

Advent One: Luke – Mary, Elizabeth, and the Shepherds


Baptism & Temptation of Jesus

The Beatitudes

The Walk to Emmaus

Parable of the Lost Sheep, Coin

Parable of the Good Stewards (Pounds/Talents),

End of Year One Summer: (1) Anointing of David (2) David and Saul (3) David and Jonathan.

Year Two & Five:

In Years Two and Five we did something a little different than most Rotation Sunday Schools. We identified certain "MAJOR-MAJOR" BIBLE STORIES/CONCEPTS that we want to teach again to the students during their six years in Rotation. Prodigal Son, for example.) One of the reasons we did this was that we had a successful Wed Night program that also taught Bible stories, so we had the luxury of teaching some key stories twice.


Year Two: The Ten Commandments (a slightly longer series of lessons to cover all 10)
Year Five: The Great Commandment, Law of Love (with a mission/justice focus)

Good Samaritan

Advent Year Two: Matthew: Magi
Advent Year Five: Examining our Christmas traditions


Prodigal Son –what God is like, how we repent, and how we should accept others

Year Two: Daniel in Lion's Den (obeying God)
Year Five: Zaccheus

Year Two: Last Supper and Gethsemane
Year Five: The sequence of Holy Week

Psalm 23

Year Two: Esther
Year Five: Ruth, Naomi, Boaz

Year Two Summer: Summer of Paul” Paul and Lydia, Paul in Philippi jail writing/converting, Paul’s Journeys

Year Five Summer: Creation.... see summer/beginning of year one.

Year Three:


The Birth & Call of Moses (burning bush) -3 weeks

Moses, Pharaoh and the Exodus -3 weeks

Wandering in the Wilderness (complaining, water, manna, Promised Land) -3 weeks

Advent Year Three: John 1 the beginning was the word...


Jesus heals the Man Let Down Through the Roof

Images of the Kingdom of God (mustard seed and pearl).

Trial and Crucifixion

The Story of Pentecost (defining 'Good News' and learning how to share it)

Peter’s Vision of animals on blanket at Caesarea, Peter and Cornelius

Year Three Summer: (1) Elijah -Chariot of fire story with Elisha picking up Elijah's mantle to carry on, (2) Mary, Martha and Lazarus ---two stories with Jesus, 3) Jesus heals: Jairus' daughter, the blind man, and the woman who touches his cloak

Year Four:


Stories of Abraham & Sarah –Call of Abraham first 3 weeks, Sarah/Angels/Isaac story second 3 weeks.

The Story of Joseph

Parable of the Sower

Advent Four: The Prophet Isaiah -The Promise and definition of 'Messiah'


Jesus calms the storm

A Walk on the Water (Peter and Jesus)

The Empty Tomb

The Story of Jonah, the reluctant prophet

Year Four Summer: (1) Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, (2) The Widow’s Mite (and the story of what makes a disciple 'great' in God's eyes) (3) Jacob & Esau

Year Five

(See year two which repeats certain key stories and adds a few new ones for year five.)

Year Six

"The Year of Jubilee"
We will do something quite different for Sunday School. Try to incorporate the entire church/program in planning.  Yes, the Year of Jubilee is technically the "7th year" but our kids are only in Rotation for six years.

**Must include a set of lessons recapping the Year Two Exodus Stories.

Other Lesson Subjects to be covered outside of Sunday School:

Subjects to be specifically addressed in “other venues” such as Wednesday Fellowship, Children’s Sermons, special learning times: Baptism, Communion, Prayer, Forgiveness, Questions about Heaven/Hell, why bad things happening to good people, “hearing” God’s voice, Doubting Thomas, Psalm 121, Psalm 8 and “other stories & verses.” More to be added as needed. VBS will cover certain key stories as well.

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River Community Church's 6 Year Rotation Scope and Sequence

How we chose these stories:
Our scope was selected using the process detailed
here. I printed the names of each rotation story on slips of paper -- different colors for Old Testament, New Testatment, and Christmas/Easter. (I am a visual person, and that helped me -- and the others) to see at a glance that we were more or less "balanced" each year.

Then we started "dealing out" the slips in six rows (the years) with 13 columns in each row (we do four-week rotations, so we can do 13 in a year). Since we were launching the program in a new church, we chose especially attractive and familiar stories. We remembered Neil MacQueen's suggestion about placing "less important" stories in the summer (see his excellent article here). "Wet" stories also were put in the hot summer months (in case we decide to get crazy and plan an outside splashy lesson...). Each year we do a Christmas/Advent-themed rotation in December and a Holy Week related rotation around Easter.

We also tried to link things together thematically and to have the "big" stories that won't fit in one rotation (such as Exodus and Joseph) together. As we arranged the stories, some loose (very loose!) themes connecting the lessons in a year emerged. They are noted on the following list.

Year 1: Fall-Summer
Themes: Friends, prophecy

Creation - Gen. 1/Gen. 2
David and Goliath - 1 Sam 17
Jesus heals a paralyzed man (faithful friends) - Mark 2:1-12
Saul on the Road to Damascus - Acts 9
Christmas through the eyes of Isaiah
John baptizes Jesus
Jesus calls the disciples - various
Jesus teaches (Sermon on the Mount) & Beatitudes
Easter through the eyes of Isaiah
Nicodemus - John 3
Parable of the sower/four soils - Mark 4:3-8
Noah/Flood/Covenant - Gen 6-9

* Christmas is always in the Christmas rotation; Easter Sunday is always one Sunday during the Easter Rotation.

Year 2: Fall-Summer
Themes: Law, prayer

Exodus I: Miriam saves her brother - Ex 1-2 and Moses returns to Egypt (incl burning bush) - Ex 3-4 and Moses, Pharaoh and 10 Plagues - Ex 5-12 and Crossing the Red Sea - Ex 14-15
Exodus II: Wandering in Wilderness/manna and water - Ex 16-17 and Ten Commandments - Ex 19-20 (combine w/ Golden calf - Ex 32)
Great Commission - Matt 28:16-20
Peter and Cornelius - Acts 10:1-11:18
Christmas through the eyes of Mary
Boy Jesus in the Temple (Lk 2:41-52)
Jesus teaches us to pray (Lords' Prayer)
Passover - Ex 12
Last Supper/foot washing *
Parable of the talents - Luke 19:11-27
Parable of two men who prayed (Pharisee and tax collector) - Luke 18:9-14
Paul's shipwreck and voyage to Rome - Acts 27-28
Jacob's dream (ladder) - Gen 28

note: one extra Sunday this year for a 5 week rotation or a one day program/event – anytime during the year (just adjust so Easter Sunday falls in the Easter rotation).

Year 3: Fall-Summer
Themes: Forgiveness

Adam and Eve/Fall - Gen. 3
Jesus and the children - Mark 10:13-16
Jacob's favorite son (coat of many colors) - Gen 37
Joseph: Joseph in Egypt/interpreting dreams - Gen 40-41; Joseph helps his brothers - Gen 42-45
Christmas through the eyes of Joseph
Jesus heals a man w/ leprosy - Mark 1: 40-45
Parable of the Good Samaritan/who is my neighbor? - Luke 10 (Great Commandment?)
Mary and Martha
trial/Peter's denial *
Parable of the unforgiving servant - Luke 18:21-35
Isaac blesses Jacob - Gen 27 (possibly combine w/ other Jacob stories — selling birthright & Esau forgives Jacob)
Saul is afraid/Saul is jealous - 1 Sam 13, 15, 18 and David and Jonathan - 1 Sam 18-20

Year 4: Fall-Summer
Themes: Shepherd

Jesus calms the sea
Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego - Daniel 3
Samuel anoints David - 1 Sam 16
Psalm 23
Christmas through the eyes of the shepherds
Parable of the Lost Son (Prodigal) - Luke 15 (possibly with Lost Sheep and Lost Coin)
feeding the 5000
Jesus in the wilderness/temptation (Lent)
Easter through the eyes of Mary, mother of Jesus
Tower of Babel - Gen 11
the Temple, a house for God - 2 Sam 5: 1-7, 1 Kings 5-8, 2 Chron 6 (combine with Solomon's wisdom - 1 Kings 3, 4?)

Year 5: Fall-Summer
Themes: God calls us

ABRAHAM: God makes a promise - Gen 15 & Abraham/Sarah/Isaac/Covenant - Gen 17-21
ISAAC: Sacrificing Isaac - Gen 22; Rebecca and Isaac - Gen 24
Philip and the Ethiopian - Acts 8:26-40
Peter's escape from prison - Acts 12 or Paul and Silas in prison - Acts 16:16-40
three kings/Epiphany
Rich Young Man
Vine and Branches
Easter through the eyes of Peter
Jesus appears to Peter and others/"Feed my Sheep" - John 21
Acts 2 community - Acts 2:42
Paul's letters/fruit of the spirit - Galatians 5:22-23
Parable of the Great Banquet
Jesus/Peter walk on water - Matt 14:22-33

Year 6: Fall-Summer
Themes: we can count on God to keep His promises

Entering promised land (crossing the Jordan) - Joshua 1-4
Walls of Jericho - Joshua 2, 5-6
Prophet Elijah and priests of Baal contest - 1 Kings 18
Hannah prays for a baby - 1 Sam 1-2; God calls Samuel - 1 Sam 3
Christmas through the eyes of Simeon and Anna (presentation in the Temple) - Luke 2
Daniel and the Lions - Daniel 6
Jesus and blind Bartimaeus
Lazarus is alive! - John 11:1-53
Crucifixion; Resurrection *
Ascension + Pentecost - Acts 2
Elisha and Namaan
Exile and Return - Ezra 1-6

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An example of a scope and sequence that groups stories by "themes" each year.

Posted by Rotation Friend in New Prague, Minnesota

I will also list the theme for the year, but this is a loose theme, more of a reflection to ponder. (the words in parentheses are reasons why list in this year, not the main concept) Christmas & Easter Rotations

Year 1: "Who are you?"
Bible (History of and how to use)
Jesus Parable of Pounds/Talents (Use your Gifts)
Stepping Stones of Joseph's Life (He used his talents)
Trip to Bethlehem
Jesus-Child in the temple (Chosen and knew it)
Parables of the seed in the soil (Which one are you)
Jesus the Good Shepherd (This is who he is)
The Call of the Disciples (Who were they)

Year Two: "Who can you become?"
Moses Birth to Bush (Not always who you think you are)
Moses Bush to Desert
Ester (Capable of saving a tribe)
Christmas, Mary's story
Jesus-the 1st miracle
Beatitudes (who will be chosen)
Palm Sunday (the chosen one)
Pentecost (What the disciples became)
Saul into Paul

Year Three: "Where He/we came from."
Abraham (Father of all nations)
Jesus, son of David
Jesus - The prophecy fulfilled
Jesus the teacher
The Seder Meal and Gethemane
Paul (and early Christians)

Year Four: "What you should be."
Bible (Worth doing again)
Ruth & Naomi (Be with the family and with God's family)
Job (a man of conviction)
The 3 wise men
Jesus the friend
Widows Mite
Jesus on the Cross
Golden Rule (Parable of the unforgiving servant)

Year Five: How you believe
Moses & the 10 Commandments
Into the Promise Land
Christmas "through the eyes of Isaiah"
Jesus Baptism
Jesus the Healer
He is Risen
Doubting Thomas (Blessed is he who has not seen but believes)
Jesus and Peter on the water

Year Six: "What Should you do?"
Psalms, the book of praise
Elijah the power of prayer
3 Men in the furnace (Faithful to God)
Angels and the Shepherds
The parable of the Good Samaritan
Most important command
Casting the first stone (Do not judge others)
Seder Meal and the Last Supper
The Great Commission

We have also started a summer Sunday School that is much more relaxed. I used this opportunity to give the volunteers an occasional break so they can truly worship and renew their spiritual selves without distraction and it did (but that's another subject). Plus I had a great time teaching children of all ages.
Last summer we studied the not-so-famous people of the Bible. Things I would like to bring into summer Sunday School: more about Jacob, Joseph, Moses, the Valley of the Bones, our Bible and beliefs, and of course the life of our Lord and Savior.

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St John's Lutheran Rotation Model Scope and Sequence

Cathy Walz

Being a Lutheran Church, we chose to base our scope and sequence around the 6 Chief Parts of Luther's Small Cathechism. Since our (Lutheran) denomination considers these to be important for our young people (really, all people) to know, we thought we would base our choice of stories/main ideas around them. The 6 parts are: 10 Commandments, Lord's Prayer, Apostles' Creed, Baptism, Communion, Office of the Keys (Forgiveness). We also added sections on The Bible and People of God.

Year: The Lord’s Prayer
1. “Our Father…”(who we pray to)—Elijah
2. “Hallowed be Thy name”—Names of Jesus
3. “Thy kingdom come”—Nicodemus
4. “Thy will be done”—Joseph
5. “Give us…daily bread”—Food Miracles
6. “Forgive…”—Parable of the Unforgiving Servant
7. “Lead us not…”—Spiritual Armor
8. “Deliver us from evil”—Daniel or Fiery Furnace
9. “For thine…power and glory”—Angels and Shepherds (Christmas)
10. Prayer—Garden of Gethsemane (Lent)
11. Prayer—Ezra & Nehemiah/Return from Exile
12. Yearly Sunday School Program—Easter

Year: The 10 Commandments (note that this is the “Lutheran” numbering)
1. Overview—Moses and the Giving of the 10 Commandments
2. 1st Commandment (no other Gods)—Palm Sunday (Lent)
3. 2nd C. (honor God’s name)—Thomas: Confession of Faith & Doubting (Easter)
4. 3rd C. (Sabbath)—Solomon and the Temple
5. 4th C. (honor parents)—Ruth & Naomi
6. 5th C. (God’s gift of life/do not murder)—Good Samaritan
7. 6th C. (God’s gift of marriage/no adultery)—Creation, esp. Adam & Eve
8. 7th C. (do not steal)—Zacchaeus
9. 8th C. (no false testimony)—David & Jonathon
10. 9th & 10th C. (God’s gift of contentment/do not covet)—Widow’s Mites
11. Can’t Keep the Law/Need for a Savior—3 Wise Women (Christmas)
12. Yearly Sunday School Program—Reformation

Year: The Apostles’ Creed
1. 1st Article (Father who creates & sustains)—David & Goliath
2. 1st Article (Father who sustains)—Wilderness Wanderings
3. 1st Article (Father who sustains)—Esther
4. 2nd Article (Jesus/True God)—Miracles of Jesus
5. 2nd Article (Jesus/prophet & priest & king)—Psalm 23/Good Shepherd
6. 2nd Article (Jesus/redemption)—Lent through the Eyes of the Mary’s (Lent)
7. 2nd Article (Jesus/exaltation)—Resurrection (Easter)
8. 3rd Article (Spirit/holy Christian church)—Body of Christ
9. 3rd Article (Spirit/called by Gospel)—Call of the Disciples
10. 3rd Article (Spirit/sanctifies)—Beatitudes
11. 3rd Article (Spirit/gives eternal life)—Kingdom Parables or 10 Virgins
12. Yearly Sunday School Program—Christmas

Year: The Bible plus Confession & Forgiveness
1. Forgiveness (Son of Man has power to forgive)—Paralytic through the roof
2. Forgiveness (acknowledge our sins)—The Fall into Sin
3. Forgiveness (those who repent receive forgiveness)—Lost and Found: Coin, Sheep, Son
4. Forgiveness (Law and Gospel)—Jonah
5. Forgiveness (our need for it)—Good Friday (Lent)
6. Bible (Holy Scriptures)—How the Bible Came to Be
7. Bible (Jesus is key to true meaning of the Bible)—Parable of the Sower
8. Bible (God’s truth made known)—Psalms
9. Bible (Jesus is Heart of Scripture)—Prophecies of Isaiah (Christmas)
10. Bible (spending time in God’s Word)—Mary & Martha
11. Bible (Truth about Jesus made known in Scriptures)—Road to Emmaus (Easter)
12. Yearly Sunday School Program—Pentecost

Year: Baptism and Communion—Plus….
1. Baptism (in name of)—Jesus’ Baptism and Temptation
2. Baptism (power of baptism)—Noah
3. Baptism (commanded by God)—Ascension/Great Commission
4. Baptism (blessing of baptism)—Pentecost
5. Communion (blessing of forgiveness of sins)—Plagues and Passover
6. Communion (we need what it offers)—Feeding of the 5000
7. Communion (instituted by Christ)—Lord’s Supper (Lent)
8. Communion –Easter around the World (Easter)
9. Paul’s Travels Part 1
10. Paul’s Travels Part 2
11. Paul’s Travels Part 3
12. Yearly Sunday School Program (Christmas)

Year: People of God
1. Abraham
2. Moses
3. Hannah & Samuel
4. Joshua & Caleb/The 12 Spies
5. Gideon
6. Elisha
7. The Magi (Christmas)
8. 10 Lepers
9. Paul and the Road to Damascus
10. Peter—on the Beach (Easter)
11. Martin Luther and the Reformation
12. Yearly Sunday School Program--Lent

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Here's a Four Year Scope and Sequence from a Lutheran Church in Rochester MN

Year 1
Creation (In the Beginning)
Moses Burning Bush
Jesus Calls Disciples

Year 2
Moses 10 Commandments
Good Samaritan

Year 3
Abraham & Sarah
Joshua (Fall of Jericho)
Fiery Furnace
Mary & Martha

Year 4
Ruth & Noami
John the Baptist
Paul's Conversion

"St. Elmo's Choir"
was a group of educators and pastors that had graduated from The Presbyterian School of Christian Education at about the same time, and started writing Rotation lessons for each other and for their individual churches.

Year One
Noah & the Flood
Daniel & the Lion’s Den
Shepherd & Angels
Prodigal Son, Lost Sheep/Lost coin
Mary & Martha
Lent/Easter: Focus on Last Supper/Footwashing
Sacraments (Baptism & Lord’s Supper)

Year Two
Abraham & Sarah
Birth Narrative
Paralytic/Blind Man
Paul and the Early Church
Lent/Easter: Focus on Garden of Gethsemane/Judas and Peter

Year Three
Christmas around the World
Sermon on the Mount; Beatitudes
Lent/Easter: Focus on Good Friday (Trial & Crucifixion)

Year Four
Ruth & Naomi
Mary and Joseph
The Good Samaritan
Disciples and discipleship
Lent/Easter: Focus on Resurrection
Lord’s Prayer

Year Five
Exodus & 10 Commandments
Wise Men
Zachaeus/Woman at the Well
Missions & Missionaries
Lent/Easter: Focus on Resurrected Jesus appearing to disciples

Year Six
Solomon & the Temple
Fulfillment of OT prophecies
Feeding of the 5000, Calming the Sea
Paul’s conversion
Lent/Easter: Focus on Palm Sunday
Church History/Presbyterianism

Here's another six year story plan rather organized around yearly "themes" from First Pres in Mankato MN

To determine our 6 year S&S we used and this website, along with help from our pastors. We are still working out the "bugs" of this S&S, so any suggestions would be much appreciated (Our writing team consists of me and me alone!!!)! We try to balance the old and new testament lessons each year. Oh, and we do not have Sunday School during the summer, so our biggest challenge is fitting it all in...

We have already done year 1 and 6 (don't ask...) and will be starting year 2 in September.

Year 1: Listening to God
Jonah and the Whale - Jonah 1-4
Moses and the Burning Bush - Exodus 3:1-15
Advent: Wise People Seek Him - Matthew 2:1-11
The Ten Commandments - Exodus 20:1-17
Easter: Holy Week - Matthew
Mary and Martha - Luke 10:38-42
Sermon on the Mount/Beatitudes - Matthew 5:1-12
Prophets (unable to fit in last year)

Year 2: Faithful Believers
Daniel and the Lion's Den - Daniel 6
Abraham and Sarah - Genesis 17
Advent: Jesus the Word of God - John 1:1-18
Paul on the road to Damascus - Acts 9:1-19
Easter: Walk to Emmaus/ Doubting Thomas
Good Samaritan/Greatest Commandment

Year 3: Trusting God
David and Goliath
Advent: Mary's Story
Moses as a Baby
Easter: Trial and Crucifixion
Parting of the Red Sea

Year 4: God's Eternal Love
Eli and Samuel
Advent: Isaish - a different kind of Messiah
Noah and the Covenant
Jesus Calms the Storm
Easter: Last Supper/Communion
Lost Sheep/Lost Coin/Prodigal Son

Year 5: Sharing the Good News
Jesus Heals
Paul hits the road!
Advent: Christmas around the world
Easter: The Empty Tomb

Year 6: Stewardship
Fishers of People - Mark 1:16-20
Body of Christ - 1 Corin. 12:12-31
Advent: God comes to the lowly - Luke 2:1-20
Parable of the Greedy Rich Man - 2 Sam 12:1-10
Easter: Jesus is the reason - Luke 23:44-24:8
The Widow's Gift - Luke 21:1-4
Feeding of the 5000 - Luke 6:1-15
Stewards of the Earth - Psalm 8

7 Year Scope and Sequence "Bible Overview with Between The Testaments"

by Immanuel Evangelical Church, Needville, Texas

The goal of this 7 year Scope and Sequence is to provide students with a comprehensive overview of the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation, with major stories from each historical era, so that students, upon completion of the 7 year cycle, can understand the biblical story and how it fits together.

The 7 year cycle assumes students enrolled for 7 years (Kindergarten to grade 6).

We take December off each year from Rotation to devote time to rehearse the annual children’s Christmas program.  

Note: This Scope and Sequence includes in Year 2 a lesson set from 1 Maccabees about the Story of Hanukkah.  This lesson from the Apocrypha is included because it fills in the historical gap "Between The Testaments" and because the story of Hanukkah sets the stage for the coming of the Messiah.  Literally, without the story of Hanukkah we might not have had the New Testament.

Year 1

Sept.     Gideon

Oct.        Elijah

Nov.       Elisha

Jan.        Peter sinks, Jesus saves

Feb.       Feeding the 5,000

Mar.      The Last Supper

Apr.        Miracle Though the Roof

May       Pentecost: Wind, Fire, Faith

Year 2

Sept.      David and Goliath

Oct.        David and Saul

Nov.       Maccabees: Story of Hanukkah

Jan.        Zacchaeus (Treasures in Heaven)

Feb.       The Good Samaritan

Mar.      Crucifixion of Jesus

Apr.        Saul of Tarsus

May       Paul and Silas

Year 3

Sept.     Abraham and Isaac

Oct.        Jacob & Esau

Nov.      Isaiah and King Hezekiah

Jan.        John the Baptist

Feb.       Jesus Heals Centurion's Servant, Widow of Nain's Son

Mar.      He is Risen

Apr.        Joseph in Egypt

May       Joseph’s Reunion

Year 4

Sept.     Moses

Oct.        Exodus: Parting of the Red Sea

Nov.      The 10 Commandments

Jan.        Joshua and Caleb

Feb.       Jesus the Son of God

Mar.      Built Upon the Rock

Apr.        Solomon’s Temple

May       King Solomon

Year 5

Sept.      Joshua and the Battle of Jericho

Oct.        Samson and Delilah

Nov.      Ruth

Jan.        Jonah and the Whale

Feb.      Jesus: The Righteous Judge

Mar.      Lazarus Lives

Apr.       Palm Sunday (Jesus Arrives in Jerusalem)

May       Philip

Year 6

Sept.      King Josiah & the Lost Scroll

Oct.        Jeremiah

Nov.      Nehemiah

Jan.        Daniel

Feb.       Esther

Mar.      The Prodigal Son

Apr.        Parables of Jesus (Parable of Talents)

May       The Kingdom of Heaven (Parables of Sower and Seed, Ten Virgins)

Year 7

Sept.      The Story of Creation

Oct.        Adam and Eve

Nov.      Noah’s Ark

Jan.        The Three Wise Men

Feb.       Samuel

Mar.      Psalm 23

Apr.        The Lost Is Found (Parables of Lost Sheep & Lost Coin)

May       The Second Coming of Christ

Last edited by Ron Shifley

The Six Year Scope and Sequence from Central Christian Church, Waco TX
copied from

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This scope & sequence was created through a process of dividing all of the Bible Stories into "A," "B" and "C" categories. The "A" stories were deemed the most important and appropriate stories for children to learn as part of their foundation. These are the ones listed above in the six year plan. The "B" Stories are used during our children's church worship experience and as "filler" when we need to tweak the scope and sequence below. The "C" stories are those that we felt were more appropriately taught to children when they are in 6th grade or older (stories that are too abstract or difficult for a young child to understand --like the near sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham).

We don't follow it exactly, but use it as a guide for planning. We pull lessons from, various internet sites, and the numerous books on our curriculum shelves. Lessons are a combination of games, computers, art, science, cooking, drama, video production, movie watching, photography, and more. Children are divided into age groups and learn the same story for 3 - 5 weeks via a different medium. For more information contact Rev. Kristin Jack,


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