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SUPPORTING MEMBER RESOURCES: Writing Team Lesson Sets, The Vallotton Bible Illustrations Collection, Free Bible Software, Bible Video Guides, Online Sunday School, Insights for Lesson Writers

Supporting Members make our site possible, and that's why they have unlimited access to these very special Sunday School resources. Everyone can browse the 'subject' listings in these special resource forums, and Supporting Members can view, print, copy and/or download the content.

Here are the special Supporting Member resource forums:

  1. The Writing Team's extra creative lesson sets (whose lesson summaries and Bible backgrounds are open to the public)
  2. Jesus and Child Illustration from the Vallotton Collection at Rotation.orgThe Annie Vallotton Gospel Illustrations Collection --Articles and PDFs to share and discuss. Includes "Ten Great Reasons to Teach Sunday School,"  "Do Your Lessons Have a Jesus Gap," "Safe Sunday Schools and Buildings," a teacher training event, and more!
  3. 24 different free downloadable Bible software programs for kids from Sunday Software, plus tablet APP recommendations and our Help Desk for choosing, downloading, and teaching with software. Everyone can ask questions and read the descriptions and guides. Only Supporting Members can download the software. This page includes links to our software lessons too.
  4. Outlines and Guides to Popular Bible Videos and Movies. Includes 13 detailed outlines for the popular "What's in the Bible?" videos. Everyone can see the listings, but only Supporting Members can read and print the guides.
  5. Online Sunday School, Ideas, Resources, How-to (and how-not-to), options, and discussion about various churches' experiences.
  6. Pulling Back the Curtain ~ Creative and Practical Lesson Writing Insights for Writers (some content is open to all members)

Become a Supporting Member and get access to EVERYTHING today. We are 100% supported by individuals and churches. We don't sell products or shill for publishers. We believe in having many choices. And we are volunteer-governed, focused on Sunday School, and passionate about creatively teaching the Word.

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